Mbenga And The Bragging Snakes!

By Yaya Dampha

Ousainou Mbenga is nothing but a misguided soul who goes​ against the ticking clock. This is why he and his fellow losers have decided to undermine the Barrow government even before it had fully taken charge of affairs. Are they not the same people who first packed their bags and rushed to the Gambia the moment they heard that Yahya Jammeh was sent to exile? They quickly returned to their second base in Dakar after realising that their evil plans to infiltrate and make life unbearable for the new administration have woefully failed. They think once they arrived in Banjul President Adama Barrow was automatically going to appoint them ministers, ambassadors or permanent secretaries so that they can have the opportunity to empty our national coffers from where their caliphs stopped.

For Mbenga to say that the new government betrayed the people’s power is a complete misrepresentation of facts and that it must be seen as a statement of deceit, a betrayal and disgruntlement. Ninety-five percent of the people who voted for this coalition government are still very much satisfied, appreciative and very hopeful that the government will take them to the Promised Land. They understand the road is riddled with potholes. These people are the silent majority that is still basking into the fruits of their hard labour: guaranteed dignity, freedoms and liberties. They go to bed with peace of mind and dream positive. Not a single hour passes by without these people returning praises to Allah for helping them got rid of a mad dictator.

We don’t expect the likes of Ousainou Mbenga to be happy. Who expects the man whose mission fails to smile or laugh? That’s natural. But being dissatisfied must not be a motivating factor to bend the truth. That’s unexpected of an elderly person. I hope Ousainou Mbenga will not take the content of this article personally. It’s far from a personal attack because intent is plain: tell it as it’s​.

The Ousainou Mbenga we know has proven to be a loudmouth who schemes behind the scene. What he does in the open and in secret is completely different. Would he deny luring his unsuspecting preys to deviate their course only to end up shooting themselves on the foot? There is a huge difference between activism and undermining; the likes of Mbenga hide behind activism to achieve their ulterior agenda. Because they have something to sell, their best strategy is to mix activism with attention seeking.

Are they not the very ones who tricked and cooked up bad blood between Lamin Waa Juwara, the then firebrand propagandist of the United Democratic Party and Ousainou Darboe. This was done with the ultimate goal of destabilising and weakening the UDP. They have succeeded in leading Juwara astray and supported him form the National Democractic Action Movement (NDAM) only to turn their back on him. NDAM turned out to be the least popular party. What have these evildoers reaped other than nailing the coffin on the once Lion Politician’s envious political career? What did they do next? Abandoned Juwara soon after realising that the defection would not cease the UDP from spreading tentacles. All they should have done was to first research why UDP members remained solid, despite facing fire left and right. Hamat Bah of the National Reconciliation Party told the unshakable truth when he said “politics is all about numbers.” The UDP had and still has the numbers. Any party or person that wants to challenge it must have the numbers. Mbenga and talibes unfollowed Waa when they didn’t see the numbers.

Like Yahya Jammeh, some Gambians too have had their hands dirtied with innocent bloods. Mbenga’s name featured in the kidnapping and execution of Mahawa Cham and Saul Ndow, former parliamentarian and businessman, respectively. It is also alleged that he masterminded and incited Solo Sandeng to protest, the goal being to force Ousainou Darboe on the streets or else become a political liability. Either way, the UDP would bear the brunt. In fact, it’s​ believed that Ousainoua Mbenga provided the loudspeaker the late Solo Sandeng used for the pro-electoral reform protest that cost him his precious life. Can Mbenga deny that he and collaborators did not convince Solo and others to take to the streets with the promise of energising youths to join them? Let’s do an inventory of the protest. How many of these so-called members took part in the protest? Mbenga lodged Sandeng at a Dakar hotel, gave him the loudspeaker and lied to him that his people from Banjul and Serekunda would join the protesters at Westfield Junction. The man had set up and betrayed Solo Sandeng before throwing him under a fast-speeding bus. Was Mbenga brave enough to clear Ousainou Darboe’s name that he (Darboe) wasn’t aware of the protest machination? Innocent UDP leadership and supporters ended up being rounded up and thrown into the lion’s den. In essence, the Maryland evildoers were responsible for the death of Sandeng, Solo Krummah and Lang Marong. Mbenga who stayed in Dakar and watched events unfolded is now stealing the credit of Darboe and others who sacrificed themselves to set free the country in yokes. We saw these elderly people on cameras being beaten, kicked, insulted and sandwiched into waiting trucks.

