Inquiry Commission: Civil Servants Found Culpable Must Face Wrath

Civil servants who are implicated in the report of the Janneh Commission of Inquiry should be dismissed and sent to prison for their role in condoning, collaborating or conniving with former President Yahya Jammeh to commit economic crimes. These people are The Gambia’s worst ever citizens. When Jammeh was in power, dozens of messages were sent to former Secretary General Momodou Sabally, urging him to resign to avoid further dirtying his already dirty mouth and hands. He defiantly refused. Similar messages were extended via Facebook to Ministers of Information and Lands Sheriff Bojang and Ismaila Sanyang, respectively. They too remained adamant because they all enjoyed serving an individual who claimed to have owned everything Gambian. No wonder why he had looted our coffers dry.

Surprise of all surprises, the same Momodou Sabally and others shamelessly appear before the Janneh Commission looking confused, blaming the former dictator of lording over them. It is clear that these are dishonest citizens who lack moral values and decency to do what was constitutionally and morally right for the country. They were all forewarned while the dictator was busy looting our meager national resources. What then is the point of crying over a spilt milk?

In our New Gambia, we still have many of these dishonest so-called shameless intellectuals freely walking on the streets without showing any remorse. Their only lame defense is that “we have complied with dictator’s directives to avoid jail, banishment or disappearance without trace.” Even those who withdrew substantial amounts of money with their written orders are not taking any responsibility either.

These are the most uneducated and least patriotic citizens The Gambia has ever produced. During the Jammeh days, people like Momodou Sabally used the holy Quran to promote themselves, in an attempt to sell their innocence to us. One wonders why these hypocrites failed to be guided by the holy Quran while aiding and abetting the world’s most brutal dictator to drain our resources. Mr Sabally, Dr Njogou Bah, the former Governor Abdou Kolley and all other former enablers deliberately violated the constitution and basic principles of their professions. They live their livelihood based on deception, lies and corruption. These nincompoops lobbied for position to line up their pockets. No amount of crying or self exoneration will let them off the hook, for they are as culpable as dictator Jammeh; all of them attain the status of heartless economic robbers. Robbers who derail the Gambia’s economic advancement as well as spell doom for citizens of a struggling nation. We must never allow their lies and deception aimed at exonerating themselves to deceive us. Let them be brave enough to fully own their responsibility. All of them lobbied for these jobs which they have used to enrich themselves and their families. Mr Momodou Sabally particularly wrote books to advance the cause of military dictatorship in The Gambia, hoping to gain financial and political support from Yahya Jammeh. Sabally uses his pen to massage the ego of a man who brags of being the only brave man in the country. Abdou Kolley, the man entrusted with overseeing Banker’s Bank, quietly ignored the basic principles of financial and economic management; he even went further to encourage Jammeh to print fake and counterfeit currency notes. Mr Kolley was part and parcel of senior leadership at the Central Bank of The Gambia who signed counterfeit currency for Dictator Jammeh’s economic exploitation and corruption.

Gambian people have now become overwhelmingly convinced that the Jammeh regime was a criminal enterprise. For far too long, we have been writing about the unimaginable corrupt and despotic nature of the Jammeh military dictatorship. We better prepare minds ahead of the startling revelations of the human rights commission. I bet the Janneh Commission’s expose is just a tip of the iceberg. As we prepare for truth and reconciliation commission, we must be responsible and prepare ourselves for horror stories which are going to be exposed to the Gambian people. All these civilian criminals must be arrested just like their counterparts jugulars for committing heinous crimes. They all contributed to destruction of lives and properties they sworn to protect and build; instead they destroyed the Country’s financial system and in the process stalled economic development. They deserve to be jailed.

When we jail these criminals we will set better examples for future generations to learn that corruption and lack of moral values are indeed worst crimes. It will also serve as deterrent to future generations that corruption and economic mismanagement carry hefty penalties. All those senior military leaders who worked under the order of General Saul Badjie must be arrested and dismissed from the national security services. They have all betrayed the trust, responsibility and duty of their services to the nation. A man who lacks moral values cannot be trusted with positions of responsibility. President Barrow and his team must be aware of wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to showcase their self righteousness by shifting blame on the Despotic Dictator they worshipped, chanting Allahu Akbar for him, knowing fully that he flirts with young girls and sip alcohol.




  1. Kinteh (kemo)

    Max, I am in line with you here. Grown up people cannot hide behind a monster to legitimise their own conducts. Each person with responsibility had sworn to uphold integrity even in the face of death. Hence they must be held accountable for the embezzlement condone under their watch. Simple as that.

  2. Babu Soli

    What world of barbarism do you belong to? This is a commisiion of inquiry whose report does not constitute final judgement for those who faced questioning. When accused, they should be accorded their constitutional right to defend themselves before a court of law.

    • Babu soli ,
      The question you should have asked is : what world of corruption and outright lack of accountability do you belong to ? Every reasonable human being who watch this Commission of inquiry knows that these Corrupt officials were equally guilty like Dictator Yaya Jammeh . They have participated in economic crimes against Gambian people when they deliberately, willingly endorsed and aided the dictator to loot our meager resources. Some of them even withdrew substantial amounts of money without any documentation to indicate that they were send by Jammeh . This was the barbarism and unhinged behavior they conducted themselves to enrich their families at the expense of poor farmers and general citizenry. Thus this is barbarism you failed to understand and acknowledge. This was the barbarism you supported and advocated for the past 22 years. Therefore you have no moral justification to exonerate these criminals civilians who have claimed to be intellectuals. They have violated the basic principles of intellectualism which is based on offering and advocating better ideas , policies and values to advance the interest of common people .
      There is no doubt that the final report will indicate that there was deliberate violations of our constitution and sabotage of economic development of the country.
      Of course I recognize their constitutional rights to fair trial and due process at the end of the day. But we must never let these criminals get away with what they have done . They deserve to be jailed.

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