Our Boss Tells Us ”I’ll Fire You With Gun”

Col. Sanneh, Executive Director of NDMA

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing this article and for your continued support in the transformation process. I have been following your online paper on daily basis and I have noticed that the reason why some people do not write to defend themselves or refute allegations against them is simply because they do not have anything to defend. Honestly, one knows better the place you work and one would not believe that despite Yaya Jammeh is gone, one of his relatives, strong Enabler is still in-charge of the National Disaster Management Agency.

The Executive Director of NDM Col. Alhajie​ Sanneh brags to us about being a cousin brother to the ousted President Yaya Jammeh. Despite being a new comer ex-convict, Col. Sanneh had dismissed 70 percent of the agency’s staff and replaced them with his own people. He had fired almost everyone, including accountants and drivers, leaving us with few institutional memory.

I am among the minority and voiceless staff members. No one ever dared to criticise the Executive Director because of his dogmatic and authoritative attitude. I still did not understand why a soldier and close relative of Dictator Yaya Jammeh brags with his chest out, threatening “to fire any staff with either his pistol or pen.” He possesses both the pistol and pen which is why we all fear him. And to escalate our fears, Lt. Col. Sanneh sees himself as a Demi-god. Nobody ever dares to speak or comment about his nepotism and wrongdoings. Everyone remains mute otherwise there would have been openly uproar and manifestations. Instead, most of the staff reduce themselves to be his secret informers. This opens gates of gossiping. I don’t know why the GNA allow such people to be in possession of their weapons. In such a slavery and dictatorial bondage, how do you expect workers to be free and effective? This long silence needs to be broken and exposed, despite the resulting consequences. The publication of this article is unthinkable in the Jammeh’s era, for it will result to a meeting where threats will be flowing. We run out of patience and are now sick and fed-up with this type of administration.

As the Mandinka proverb rightly put it: Nyo long kunda, kontong nyininkar ti jay [we all know each other very well]. Most of our vehicles are broken down. Since Yaya Jammeh’s departure, the threat master director had not been looking comfortable, most often complaining of illnesses. He appears to be battling with self-pity, remorse and calm. Col. Sanneh knows that his days are numbered. He now looks like a harmless, toothless bull-dog. The bully’s moral is so low that he might disassociate himself with his ethnic origin amidst the ongoing head counting being conducted by the Office of the Secretary General and Head of The Civil Service. If I were Col. Sanneh, I would rather resign honourably than go back to the barracks. I would like the GNA to clarify whether Sanneh was formally discharged​.

What is most disgusting and frustrating about the agency is that most of its donor funds and resources had been diverted to Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s accounts. He had been deceiving Gambians with his so-called donations as well as serve as  Chief Guest of Honour in the agency’s annual fund-raising gala when in reality, 80 percent of the proceeds would go back to Jammeh and  Col. Sanneh. Right now the only caterpiller of the Agency that does lot of important work during floods in the rainy season remains stuck at the sand mining area, doing Yaya Jammeh’s services. A lot of purging needs to be done and replaced with the old staff. The agency needs a thorough and exhaustive auditing to ascertain the level of financial impropriety or indisciplined. In addition, Commission of Inquiry needs​ to follow the audit exercise. President Adama Barrow needs to take urgent action aimed at regulating to this very important Institution before it is too late. This is necessary especially at a time when the rainy season is fast approaching.

What is also surprising is that, all the State House auxiliary and some die-hard staff, officials and supporters are yet to be replaced. Thanks are the people who have been undermining the Barrow government.



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