My Take On Halifa’s Kanilai Position

The disenchanted Hon. Halifa Sallah has now become a populist and a puppet politician who is hell bent on soliciting for the allegiance of the Jola people, APRC supporters, and sympathizers following the recent unfortunate event that took place in Kanilai. As a mind reader, Halifa is praying for more incidents like this to happen so that he can use them to nurture his political aspirations and the foremost being, to become the next President of the Gambia after the incumbent president’s term has come to an end. Because who in his/her right mind/faculty would apportion blame on the Barrow government for what happened in Kanilai or call for a Coroner’s Inquest to be conducted for the death of one of the rioters. I think it will make sense to finish with the investigations of the political death cases of Yahya’s reign of impunity first. Families of these victims want justice to be served first, as well as get their corpse back and accord them decent Muslim or Christian burial. Members of these families have been living in trauma and agony for all this while.

Honourable, you are just out there to unsettle Adama Barrow’s government by distracting them from the substance. We are tired of your political rhetorics with no substance, and what you have to know is this, even the whole of APRC supporters and sympathizers which of course include the whole Jola ethnicity join your party after the final death of APRC which will definitely happen very soon, you shall never be a President in the Gambia through election because any would-be UDP presidential candidate has better chances of winning. So siding with the desperate Jola will not help you to realize your political ambitions.

Honourable Halifa, where were you when President Killer Yahya Jammeh who watered the longevity of his presidency with the innocent blood of his political opponents for 22 years to appease his “Jalans” to guarantee his stay in power? You kept mute because you know the repercussions of talking against Yahya’s actions and wishes. You are an opportunistic coward who betrays his own conscience and in conflict with the very values and ideologies that your party stood for.

Uncle Halifa you had the opportunity to articulate your political realities in a more assertive way by taking up a ministerial appointment in the Coalition Government. You have failed to take advantage of the various offers being made to you. Unfortunately, these opportunities will never come back again. My best bet for you is to enjoy the moment and forget about tomorrow because your political years are numbered. It would be wise of you to give chance to the young and talented individuals for succeeding you as your party leader.

You are propagating civil disobedience because you defended the riot in Kanilai and this motivate similar episodes to be staged which may ultimately lead to a threat to state security. Henceforth, I am calling on your Cousin in politic Honourable Mai Fatty, the Interior Minister to send you warming signals that your political maneuvers have become a cause for concern for the prevalence of peace and tranquility conducive of a country that is struggling to heal the many wounds of more than 22 years of dictatorship. How can any meaningful development take place in a security vulnerable or fragile country.. Absolutely nothing can take place if a country is not politically stable let alone development giving the dynamic nature of the process.

Halifa tell your Jola folks the reality that Yahya Jammeh cannot back and be a president again through rebellion just like how he did the last time, because he is against the principles of UN, AU, and ECOWAS for their uncompromising stance on removing a losing power-hungry dictator from power.

As a person I have nothing against you, in fact you were a beacon of hope for many people when the Coalition was formed of which you have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubts during political campaigns and impasse. Your meddling in silly action by some APRC vagabonds and rank and files will only make you unpopular thus creating more enemies for you. No person or neither a political party is above the law in current democratic dispensation in the Gambia, and therefore rules and regulations of government must be adhered to. If you want to demonstrate get clearance from the designated authorities

In conclusion, the soft approach of Adama Barrow’s government under the delusion of democracy and rule of law is not working thus allowing his political opponents to undermine his authorities by acting and behaving the way they see it fit. If APRC continues to stage riots/ violent strike the best thing to happen is to ban the party completely. The other move that should have been done since the inception of Barrow’s government is the forceful resignation of all heads and deputies of the security apparatuses, permanent secretaries, captains (ceos) of industries and parastatals. They aided the corrupt and brutal regime of Yahya Jammeh in one way or other to say the least. As long as we have former president loyalists in our government they will do any possible within their means to sabotage the efforts of the new government.

I rest my case and thank you.

Lang Barrow



  1. Mr Barrow, You did not have any case against Halifa Sallah at all. Your arguments has felt flat on its faces and is here by dismissed.

    Gambia needs a new start which call for all its citizens be open minded and be tolerant of each other and abhor any idea of revenge.

