Ida Bass Kidney Foundation – Free Vascular Access Project for Kidney Patients in The Gambia

By Sailey Fladsrud

The Founder of the Ida Bass Kidney Foundation, Mrs Sailey Fladruds travelled to The Gambia on the 10th May 2017 with a team of medics from the Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital to provide free vascular access surgery (fistula) to the kidney patients. The team comprising of two Transplant Surgeons, a Vascular Scientist and Renal Vascular Access Nurse Specialist were in The Gambia for 7 days. During their time in The Gambia, they operated on several patients, which were all successful. They also provided valuable training to the surgical team and the renal nurses respectively.

The team expressed that, it was an absolute pleasure working with everyone involved in the vascular access project and would like to thank the surgical team at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital for all their help and support to ensure that everything progressed smoothly.

They are also very pleased for the opportunity to contribute to the health service of The Gambia, especially, kidney care services. They all are happy to support, remain in touch and return to The Gambia in the near future to continue their support.

For more information about the Ida Bass Kidney Foundation, UK – visit In the Gambia, contact Mr Sulayman Secka, charity representative, Tel: 9931159

Editors Notes

Ida Bass Kidney Foundation is committed to saving lives and is very grateful for all those who have supported their initiative to date. Here is one of their posts on facebook thanking their donors and supporters “if you have made a donation, thank you very much. If you have not done so yet and would like to, it is not too late as the page is still accepting donations.”

Readers and willing donors can help Ida Bass Kidney Foundation save lives in The Gambia by donating at the link  All the monies generated will be used for buying medical supplies and help fund more trips to The Gambia. Another means of supporting this noble initiative is to like their Facebook page and share their posts to raise awareness.

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