While all these were happening the evil plotters were enjoying in their air-conditioned hotel rooms. If they love the country by heart as they claim, one wonders why they did not cross to Banjul to join the daily processions at the high court or ask their family members to be part of it. They left the Struggle in the hands of people who knew nothing about how and why the flames started fuming. Our brothers, sisters, uncles and fathers and mothers traveled from afar: Sandu, Kantora and Basse to join the demonstration once they heard that Solo Sandeng was beaten to death and that Lawyer Darboe, Kemeseng Jammeh, Alh. Momodou Sanneh, and others were publicly beaten and thrown into prison. Some of these upcountry heroes never made it back home. Ebrima Solo Krummah succumbed to torture while many others limp with resulting medical problems.

Ousainou Mbenga is right that Gambia Has Decided even though they dislike how it was decided. He is also right that no one will allow a return to the PPP era or 22 years of Jammeh rule. Yes we will never allow that. The Barrow government doesn’t want us to trek on either past roads. But one thing that is clear is the people’s willingness to meet halfway with anyone who is bent on destabilising the Gambia. Whether you have four cornered grey haired head doesn’t matter. If you talk Gambians will talk. They will write when you write. They will take up arms and fight for their freedom when you do. The fight continues until evildoers respect and see others as equals and not their dome toubab [doll]. In case they don’t know, let someone tell them that their bragging hasn’t moved Gambians. Tabaa bung bang yekumofo [call spade a spade and stop beating about the bush].



  1. Mr Dampha, Mr Mbenga and his group do not want the change we currently have. With all their noises online, they do not have any political base. They are like Halifa Sallah who always makes noises online without solid political base. Mr Mbenga’s anti-UDP messages and dismissiveness are just empty rhetoric. All he needs to do is to ask Halifa Sallah whose political success depend on the UDP leadership’s mercy and strategic decision to help him to get elected.

    • Max let us commit to the constitutional and reform agenda as agreed in the coalition document. In three or five years time I assure you that you will not be as confident and bold as you are disparaging Halifa.

      You will then learn that it is not about numbers that dictate the outcome of our political dispensation but the executive presidency and the power of incumbency.

      • Kamalo, I am fully committed to constitutional reforms agenda or coalition agenda and I am confident we will see remarkable changes in the next five years. People who are desperate to find fault are very people who are not interested to see progress. At this moment we need to give moral support for at least 8 months to 10 months and see if they have taken concrete steps towards reform agenda before we employ unnecessary criticism or undermine the government. Of course, some of these people think that they are smarter than everyone and they know better than everyone. For their information, we the people eyes are wide open. What executive presidency and power of incumbency are you talking about?

      • Advance Cham

        I really hoped you Halifa you are learning from the political consciousness and development of the Gambian masses. you said you have Bsc in Socialism but still failed to socialise with the Gambian masses. During the political impasse your role as a spokesperson fooled you to believed that you’ve gathered enough support but your adamant conviction of going 22 for your party at the national assembly election bitterly proof you wrong and will continue to proof you wrong cause you lack knowledge of political development and consciousness. you failed to understand that going to the National Assembly election as independent coalition candidates has legal ramification of throwing the majority and minority seats to the GDC and APRC just like how you were mistaken by resigning to contest in 2006 under the NAAD ticket. you lose your parliamentary seat and went in for a bye election and some of your colleagues learned a bitter lesson by losing their seat. you can quote the constitution but you are zero at interpreting the constitution, this has clearly manifested in your rant of gazetting the first call of the national assembly but you were proved wrong on the article ‘the interpretation of the interpretation act’ on the standard news paper. we do have very young Gambians with their Doctorate degrees in more meaningful fields than socialism which our alkalos are better thought. Gambians young as he or she maybe can clearly read between the lines who are genuine and opportunist. Halifa in 2007 in his interview with Malick Jones said whether he win the 2007 parliamentary election or not that is going to be his last election….noting that he is going for his MA or PHD ? Where is he now ?

