Bureng Needs Collective Support

The people of Bureng village in Jarra East are in dire need of our collective support so they can recover from the massive destruction caused by heavy downpour and winds. Farmers in Jarra’s oldest village were not expecting first rainfall to destabilise their lives. As stated in the below release, Bureng needs the support of everyone. Together we can rebuild and recover. Bureng is today needing our support but no one knows which village or town will endure what our Bureng people are going through. The pictures speak for themselves.

For Immediate Release

Bureng is in distress! A heavy downpour of rain accompanied by heavy winds have caused unprecedented destruction of homes, food stocks and other properties in our hometown of Bureng in the Lower River Region of The Gambia. In the immediate aftermath of this widespread destruction, the leadership and members of the Bureng Association USA, Inc mobilized and approved an interim emergency support of about $4500 (D200,000). This amount will be disbursed in two tranches of D100,000 each. The first amount will be disbursed immediately (not later than Monday), and the remaining balance will be disbursed soon, after further assessment of needs.

This is an interim measure and we are committed to doing more by the Grace of God. We have also launched a fundraising drive on GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/helpbureng to mobilize more resources to assist in this dire situation.

Finally, on behalf of our entire leadership team, we want to thank our members for their support to the Association. By the same token, we wish to call upon all persons from Bureng who have yet to support this Association to immediately come and join. From support during Ramadan, to helping the Arabic School and the Masjid Project, the Bureng Association USA, Inc in its short life (less than 2 years) has demonstrated high level commitment to helping the community of Bureng, especially now that natural disaster struck. We are stronger, when we are together.

Alieu SL Darboe
Secretary General
Bureng Association USA, Inc.


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