Sheriff’s Leaks Lick Old Wound

What makes this case worrisome for many is Baa’s earlier public rebuke of the interior ministry for “rushing” to bring charges against the NIA nine. My opinion at the time was that if there was no ulterior motive, such disagreement should have been settled at cabinet level with the president stamping his authority on the matter.

With such unprecedented revelations from a very senior and experienced prosecuting counsel, who also happens to be the brother of the Attorney General, then the position of minister becomes questionable. Continuing in his position as minister will be a matter of conscience, and at the behest of the president.

Looking at the broader picture, I want agree with those who have called for the total dismantling of the so-called NIA and its infrastructure. These rogues and their collaborators will continue their clandestine activities to create governance difficulties for the regime.

A change of name from NIA to SIS is not enough. Left as they are, these people will continue to plant fake evidence, produce doctored tape recordings, and indulge in blackmail and extortion. That’s always been their raison d’être.

They must all be debriefed and let go. A new national intelligence service geared to serving the country should be created.

Modou K. Fatty


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