        • Advance Cham , thanks for geat write up . In many USA colleges and universities, it is usually ” undecided students ” who specializes in sociology. These are students who are around 19 to 22 years old . They are undecided students because they do not know what they want to do as a profession due to their teenage decision making process. They lack maturity to decide what they want to do in life. Halifa happened to be one of those kind of students in USA who graduated with only bachelor’s degree . In USA , those who want to have sociology as a profession must have advance degrees likes masters degree or Phd in sociology. With all the noises he is making online , he is good at quoting the constitution. It is very easy to have the constitution, you can easily download one in your smartphone and access it anywhere. You don’t even need to carry the booklet. This is the tip of day for those who are not aware .

    • Alhajie Kanteh

      The truth shall set us all free! Yaya, this analysis of yours is sober and straight. No one will escape scrutiny any longer in this age and time!

  2. Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

    “Tabaa bung bang yekumofo” indeed. Powerful piece Yaya. If you recall, I wrote much about those who wanted to sacrifice other Gambians lives in the pages of JollofNews during the so-called Arab Spring (more like the Arab Nightmare – remember Matthew K Jallow and Co.?).
    Coming back to Chief, Yaya, I sat on that high concrete verandah of Fatoto Police Station with Police Inspector Jow (tall, young, light skin) and asked your questions about Chief. He said nothing. Just sipped his Coca Cola and continued on to Koina in my car.

    • I know Jawo and I also remember that congrete varanda at Fatoto police station. I was sitting exactly at that very point when I heard a police man asking if he can give food to the prisoner, that was the time i went in and asked for a cup of water the same time when the prisoners were brought out I saw Chief Manneh he waved and I waved back.

      • Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

        Profound Yaya, may he Rest in Peace. I hope the government will pay his family and Mr. Saidykhan ASAP.

  3. Fofay ceesay

    Mr Danpha, one thing I can tell you is that Mr Mbenga never likes​ UDP and will never like it. He even wanted​ to use one of my friend in New York at the time as a spy to get information from UDP but he refused.

  4. Mba Koko. Yaya bee defa deeze. Full of truth. Yes, they are real bragging snakes.

  5. Baboucarr Samba

    99 days for the thief and one very important day for the owner. Ous Mbenga is busted. Like everything, hatred too has a limit. How do we spare the rod and spoil the child?

  6. Lamin L Darboe

    My brother you spoke my heart.

    I have always called this coon of Oussainou Mbenga and his men in DUGA to join the revolution they have been advocating so long.

    You are right his hands are dirty with blood and I can testify with evidence that he masterminded the death of Mahawa Cham, Saul Ndow and Solo Sandeng.

    In fact he sponsored and coerced solo Sandeng into his hotel room in Dakar with promise that his men will join the street protest.

    This was the reason I was calling them by names to be men enough to join the men in Gambia they coerced to protest, but been cowards they are none of them honoured their promises.

    They were even soliciting funds from the diaspora with the promise that they will cross from Senegal to protest in Gambia.

    We have not still seen the worst of Ousainou Mbenga as he is planning on coercing our own Scattered Janneh to form a political party just like how he coerced Lamin Wa Juwara to quit the UDP.

    This man is a vicious snake and we must cut off his head before he bites all our able men.

  7. Mr. Dampha, powerful Revelations.
    Mr. Mbenga probably is a cowardly instigator and bloodied hands, but Solo Sandeng and Solo Nkurumah, like many victims who are not with us a today, aware of every possible consequence of their activities considering the status quo in Banjul at that time. They are heroes who sacrificed their lives for the cause they believe in and couldn’t have been lured into their death traps by cowards. Those who conspired in atrocities should be brought to justice.
    May the souls of the fallen of the struggle rest in perfect peace.