    Let us all talk, act, and think ”One Gambia, One Nation, One People”

  2. Well said Mr.Barrow you know what, Halifa Sallah and OJ Jallow are the hypocrites, liars and betrayers of the current regime. Their statements and wishes in to destabilize the government in order to get the support of Jolas which is baseless because they will never get what they want Insha-Allah.May Allah punish whoever betray our dear country. Halifa and OJ Gambian knows who you are and what you are looking for. Shame on you all. You think you know all? What a fool! Get to dust we don’t need paper like you in this new Gambia

  3. Kebba M Njie

    Thanks Mr Barrow. Halifa is a hypocrite. I have been saying this over and over. Very soon people will realize who is Halifa. Halifa has no family and he has nothing to lose. Even if the Gambia plunge into a problem, halifa has nothing to loose. Halifa want this people to relax security and allow demonstrators to keep on rampaging so that the country can be unstable.
    I swear by Allah that, Halifa is just like Balham. Halifa Sallah, Allah is watching both you and me and I know, by the time I am writing this, Allah is watching me and know my intention. I know well that Allah knows your intention well by the time you design your this speech.
    May Allah helps to get read of all hypocrites and infidels in our country.

  4. May Allah cleanse our hearts of the diseases of hatred for our fellow human beings and help us to recognize and accept the truth even if it is against us no matter where it comes from or from whom.

    One Gambia, One Nation, One People.

  5. Quote: “If you want to demonstrate get clearance from the designated authorities.”

    Let me test your honesty ? Does this mean that Yaya Jammeh was right to say that the UDP Executive and Westfield demo (late Solo & co) should have sought clearance from the “designated authorities”?

    Does this, by implication, mean that he (Jammeh) was right and they (Darboe/Sandeng & co) were wrong? Because if you must get clearance before any demo, then surely, you must be wrong if you hold a demo without clearance.

    I do apologise if I offend anyone’s feelings but I need to ask Lang Barrow these questions.

    • Unfortunately people will have to deal with Halifa Sallah. As long as God gives him good health and long life he will continue to be who he is.

      It is about reason, conscience and good judgment. It is about the future: one Gambia, one People and One Nation.

      I am beginning to be more doubtful whether the coalition government will be committed to a two terms limit to the presidency and the second round of voting. It changes everything.

      • Kamalo, Halifa is not a honest and forthright politician, he is playing with our collective intelligence and national security. He is looking for Jola and APRC support. How can he be so naived to state that kanillia protest was not a threat to national security but Public civil disobedience when there are ample evidence rebels in cassamance have in fact coordinated with jammeh to destabilize our country. Halifa is indeed a political liability to Gambia , too much noise and less substance in deliberations. He is just an empty barrel. In his mind , there is National security threat only when we have an attack on statehouse or the seat of power , what a dumb suggestion to put forward in his usual confused political misinformation. Left to his dumb ideas, jammeh would still be in statehouse.

        • The government charged the arrested demonstrators with a Public Order Offence, rather than a National security offence, which attracts the more serious charge of Treason.

          So, if Hon Sallah don’t know what he is talking about, the same must be said about the government, if your claims of rebel coordination with Jammeh to destabilise the country is true.

          You have made claims about local weapons and the burning of the fire station, but to date, the public has not been shown any evidence of remains of burnt out fire station or weapon wielding demonstrators.

  6. Bax, if you ask me that question, my answer to you will definitely be, ‘NO, they don’t need a clearance from any designated authority to protest’.
    Nevertheless, Kaninlai is within a constituency with representation in parliament, if I am not wrong, whose representative could have consulted with the people of Kaninlai, to critically analyse the situation and bring it forth to a parliamentary reviews, a parliament that is no more shackled by a rights-trampling dictator.
    To want a face off with regionally mandated forces on guard, around the borders of the Gambia with southern Senegal, sounds a provoke for self-victimisation and twisting around the narratives of a struggling democratic process. The Kaninlai protesters, and the late Solos and co./ the Udp executives’ protests have nothing in common in my view. The Kaninlai constituency’s NAM has neglected his due service to the people of his constituency I would say.

    • The fact is that the people of Kanilai have the constitutional right to protest and they should have been allowed to do so without hindrance. The ECOMIC forces should have guarded the procession to ensure that they don’t pose any threat to the lives and properties of others.

      The claim that they were armed with weapons is false. If that is the case how were they able to pass the encampment of Gambian soldiers without being stop ?

      The people’s claim their animals are missing should not be brushed aside. Similar things happened in Baddibou Conteh Kunda in the 1980s when security offers were sent there to keep the peace. They were feeding on their animals and even their women were not spared. The same thing could be happening.

      The Kaninlai protesters, and the late Solos and co. and the UDP executives’ protests have everything in common. Even though they did not have permit to protest, they were all defenseless and peaceful. That is fact which cannot be buried in the ground.

