Kartong Facebook Sensationalism

I will appreciate publicity of this piece meant to dispel the picture some agitators want to brush Kartong in paint as the abode of “resisters”. The so-called demonstration against the establishment of a fish-meal factory amidst claims of environmental damage has left much of the community members flabbergasted.
The agitators may have garnered legitimate points if they had listened to the village authorities who had been following the right protocols to establish the facts about the emergence of the fish meal factory in the locality without the community’s involvement.

Pertinent to dispel is the fact that the factory is owned by the Chinese as claimed by the band of protesters. These anti-establishment “ayers” thought they can steal the show away by agitating using the cover of the newly found freedom of expression and democracy to reach some unbeknown goals. All sane and genuine Kartongkas disassociate themselves with their action and would want to welcome the setting up of the factory as a ground-breaking development.

How daring! They alleged that our venerable elders have sold the piece of land for some bags of sugar, dates and dalasi. Please, do your research before you make certain pronouncements. Stop being Facebook sensationalists courting for real some undeserving patronage.
Kartongkas, especially those in authority, have faith in the government of the day and since the factory owner has got all the legitimate documents to put up the outfit and is as well willing to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the community it fills their heart.

I, the author is not oblivious to the many points the agitators raised against the setting up of the factory like environmental hazards that thereto are likely to emanate. This gives all the reasons why the community is insisting on getting the owner produce an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document of the National Environment Agency. To allay fears further, the outfit will host a waste treatment plant that shall guarantee a hazard-free environment.

Many under-hand supporters of the so-called demo also insinuated the accolade of Kartong as an eco-tourism community. This is rather a flimsy case to retort about. Kartong is gonna continue to be an eco-haven if only left with the envisaged fish-meal factory. In fact, the sector (tourism) stands to profit from the business of the factory as its coming into being will boost the fishery sector and make the hard-to-get aquatic delicacies available to the tastes of the guests.

On the employment front, ah! The many jobless youth will find a means of livelihood with the set up as fisher folks, middlemen, sideline sellers or what have you. Women sellers will get a readied market since there will be no shortage of buyers of their vegetable produce or small businesses. By the way “back-way” has had its toll on Kartong youths with even some regrettable incident (death and ill-treatment).

We stand to gain together, so folks let’s give way to progress and development. If we do not allow the harvest of our natural sea resources for our own gain then let’s standby and see it syphoned and depleted by international foreign ships to our utter chagrin.


Lamin Jarjou
Kombo Kartong


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