LRR Governor Hails Jarra Diasporans

The Governor of Lower River Region has hailed the relief support of Jarrankas living in the diaspora.

Governor Mrs Fanta Bojang Samateh-Manneh made the remarks after diasporan Jarrankas disbursed D200, 000 to Jarra West and Central families who had their homes ravaged by torrential rains on June 24th.

The Governor’s statement is contained in a press statement published issued by the Secretaries General of Bureng Association USA and the United Kingdom Jarra Association, Alieu Darboe and Kebba Lang Sanneh, respectively.

On July 24, 2017, communities in Jarra West and Jarra Central experienced widespread destruction of homes, food stock and other properties after torrential rains accompanied by heavy winds pummeled the areas. At least a thousand persons, including women and children and approximately 110 households were affected.

In the wake of this severe disaster, the sons and daughters of Jarra living in the United Kingdom and the USA mobilized to send much needed relief to their relatives back home in The Gambia. From the United Kingdom, the umbrella Association of all Jarrankas dispatched support to the tune of D120, 000.00 (One hundred twenty thousand dalasis). From the United States, the Bureng Association USA, Inc. sent D80, 000.00 (Eighty thousand dalasis) to support relief efforts in Jarra West.

In handing over the donations to the communities on behalf of the UK Jarra Association and the Bureng Association USA, Mr. Ansumana Kinteh reiterated the commitment of the sons and daughters of Jarra residing in the UK and USA to helping communities in Jarra. Already, both Associations have invested thousands of dollars in education, health care and other areas of community needs. Ansumana emphasized that the purpose of the joint intervention by the UK Jarra Association and the Bureng Association USA is to demonstrate to all Jarrankas that we have to stand together and work hands in gloves for the betterment of our communities. Both Associations he continued are committed to supporting the development of Jarra and the wellbeing of all Jarrankas.

In receiving the relief support on behalf of affected communities, Seyfo Alh. Yahya Jarjusey of Jarra West expressed sincere gratitude to the UK Jarra Association and the people of Bureng living in the USA. Speaking later, the Governor of LRR expressed thanks and declared her pride in the work Jarrankas living in the diaspora are doing. She recalled that both Associations each donated D100, 000.00 to the rain ravaged community of Bureng less than a month ago.

Select beneficiaries also expressed profound gratitude and prayed for the wellbeing and prosperity of the Associations and their members. It is important to note that the UK Jarra Association and the Bureng Association USA have together supported communities in Jarra in the month of July alone to the tune of nearly D500,000.00 (Half a million dalasis).

Also present were representatives of the Red Cross, the National Disaster Coordination Office, Area Councilors, and several local dignitaries and community members. He also conveyed the conveyed the goodwill message of the people of Bureng living in the USA. He reiterated on behalf of the Burengkas in the USA that Jarrankas are the same people and that is why they did what they did.


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