      • Fabaks, stop making things up by comparing UDP peaceful protest with recent rebel incited violent protest in kanillia against the legitimacy of president Barrow. UDP protesters never burned down or set any thing on fire , they never attacked police , fire fighters or any security but in kanillia, protesters carried local made weapons , burned down tires and attacked the fire department. How can you honestly compared the two . Use your brains to connect the dots . Those two incidents have nothing in common.
        Again comparing the incident in Baddibu to kanillia rebel incited violent protest is wrong because they are different. There is no or has never been support for rebel activities in baddibu and this was evidenced by rebels attacked on farafenni military when people of baddibu refused to support the rebels . In fact it was local people in Konteh kunda who spotted the rebels like Mballo Kanteh as he tried to escape and notified The Gambia’s military intervention forces on the road. Mballo Kanteh could have escaped if people of Konteh kunda were rebel friendly people like some people in kanillia. Can you Imagine if kanillia military campus is attack and rebels take over the camp, do you think some people in kanillia will not support the rebels ? They will .
        The incident in Baddibu Konteh kunda was a land issue between the two Konteh kunda villages which resulted to security intervention but not as a result of change of government or politics . For your information, these two villages even used to be one village and they are closed relatives . It was a dispute which resulted to separation of the village into two . Get your facts straight before you are fabricating stories here . It was very wrong to compare kanillia to baddibu Konteh kunda.

  7. Fabaks, it is not a feasible idea at all that the Ecomig forces should guard the protesters whose agenda was to protest the very presence of the Ecomig forces in their region/area. Guarding protesters is not a military force specialty. If the constituency’s NAM was really engaged and up-to-date with his people’s affairs, the riot police could have been made available on standby, prior to the incident.
    Allegations by residents, of the forces misconduct, with regards to missing livestock and etc., must not be an issue unknown to the Hon. MP since. MPs should now be able to demonstrate to the nation in general, that they got a job they are doing. The Solos & co./ the Udp executive protests took place during a Jammeh-pocket national assembly and law courts of the Gambia. They were demanding constitutional reforms where everything goes by one unintelligent person’s desire.

    • Max, of course the two incidents have many things in common if not all because both groups are civilians and unarmed. Both did not acquire a permit to protest.

      The claim that they were armed with traditional weapons and did attacked the personnel s from the fire department is becoming more and clearer to whoever cares about the truth as a false statement from the interior ministry. The fact that foni or Kanilai is close to a region [Cassamace] which is infested with rebels dose not give the ECOMIC forces any excuse to use life bullet on unarmed protesters.

      The Kanilai protesters have grievances which they were expressing and have all the rights as citizens of the Gambia to do so. Even though I did not agree with some of their demands I believe that they should have been listen to by the coalition government without overreacting. That is how this government could be seen to be different from Yahya Jammeh’s government.

      Max, Mballo Kanteh case that is something I know quiet well because I was the one who received him in Kerewan Health Center before he was even suspected as one of the Farafenni attackers. In fact he was considered by the police officer who brought him to the center as one of the victims. It was only during the process of taking his history that the police also became suspicious that he might be one of the attackers instead of just a mire victim.
      What i was saying is that their complaint that they are been inconvenient by the presence of the security forces should not be brush aside. They claimed to be hearing gunshots occasionally and started observing that their animals were missing. That is something to be concerned about because as I said that was what happened in Konteh Kunda in the 1980s and there was no one there then who could listen to their plight. Such a thing shouldn’t be allowed in the new Gambia under Adama Barrow. Does this statement tantamount to fabricating stories Max ?

      My brother, it is an obligation upon all of us who claim to love our country to see to it that this coalition government under the leadership of Adama Barrow succeeds because that is what is in the interest of all of us; and that will not be possible if all of us turn to be sycophants. Where they are wrong they have to be told that they are wrong and they must be seen to have accepted that they are wrong and change course, otherwise they will not be different from Yahya Jammeh’s regime.

      • Fabaks, Everyone recognize that citizens have rights to express grievances but kanillia rebel incited violent protest was about the legitimacy of president Barrow and their call to withdraw Ecomig forces. Ecomig forces are in the country because of the will and aspirations of citizens must be implemented as well as international community wish of democracy and rule of law. Their grievances is also about previous flamboyant lifestyle they were used to while their evil son was in power. Remember, some of these people even never know how to be personally responsible for their lives while jammeh was in power.
        There are videos of protesters burned tires and attacked fire department. We have seen rebel soldiers incited the population. We have seen protesters who claimed that president barrow is not legitimate president of The Gambia.
        These people have witnessed atrocities in their backyards but never protested or even acknowledge the crimes. In kanillia, many people were killed by jammeh but they never complained or protest. Tell me why they never protested about that? Was the lives of these innocent people killed by jammeh , not worth protest from people of Foni or kanillia?

