The Reality Mbenga’s Types Don’t Get

Image result for ousainou mbengaMr Ousainou Mbenga, you have argued some valid points in your article. However, you need to bear in mind that the Gambian people struggled and voted to liberate their country from tyranny and regain their freedoms, first and foremost.

Once that has been restored, the sensible business of governance with all its attendant requirements should be put in place and watched over closely by an ever vigilant population to avoid a return to the old ways [Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorial rule] of subjugating us.

There is no way that President Adama Barrow can be immune from criticism, and those that would want to protect him from such would probably be members of his own party. This is a natural reaction of partisan politics, which is understandable.

What many people react to, is the belief by groups or individuals who seem to think that their participation in the struggle to liberate the Gambia give them the right or leverage to impose their so-called blueprint for transforming the Gambian society on the Coalition government, or rather its “detachment” as you describe it.

Some of the criticisms levelled against the government by many of the so-called “insiders” is without doubt based on malice instead of on reality. Because people fail to get a certain job or have their chosen candidate nominated for certain post is not a justification for the barrage of criticisms​ coming from those quarters.

The Gambian people have demonstrated tolerance and maturity, and will surely not accept to be dictated to by either the government or other outside bodies who have their own hidden agendas. It will be better for these people to understand and stop meandering around as if only their efforts unseated Dictator Jammeh. Collective efforts delivered the magic.



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