Why Banjul Loses Capital Status

It is a wonderful suggestion to replace Banjul as the capital of the Gambia. This is the only solution to the country’s disparities and population problem.

I hope the new government will take note of this excellent suggestion from a non-Gambian who seems to understand the Gambia more than some of the so-called noise-maker intellectuals like Halifa Sallah, Nyang Njie and others. Let us stop sleeping and come to terms with the realities of the 21st century. BANJUL IS NO LONGER FIT FOR A DECENT PLACE YOU MAY CALL A CAPITAL CITY. The facts are right in front of everyone to see. Dida Halake is right on point on his arguments.

Banjul being the capital city of the Gambia is one of the anomalies of the country. The same thing goes for Radio Gambia broadcasting from Banjul, not Bakau (remember the land that Radio Gambia is occupying belongs to Bakau not Banjul); Banjul International Airport, not Yundum International Airport (the land belongs to the people of Yundum, not Banjul); the Imam Ratib of Banjul does not represent all the imams in the Gambia, for he was not democratically elected by all the imams in the country; it was only Banjulians who voted him to office. We need to wake up now.

Modou Njie



  1. I have erased Banjul as my capital long long time ago.

  2. Luntango (Degaleh Wagh, Tabaa Bung Bang Yekumofo)

    Thanks Modou Njie.
    I think this is the single most important act that whole result in the WHOLE country’s development.
    It would cost serious money, but I have no doubt the Chinese would readily fund such a project and it would provide jobs for Gambian youth.

  3. Modou we have woken up. A capital is not based on where the airport is based nor a radio station. A capital can be administrative and not be a financial capital. Banjul has potential with its waterfront real estate. Washington DC is great example of having an administrative capital.

    The imam of Banjul doesn’t make any decision that affects the nation. Imam ratibs lead prayers and do gamos. Finally, there is nothing like so called intellectuals. Every Gambian is entitled to his or her opinion. If we disagree, then we should find a counter argument not muffle or stifle it.


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