        • Max,The claim that the protest was incited by rebels is just a mire speculation which is yet to be proven. That does not even make sense because why is it that none of those so-call rebels soldiers is still not arrested ?. Why is it that they did not take the opportunity to come out and fight alongside the protesters when they were shot at by the ECOMIC forces ?

          One would have thought that if indeed they were incited by rebels soldiers as you claim that would have been their intention. That is to take the shooting on protesters as a pretext to launch an attack on the forces whose withdrawal they are seeking from their area. But that did not happen.

          • Fabaks , rebels are well aware of Ecomig military capabilities just like Dictator Jammeh was aware of what Ecomig forces could have done to him . It was this reason that Jammeh cowardly left the country in the last minutes . He was indeed very lucky that he left . I personally believe and support the idea that he should have been captured alive or killed rather than let him go to enjoy his stolen wealth . The cassamance rebellion is a serious national security threat which must be treated as national problem. Without peace in cassamance, Gambia cannot have peace and stability. We have people in Foni who are ready to destabilize our country because they believe in Jola hegemony which cassamance rebellion is all about .
            Fabaks , please answer my question; why of Foni never protested or complained about numerous death that occurred in their backyard?

    • Bourne, it is true that Guarding protesters is not a military force specialty but under the circumstance in which the ECOMIC forces found themselves that is what they should have done rather than open fire on them. If they had done that they would have been celebrated by all as heroes.
      It is becoming known as a fact that the security forces were not under attack by the protesters. Instead it is the protesters who were attacked to stop them from exercising their legitimate right.

      • Fabaks,
        My point is; why the constituency’s NAM was not aware of all that residents claimed with regards to misconducts by Ecomig forces, prior to the incident?
        Fabaks, you know NAMs cannot be sitting around in the GBA while their constituencies have such issues to be addressed.

        • May be you were not following the incident closely my brother; but the NAM in the area Musa Amul Nyassy had a meeting with them in Kanilai immediately after the incident where he chastised them for not informing him about what they were going through so that he can help to address their complaints through the right channels before protesting.

          He made it clear to them that the way they have gone about the whole was wrong. No doubt that must be one of the reasons why things has not escalated.

        • Bourne

          You are right that NAMs should be with their people must of the time; not to only know their problems but to feel it. That is when they can effectively represent them.

  8. Luntango (Degaleh Wagh, Tabaa Bung Bang Yekumofo)

    Bax, my in-law, I would give you a straight answer as follows:
    “One can protest without a permit – but if the protest leads to ‘breach of the peace’ then one is liable to be prosecuted (not liable to be tortured and killed) – so it is always better and safer to get a permit from the police so that the protest can be policed as happens here in UK”.
    Any withholding of a permit by the police can be challenged in court as an infringement of Civil Rights. There is always a risk of public disorder at any protest or demonstration and authorities do view dimly any protest or demonstration that ends in disorder – more so if the authorities had not been informed before hand.
    OF COURSE, EVEN WHEN DISORDER OCCURS THE AUTHORITIES RESPONSE MUST BE “PROPORTIONATE” – mass arrest, torture, killings, and long jail sentences are not proportionate. Jammeh’s response was murderous and should not even be used in this debate.

  9. Banna Kora

    This article is to refute your LIES about the status of Gambian immigrants in Spain as you once so degradingly wrote about.
    We are satisfied that our Gambian Ambassador, His Excellency Lang Yabou, one of the most harworking patriot Gambian diplomats has confirmed and attested to our patriotism. A social and economic patriotism that have enormously contributed to our country’s development.
    We will continue to prove you wrong and a LIAR!
    by Banna Kora
    Este artículo es para rehusar tus mentiras sobre las condiciones de los inmigrantes gambianos en españa que una vez has escrito tan desagradablemente.
    Estamos satisfechos de que nuestro embajador, Honorable Sr Lang Yabou, uno de los ilustruos diplomáticos gambianos ha salido en defensa de nuestro patriotismo. Un patriotismo que ha contribuido enormemente en el desarrollo social y económico de nuestro país.
    ¡Seguiremos a exponerte como un MENTIROSO compulsivo que se ha equivocado!
    Por el Señor Banna Kora

