‘Senegalese Kids Weren’t Expelled’

Former Immigration Director Buba Sagnia

By Abdoulie John

The Gamba’s Immigration Chief has disputed news floating in town that dozens of Senegalese youths were expelled from the Gambia.

“Fifty seven youngsters ranging in age from 11 to 16 years were taken to the border with Senegal,” Buba Sagnia told Kairo News.

The move forms part of an operation launched by a joint task force. Led by the police, the operation is geared towards maintaining law and order in the country.

“These teenagers were found living outside in filthy conditions. They were recovered by security forces and a decision was taken to reunite them with their families,” he said, adding that “there are other minors who are in police custody awaiting to be deported to their respective countries.”

Sagnia said his office had already received significant feedback from Senegalese immigration, indicating that the kids were happy to get back home safely.

Senegal played a key role in helping the Gambia to overcome the post-electoral crisis provoked by a defeated Yahya Jammeh who at first conceded defeat, congratulate his opponent only to take back his words nine days later. Besides, Senegal – a country that shares everything in common with the Gambia – have sizeable number of the ECOMIG forces assisting Gambian security forces to maintain peace and stabilility in the Gambia.


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