Why Foni Scares Gambians

The content of Mr Bubacarr Sambou’s article demonstrated that he is an honest Gambian. The has spoken well. It’s good to have sensible people  like him in Foni. This is the region that scares many Gambians. Despite its tiny nature, Foni has proved some violent Gambians. Besides producing the late Kukoi Samba Sanyang and Yaya Jammeh who both were responsible for the spilling of many innocent bloods, some people in this region are still bent on threatening peace and stability of the Gambia. That’s​ totally unacceptable! It’s the constitutional right of Foni people to remain in the opposition, which is the beauty of democracy. This right can be exercised without resorting to violence.

Truth be told, Foni is not a political heavyweight region because its number of votes is so small that it cannot decide the outcome of any presidential election. So the people of Foni must realise that without majority support for Yaya Jammeh, he would have never been President. Yaya Jammeh has brought regional development and education in Foni due to his policy of tribal preferential treatment, nepotism, scholarship opportunities and loyalty, but he has also killed a lot of people in Foni and grabbed their ancestral lands. The behavior of some people in Foni has contributed to the belief that the region is a troubled zone which symbolises resistance to the government. Gambian people will recall that the first ever Gambian who presided over massive killings of Gambians was Kukoi Samba Sanyang who had his DNA evidentially linked to Foni due to his root or place of birth. The Gambia’s most brutal dictator who killed his own people and family also has his DNA linked to Foni. This is not to say that there are Gambians from other areas or part of the country who did not commit violent acts but those are not leaders of political ideology or regime.

People of Foni must take personal evaluation and compare themselves to other bigger regions which equally supported Jammeh in the past. The current violent behavior by some unscrupulous foreign individuals who have their DNA linked to three of tribal dominated rebellions​ in Casamance are the very people responsible for the post electoral violence in Foni. These are the very people who are creating tension in these communities through their ill-conceived agenda. True son and daughters of Foni like Mr Sambou understand that unless people of Foni inculcate nationalism in their political beliefs and get rid of tribalistic supportive agenda, they will be perceived as threats to peace and stability of the country. They are the only people who are receptive and married to three decades of tribal dominated rebellion based on barbarism, uncivilized and cruel violence against their own people on both sides​ of the Senegambia borders. The northern Senegal has frown on such uncivilized behaviour and act of terrorism in that region just like the rest of the Gambia refused to be dragged into senseless violence in Foni and Casamance. Elected leaders in Foni must engage their own people positively so that these unscrupulous citizens or foreigners can join the rest of the country as civilized people who disavow violence against their own people and peacefully engage in political discourse.




  1. Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

    Max, it is nice of you to acknowledge Bubacarr Sambou’s piece, even if it took you almost a month to do so. But your harsh language does a disservice to Bubacarr Sambou’s wise piece – those he is trying to convince can look at your peice and say “Look what the other side sounds like”. We need to moderate our language in the new era – and talk the language of peace and reconciliation rather than discord.

    • Dormu Rewwum Gambia aka (Luntango Sun Gan Gi), we do disagree sometimes but to be frank to my self, you’ve gotten rationally profound on this one.
      mean; Architecture is an art whereby structures are erected not to crumble down the next morning.
      Thanks for your building skills. Now I know you are such a good architect too.

      • Bourne, speak sensible language that everyone can understand. What are you trying to put across here ?

    • Dida , I don’t think this piece is harsh language, it is factual based on historical evidence. This is a common knowledge and it is a piece which everyone should reflect on . Currently the interior minister is doing a good job to encourage peace and reconciliation in that part of the country. Today there was land mines explosion and I think Gambian government should quickly work with Senegal government to eradicate the tribal dominated rebellion. This should be a priority for peace and stability of Senegambia. Cassamance is a problem for both countries. Gambians cannot have peace when there is continued low level tribal dominated rebellion in cassamance.

      • Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

        “Tribal dominated rebellion”, Maxs. It is generalised statements like that that are counter-productive if our aim is peace and reconciliation. Sure, there are some rebellious Jolas just as there are one or two rebellious Mandinkas (such as Maxs – LoL!). It is better to talk the language of peace and reconciliation to the 99% of Jolas who are peaceful citizens of The Gambia. That way we can isolate the “rebel” elements and their recruitment Sgt, Major (Maxs!). But I am serious Maxs – we need to talk the “Language of Love”. I will probably take my next wife from amongst the Jolas (I teased Jammeh while I was standing next to Momodu Sanyang of GRTS who was always following me: “Sanyang has adopted me so I am now a Jola”. Jammeh replied: “A Jallow can’t be a Jola!”. Then Pa Nderry Mbai started calling Jammeh “Jallow Kanilai”! That was funny.