    Gambians in Spain are model migrants — ambassador
    Webmaster Webmaster June 7, 2017 0 Comment are, gambians, in, migrants, model, spain
    Lamin Yabou, The Gambia’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, has said Gambians living in Spain have become role models to other Gambian migrants in Europe mainly because of their comportment, hard work and commitment to both their native and host countries.
    Speaking in the revived weekly The Diplomat column of The Standard, Yabou, who is one of the few ambassadors to have maintained their postings after Jammeh’s departure, added that Spain was a popular destination for most Gambians back in 70s and 80s, and all have been known to not only hard working but supportive of their family and native Gambia.
    “A large number of Gambian migrants especially those who arrived in Spain from the 1970s are mainly agricultural and industrial workers most of whom have become successful in one way or the other. Generally, a lot of them have done very well for themselves both in Spain and in The Gambia over the years,” Yabou said.
    He further disclosed that though a good number of them came through irregular migration, most of them were able to regularize their status and are legally resident in the country and a sizeable number of them have acquired Spanish nationality.
    “Moreover Gambians both collectively and individually under the banner of their various associations have integrated very well into the Spanish society.
    “It is also evident that, because of their success, they provide the lion share of diaspora remittances to The Gambia and good number of them continues to make investments in properties and other assets and while others established businesses in telecommunication, travel agents as well as money transfers,” he said.
    Ambassador Yabou said the Spanish authorities have great respect for Gambians because of their discipline and hardwork.
    “Gambians in Spain are always praised by the various Spanish authorities for being disciplined, peaceful and hardworking and this made them worthy Ambassadors of The Gambia in the Kingdom of Spain which I am really proud of them,” he added.

    • Banna Korr,
      Stretch your diplomatic knots tighter and keep your begging spirits high at the expense of the sub-Saharans’ desperate immigrants statuses in a silent river of an abominable category of a so- called European democracy for sub-Saharans, called ‘morenos’. Un Moreno… Un moreno.
      The problem facing the future African generation is their vulnerability to being sold out by their so-called educated folks like you, just because you are seeking a higher diplomatic status and a possible promotion by their majesty the king. Just look at your creepy on and off assault on an open minded and genuine critic who intends too seek better working rights and social statuses for the hardworking generation of sub- Saharand in the most hypocritically democratic country of Western Europe, with regards to Sub-Saharan lives, where 6-10 people rent a flat and none would be able to make it to the end of the month. I am sure you have dangerous illfeelings towards my views a reason why even my keyboard is playing funny slow, but be rest assured I won’t be held back anywhere with regards to my opinion. You prove to be the most alphabetised fool I have comes across in forums when you stated that Gambians got nationality statuses in Spain forgetting that even the apartheid South Africa once had black people in the hierarchy of the her minority white rule. Damn! Africans won’t cease selling their children for rice and beans. Investigate well the working conditions of the majority of sub-Saharans instead of impressing Spanish authorities whereby you would be decorated by the king with medals. I full heartedly urge you to find a copy of the ”Old Man and The Medal” to help you open up your type of shortsighted diplomatic eyes and help you understand, what it takes an African negro to be a roll model as far as Spain is concerned. What do you expect ambassador Yabou to say about the general conditions of Gambians in Spain? Your type demonstrates why Gambia still has a long way to go with regards to the opportunistic and gluttonous mindsets of many in its public offices. Be aware that I have seen Spain likewise many countries in Europe at all levels though I don’t want to be an ambassador ever. I don’t have to write and speak Spanish to have an understanding of my brothers’ conditions in their majority, in Spanish. I am not the least impressed with you Spanish writings but intrigued.
      What I am being provoked to do here now serves a better purpose to my predominantly enslaved brethren than your slave overseer attitude. After all would Spanish authorities buy my claims? I guess no, for they are not a fool like you because you can note their intelligence when they play football. Smile for them!
      With due respect, refrain from being unnecessarily conflictive. Diplomatic missions are notvall about kisses but finding dignity for those you represent.

  10. Said Max, ”Fabaks , please answer my question; why the people of Foni never protested or complained about numerous death that occurred in their backyard?”

    Max, is it not the responsibility of all of us the Gambians to complain or protest whenever such a thing happened any where in the country ? Why should it be seen as the responsibility of only people of the area affected ? is it not one Gambia ? are we not the same people belonging to the same nation call The Gambia ?

    And if I may ask you Max, Why didn’t the whole nation come out and protest when our children were massacred by Yahya Jammeh on the 10th and 11th April or when he went after our parents subjecting them to humiliation and death in the hands of green boys and the so call witch doctors ?

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