Finding Faults Where None Exist

For those still cocooned in the past, may I kindly and humbly remind you all, that The Gambia has entered a new era in its political development, after tremendous efforts have been made, and still continue to be made by many, to end the AFPRC/APRC misrule and guide the country towards the democratic rule we all fought for and aspire to achieve. The role of all her citizens today, should be to contribute positively towards facilitating this enormous task at hand, in whatever way, shape or form possible.

Let it be known and made very clear that playing the old blame games and foolishly trying to find faults, for whatever reasons, with people who have selflessly invested enormous time, efforts and resources to making Gambia a better place for her children, is NOT the best way to contribute towards this process, more so, if these are baseless and utterly false claims.

It is very interesting, and curiously so, that a self made political commentator on The Gambia will refer to Wikipedia and an obscure Swedish Film, whose title he doesn’t even seem to know, to make claims about the role that PDOIS played or failed to play, in a fairly recent historical event in our country, and what that says about the commentator, in my view, is crystal clear but perhaps, it is better left to individual assessment of the commentary and knowledge of the event, for opinions to be formed.

But for many who witnessed 22nd July and lived through the Transition Period, the well publicised and physically visible stance of the PDOIS Leadership against that event, the subsequent Military Dictatorship and its various instruments throughout that period, is both enviable and still fresh in our recollections.

That inexhaustible body of evidence alone and the many living eye witnesses, who are devoid of partisan machinations and grudges against a political opponent, categorically rubbishes and exposes these nonsensical claims: of optimism of the PDOIS Leadership in the coup or providing assurance to the nation that the coupists will honour their pledges to hand over power, for the blatant and shameless lies they are. What a shameful and disgusting pack of lies!!!! How low are some people prepared to go to score political points?

July 22nd, undoubtedly, should be vigorously interrogated, not for the purpose of apportioning blame on political foes, but for the valuable lessons it can provide to avoid a recurrence, and we must be honest and sincere, if anything valuable is to be derived from such endeavours.

In that regard, the approach must not be limited and always aimed at one political entity, as seems to be the current trend, but it must focus on both the political and non political divide, and seek answers to questions that are much wider and broader in scope, to truly understand the factors that made the event and its aftermath possible.

Such an impartial approach would ask questions about, and focus on, the roles (actions/inactions) of professional bodies, like the Bar Association, Workers Unions, Civil Society Groups, Local Government and Community/opinion Leaders, sitting MP’s and PPP Goverment officials, first Republic Politicians, Youth Groups, Women Groups, Security Agencies and units, etc. and the general public at large. This is the best way to extract valuable lessons from the unfortunate events of July 22nd and its aftermath.

Lastly, Mr Manjang seems to bemoan the “hyperactivity” of PDOIS on the political scene, but one is tempted to ask Mr Manjang, where he was when the case was being made for party political visibility during the Transition Period. Where was Mr Manjang and what did he say, when the argument for partisan politics to flourish during the transition period, rather than non partisanship, was being made in support of party-led proposals at the NAM Elections?

Now that you have got your wish to “break” the coalition and resume party politics, after the presidential election, you should NOT become a “cry baby” because PDOIS is engaged in party politics. As they say, “You can’t eat your cake and have it.” PDOIS has every right to be as politically hyperactive as it can be. You just have to live with that reality because it is the one you engineered after the Presidential election.



One Comment

  1. Bax , it is always your practice to dismiss important topic which relate to PDOIS. Our efforts here is to learn from history which is why it is important to know which opposition politicians during the coup was instrumental for Gambian people to give chance to desperate soliders . Historical evidences have indicated that PDOIS was in favor of military transition government which was why helped the military coup leaders to draft the constitution that suited their agenda. PDOIS leadership even encouraged Gambian people to vote yes on the new constitution instead of protest against military government. This simply mean they have endorsed and blessed the coup . They have never condemned the coup. PDOIS should have encouraged Gambian people to demonstrate against illegitimate government just like they have demonstrated when their business interests was threatened with the attempted ban on foroyaa newspaper. So PDOIS was at fault. You must remember that some members of ppp demonstrated during the transition period against military dictatorship.