Why Barrow Wears Only White

I want to know why the Gambia’s new interim leader [President Adama Barrow] chooses to wear white clothes (outfit). Is it meant to copy his predecessor Yahya Jammeh? Or does a President in the Gambia have to wear only white outfit while in office? I definitely need an answer!

My other question is, why doesn’t Gambia government invest in solar-panels with some of the euro monies dangling around, waiting to  be tapped? This will sort out the country’s electricity nightmares. Also the government should make sure that people like builders, night-watchmen, maids, cooks, cleaners etc are paid decent salaries so that money starts circulating. Gambian bosses are terrible, for they never care for workers; they don’t re-invest into their companies either. They are just good at stockpiling their wealth in foreign bank accounts or lavishly spend on girlfriends/concubines.

My other worry has to do with why the Gambia is still having all these needless army camps. I think only one camp is good enough for a small country inhabited by the most peaceful people on earth..

The government should be brave enough to scrap 50% of taxis that are causing terrible pollution by generating carbo mono oxide, resulting to health consequences. These work out cars are not not doing anything good to the economy because they transport sickness through pollution.

I respect Gambian women for their hard work. These people work hard while the boys sit all day mocking other people or drinking attire [China Green Tea]. I lived in the Gambia back in 1990s. I am writing about what I had  seen with my own eyes.

Gambian people have suffered enough, which is why the people should bask into the fruits of the change they have fought for.

Anthony Palmer


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  1. Alieu Macauley

    Who cares about dress code when more issues of relevance are yet to be addressed.
    Yaya is gone so why so obsessed! I still can’t get it!!

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