Foni Must Not Be Marginalised

Well, if the demo was planned and publicised on social media, then serious questions about competence need to be asked.

Many will agree that the demonstrators have not given any legitimate reasons for taking to the streets, if as reported, their grievance was against the stationing of ECOMIG troops in and around Kanilai.

There has not been any reports of these troops harassing or interfering with the daily lives of Foni residents, and even if there were, other options to address their concerns should have been explored, before any demonstrations. Demonstrations are often the very last resort to seek redress for any grievance.

However, the idea that the people of Kanilai, or indeed the whole of Foni, should not demonstrate today because they didn’t yestetday, or that those who defend their rights to peaceful demonstration are hypocrites, is not only silly but quite revealing too. What kind of democrat or mature minded person would think like this?

The new government has inherited a very fragile situation created by its predecessor that it must deal with, but it must do so in a way that wins the trust of the aggrieved (rightly or wrongly), maintains peace and reflects its slogan of ONE GAMBIA, ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION.

Talk of drawing lines in the sand, bombing to the stone age or destroying housing complexes does not win trust and instil confidence. Indeed, comments that border on insensitivities are being made around court houses, on social media and radio shows, but there are stupid idiots everywhere, who may not necessarily represent the majority views. A government must not devise and pursue state policy from the utterances of cyber idiots and every day fools, who are, after all, a tiny minority that represent no one.

It is high time that the government employs measures that identify potential trouble makers in Foni, monitor their activities and movements, both on the ground and on social media, and take appropriate actions where they are deemed to be security threats. I also think that a well equipped riot police unit should be deployed in Foni or close to Foni to respond to any incidents of public disorder.

The ECOMIG troops are soldiers and should NEVER partake in law and order enforcement, except in collaboration with, and under the command of, the Police. The new government came into existence to offer Gambia a system of governance based on the rule of law, and it must not waiver on this mandate, regardless of the challenges it will face.

This incident must be properly investigated, the failures admitted and acknowledged and measures taken to prevent any such further incidents. The community of Kanilai and environs, as indeed any community that has a grievance, must be engaged; not marginalised, to allay any fears of victimisation or ostracisation they may feel in the “New” Gambia.

We are in this together and our success will be gauged by, and depend on, how we emerge from this transition period into the THIRD Republic. May Allah (SWT) Guide us into the third republic as ONE GAMBIA, ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE. Ameen.




  1. People of Foni got nothing to complain to be honest. Is too premature to forget what you went through when you benefited free water and electricity for two decades. You were the only people who enjoyed the national cake whilst the majority suffered in the hand of a monster and heartless President. What goes round comes round. Time for you dance to your own tune. Good lesson to learn losers

  2. Bax , The so called protest was incited by rebels who wanted to destabilize our country. The housing complex should be destroyed and all other properties seized. These people were used to having free food, free sex and free services while they worked on their Semi-God farms . Their protest has no genuine reason but to cause violence against the citizens. You should tell these people to go and have real jobs like the rest of the country.

    • Quote @Max: “The housing complex should be destroyed and all other properties seized.”

      What is wrong with you Max? You want the housing complex to be reduced to rubble? Why, if I may ask? Why should good quality houses be destroyed? Isn’t providing good quality housing to people a duty of government ? Wouldn’t it make sense to find other uses for these houses?

      I really don’t understand some of your recent views. They make you look very vindictive and evil. Please think again. It is a good virtue to be magnanimous in victory and I hope you can show a bit of that here.

      • Bax , kanillia housing complex should be destroyed because of evil memories it gives to our history. Your lack of sympathy, empathy and ignorance of the evil things done by jammeh is concerning. You have a dangerous mindset characterized with naivety and cluelessness about the evil dictator. Your advocacy to ensure Jammeh’s memories and legacy lives on through those buildings in kanillia is worrisome and it further shows your support for anything which will make jammeh happy . Jammeh’s happiness lies in kanillia where he designed his kingdom not only for his personal use but for his legacy and those people like you who will forever remember him as your great leader . We do not need such legacy because it will encourage others to do so . Total extinction of Jammeh’s legacy is what we need in The Gambia. Leaving his assests in place may lead to future claims or ownership.
        Why did president Barrow still did not move to statehouse if jammeh haven’t done any evil things ? The statehouse itself should be destroyed and new one built. We need new statehouse. The current one is not suitable for President Barrow to live unless there is complete innovation .

  3. What evidence is there so far to prove that the protesters were in fact incited by rebels ? It is only investigations that can help us to know whether that is the case or not which is either not yet done or inconclusive. Even if that is that is the case, would it be right for us behave like Yahya Jammeh or even worse ?

    Please let’s all of us start to think, speak, and act ”One Gambia, One Nation, One People”

  4. Another good synonym for ‘Ruthless dictator’ is ‘Ruthless demolisher’

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