Think Tank Loaded With Questionable Characters

Fafa Mbai too is part of the Gambian Think Tank!

Dr Drammeh, I trust that you are speaking from the heart. The final comment below in your article is most apt when it comes to the role of the Gambian Think Tank.

“Finally, I believe that intellectual plurality should not be a source of fear or threat. Rather, it should be a source of strength and complimentarity. It is also believed that the Think Tank will be focused on the supreme national interest of the Gambia detached from narrow party lenses. The Gambia is at a crossroads and the momentum for change must be maintained. Forward Ever and Backward Never. May Allah bless the Gambia”.

However, focusing on the supreme national interest of The Gambia is what comes into question with this particular think tank. It appears that Madame Jallow-Tambajang and cohorts constituted a think tank out of their own circles and zones of comfort. One only has to take a look at the range of age of the members to arrive at this deduction.
Again I will repeat here that Gambian authorities are well known for according privileges on account of prior tenure of service without due recourse to the meticulous vetting of candidates. I am also not sure that a pool of retired and semi retired folks of questionable credentials and character can do a good job of filling the “Think Tank of Bright Ideas”.

Gone are the days when bright ideas that make a difference would be the exclusive domain of folks that answer to “Been There, Done That” in public service or belong to circles of old buddies and cronies.

Some of the most important attributes of national leadership include the level of accomplishment, selflessness, the capacity to motivate the younger generation and being of impeccable character.

Dr. Drammeh, I will share that Gambians of your standing are increasingly becoming alarmed and weary of the Gambian phenomenon of “Ku Boka Chi Geta Gi, Naan Chi Meew Mi”. Or would this be a case of the Manding adage, “Jalo Singo Beh Forango To”?



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