        • Dida, let me stop you here before you start making another ridiculous and false propaganda with regard to the facts of this article. Honesty and decency are my profound principles I apply to conduct myself. You are being dishonest when you suggested that I should not have used the term “tribal dominated rebellion” to make generalization. This is the highest level of hypocrisy, ignorance and distortion of facts. The hypocrisy in your suggestion is that you want to label me as anti-Jola and you foolishly went further to indicate that I am Mandinka when I have never reveal my identity to you or anyone in this forum. The conflict in Casamance is Jola tribal dominated rebellion which is why it will never succeed despite three decades of violence against their own people. 99 % of the rebels are Jolas in Casamance while we have good numbers of Jolas in The Gambia who are sympathetic and supportive of such an act of terrorism and barbarism which has contributed to 22 years of military dictatorship. Jolas themselves in Casamance took ownership of this rebellion which is why they are the only tribe engaging in such violence against themselves. More than 90% of the victims of this low level violence are Jolas. Cassamance Jola tribal dominated rebellion is an existential threat to Gambia’s peace, stability and democratization process. Speak the truth or you simply keep quite. In my article, I did not call for violence or instill hatred and bigotry against Jolas rather I laid down facts about the current problem which has its causes in Casamance conflict. What you are doing is that, Max is not calling for peace and reconciliation which is a lie you intended to spread so that ignorance tribalistic bigot will join you in your foolish, ignorant and dishonest suggestion.

  2. Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

    Max said: “Cassamance Jola tribal dominated rebellion is an existential threat to Gambia’s peace, stability and democratization process”.
    Luntango says: “No, it is not!” The Cassamance issue is an internal Senegal issue. As President Barrow said: “Gambia is not involved, and will NOT allow Cassamance Rebels to be attacked from Gambian soil by the Senegalese Army”. The vast majority of Gambia’s Jolas have no sympathy for the Cassamance Rebels. It is as simple as that.

    • Dida , I totally disagree with that position. cassamance problem is not only Senegal internal issue but it is also a regional problem which must be resolved now . Dictator Yaya jammeh has benefited from this tribal dominated rebellion because of the fact that Jola rebels from cassamance were used by jammeh to infiltrate our military. Jammeh relied on these rebels to sustained his regime .
      Economically, socially and humanitarian reasons, the refugees from this area becomes a burden on Gambian people. Massive displacement of these refugees lead to increase crime , poverty and lawlessness in Foni which is the natural homes to these refugees due to Jola tribe domination of the area . The people of this region are receptive and sympathetic to these rebels forces. Mr Barrow is making a big mistake if he did not work with Senegal to stabilize cassamance through peaceful resolution or military intervention or combination of both . If I am presidential adviser, I would encourage him to send the military intervention forces along the border to help Senegal just like Senegal helped us to have democracy in our country. Remember that Senegal mobilized ecowas and the rest of civilized world to get rid of dictatorship in The Gambia. It is time we help Senegal so that we in The Gambia can have peace , stability and real democracy without violence. I think the government should also have mental health services in Foni to help young people who are exposed to violence.

      • Max, you never fail to Insidiously demonstrate your narrow minded hatred for anything Jola, Wolof or Fula depending on the Issue and whether or not the issue is Critical of what you 🐕 Dogmatically​ Embrace for your dear life. Thank Allah/God and may Allah God/Forbid that you find yourself in a position to advise President Barrow or anyone of Significant Political Leadership in the Gambia or any Party for that matter. Your Dogmatic Positions and Regid Ethnic Group Based Nativism is Not only troubling but Dangerous to Gambia’s Peaceful Co-exitence and Representative Government. Like the man who seeks help to put out the🔥 Fire consuming his House, and then refuse to recognize the very people who helped him put out the fire, you are doing yourself a Deservice in the Long Term. Anyone who knows anything about Organizational​ Dynamics and Political Science 101, knows that you Campaign to the Base but Govern from the Middle with Broadly Defined Policies of National Interest, not Ethnic Group Based Interest. It may appear beneficial to the Novice to be allowed to be Consumed by the Hatred for Jammeh, Halifa or any Non UDP Party Member or Supporters, and Extrapolate this Hatred to their Ethnic Group and Proceed to Design and Implement Despotic and Unconstitutional Acts toward all persons Affiliated with that which Fuels your Self-imposed insecurity by Projecting that Hatred to Targets of Hatred.That is the Standard Definition of a Demagogue and a Scoundrel. I am not saying that this is what you are. However, a synopsis of your Postings and Potentially your Utterances mirror such an individual. That is a fact. What else does “Max” the Seemingly Non Demagogue and Scoundrel want? My modest advise to you and any who may be tempted to buy into your World view, and Political Philosophy, Please Simmer Down. Allow yourself to think through the Economic, Political and Social Policies Promulgated or Proposed by the Barrow Government from a Long Term Cost Benefit Analysis Position and not from a Potential Kneejerk ill Informed Position. Extremism for the Sake of Power and Power in itself, is a Vice that should not be worn like a 👑 Crown, least you Over reach and Destroy or Consume yourself​ and those within reach. Please, Simmer Down. Gambia is More than the Sum Total of One Ethnic Group or Region. One Gambia, One People, One Destiny.

        • Sidi,
          basically, Max is not worst than you in being evasive,misguided and convoluted in putting across your opinions and viewpoints.
          What’s all the boring stickers in your text about? Both of you need to grow a bit. Is not bad putting a bit of live into the forums but best in a matured manner.

        • Sidi Bojang , you are among the few people in Jola tribe who are instilling hatred and bigotry against the government and Gambian people. In all your comments, I cannot make any sense of it . The issue under discussion is the violence in Foni and cassamance and how are we going to resolve that problem. The violence is caused by few foreign people in Foni who are linked to cassamance rebellion. Cassamance rebellion is dominated by Jolas, which is a fact . Instead of acknowledging this fact, you continue to engage in uncivilized tribal bigotry. Give us the solutions to current problems. In my article, I encouraged these troublesome people to denounce violence and join peaceful political discourse. What are you doing instead ? You supported such an evil behavior without condemning it . I have no hatred for any tribe in The Gambia because I know we are all indigenous inter-related people but I refused to be silenced about the violence behavior of those who continue to threaten peace and stability of the country. Every civilized human being will condemn what is happening in Foni because Foni people alone cannot make anyone a governor much more a president. Take personal evaluation of your comments. Foni is tiny part of The Gambia and its total votes is even less than the entire upper baddibu or kombo north . Think about that . Are you suggesting that violence should continue in both Foni and cassamance? Talk about the issue under discussion. What is your message for those who engage in violence? Do you think cassamance rebellion should continue to kill their own people who formed the majority as victims and rebels in this conflict? Please answer these questions.

  3. Max,
    No doubt, a shallow minded person like you would ask of others to make sense in what they say. As I told you once, I know not and aware of this fact, but woeful are those who know not and not aware of the fact. Now it should ring to you why I took shelter in what I know best; brick laying.
    I also approximated this fact to you once, that articles may attract a lot of comments but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the sense they make but the mindset of the author and that of commentators following the particular article. Senselessness therefore, could be followed with a lot of sense and carefulness.
    Having the time to write to beat about the bush arguing is not how we can make constructive and productive points but by profound reasonings and good observations.

    • Borune said “I know not and aware of this fact” . Do you see how unintelligent you put that statement? How can you not know but be aware of fact ? Very confused and demented mind. Stop your hatred and bigotry. Of course if you are writing nonsense I would seek clarification or ask you to make sense so that sensible people can understand what nonsense you are trying to put across . You see the topic under discussion, you do not say much about it because you are a tribal ignorant bigot ., I think you have a problem about why people commented on different articles since nobody read your nonsense. Why are you not happy about people comments when you equally have right to comment on any topic . Your intellectual backwardness and deficiencies is your own personal problem. Get education and be open minded.

      • Max,
        How do you read to understand English. Stop misrepresenting others for God sake. You idiot writer and reader, I did not say, “I know not and aware of fact”! Go over what I wrote again and try to make a sense out of it you lively fool. Look at how you quoted me and how you went on distorting it. What I am trying to write to you in short is; I don’t know, and I am aware of the fact that I don’t know. That is a virtue in people. Please don’t even attempt to be a critic of other people’s English if you won’t go and learn to improve your own reading and writing skills. It takes intellectuals to discern sense from a nonsensical writings. I am happy and humble though not an extrovert like you. These forms however can’t help you understand that fact.You go on misrepresenting others carelessly… I don’t have a problem with people’s comment but you surely, have a problem understanding simple English so you obviously will write more than necessary. What a pity. Why do you love to accuse everyone of hate and bigotry when they disagree with you? Calm down and keep a cool head. People are not bigots and haters because the are critics of your nonsenses. Truly speaking, I am not an intellectual but you are not among those I consider intellectuals either.
        Please go back to what I wrote and try to make a sense out of it. I am not claiming that I wrote a perfect English!
        Few people I follow here do that.

        • Hi Bourne , here is your quote below:

          “max,No doubt, a shallow minded person like you would ask of others to make sense in what they say. As I told you once, I know not and aware of this fact, but woeful are those who know not and not aware of the fact. Now it should ring to you why I took shelter in what I know best; brick laying”.

          in the above quotation , you stated that “As I told you once, I know not and aware of this fact”. what nonsense are you implying here ? if you don’t know then how can you be aware of the fact. logically , you are speaking nonsense. Read your statement and tell us what it means .

  4. Max, how many times have you referred to me and many more ” intellectually backward”? I think using this term to label someone implies that yourself, is an advanced intellectual… isn’t it? What I was trying to put across to you is that, I am not an intellectual and I am aware of the fact that I am not. But in life, our means of living, or in other words, our professions, can teach us a lot about other walks of life. In that same vein, my know how’s in brick laying helped me to understand that Babucarr Sambou did build on a good ground trying to call the people of Foni to the cause of peace, an effort that your senseless and comments-seeking article, tried to demolish. I therefore, only agreed with @Dida who tried to help you understand that fact in his first comment above.
    I can understand from your endless quotes and distortions that you are someone not the least enthused by literature in general. You can see now how difficult it is to make understand thus provoking more and more comments. Keep it up making the most sense, by your tireless efforts in trying to walk others in your shoe, calling people bigots, hypocrites, haters etc.