  8. Luntango (Degaleh Wagh, Tabaa Bung Bang Yekumofo)

    Dampha, I spoke to someone else in USA – and I understand you are absolutely right – and there is much more left unsaid. Tell us more.
    (PS, I like calling a spade a spade, so as you can see I have adopted a new title).

    • And you too, my in law. Well, these are not only very serious allegations, but their timing makes them equally worrisome, as they are made on the back of Mr Mbenga’s criticism of the Barrow Administration.

      We see this trend more frequently now on social media, when anyone who dare criticise this new administration, is either portrayed as disgruntled, an enemy of some sort or associated with some negative activity.

      Moreover, isn’t it an irony (if the allegations are true) that whilst late Solo is praised as a hero, his supposed instigator, who is also supposed to have funded and equipped his heroic actions, is now condemned as a villain ? I would have thought that he too deserve some recognition for his endeavour.

      I think those who have tasked themselves with the job of defending the new administration, whenever it is criticised, should restrict themselves to addressing the issues that the critics raised.

      This way, we can realise the kind of free society many envisaged and hoped for during those difficult years of the struggle. The attitude and trend I see, unfortunately, is reminiscent of the past 22 years, with extremist UDP apologists now playing the role of the extremist APRC apologists.

      My fear is, would we have a July 22/Green Youth vigilante type of movement to enforce the narrative of the powers that be? Only time will tell.

      • Luntango (Degaleh Wagh, Tabaa Bung Bang Yekumofo)

        My in-law, you totally miss Dampha’s point when you say as follows:-
        “… isn’t it an irony (if the allegations are true) that whilst late Solo is praised as a hero, his supposed instigator, who is also supposed to have funded and equipped his heroic actions, is now condemned as a villain ? I would have thought that he too deserve some recognition for his endeavour”.
        Dampha’s point is that Mbenga should have been there with the valiant Solo Sandeng during the demonstration if indeed Mr. Mbenga encouraged, funded and provided loud-speakers for Solo’s Westfield Demonstration.
        There is absolutely no doubt that Solo Sandeng is the single HEROIC catalyst of the removal of Jammeh (and Lawyer Darboe comes NEXT for the brave stance he took once news of Solo’s murder LEAKED).
        If you had followed my comdemnation of Matthew K Jallow’s RANTINGS during the Arab Spring, you will have noted that I am TOTALLY opposed to those who send others out to face vicious brutal forces WHILE THEY HIDE SAFELY ABROAD. My position was fully recorded on JollofNews and other On-Line Media at the time. So it has nothing to do with “re-acting to those who criticise Barrow’s Govt”. Mine is a PRINCIPLED POSITION:- Those who send others to the front-line should be there with them. Simple.
        Dampha’s damning question is simple:
        Mr. Mbenga brought his loud-speakers and demonstrated with Fatu Camara in USA, so why did Mr. Mbenga just give Solo Sandeng the loud-speakers and NOT demonstrate with Solo Sandeng in The Gambia?
        The answer, I fear, damns Mr. Mbenga and, conversely, EMPHASISES Solo Sandeng’s individual HEROISM.
        It has nothing to do with Mr. Mbenga’s criticism of the Barrow Government.

      • Bax, take a position now or simply make your position known. Stop pretending here.

        • My position is very clear. Respond to issues raised by critics. Stop this character assassination. Mr Mbenga asked some legitimate questions about plans and direction. Allegations intended to question should have no place in any response to his queries. That’s my position for your info.

          • oops I mean, “allegations intended to question his integrity should have no place in any response to his queries.”

  9. Luntango (Degaleh Wagh, Tabaa Bung Bang Yekumofo)

    My in-law, “CRITICISM of BARROW GOVT” can be approach as a separate issue as follows:-
    1. It is of course valid for people to criticise the Government of President Barrow – and I am sure he will be the first to say so. Still …
    2. Looking at the criticisms SO FAR, it is OVERWHELMINGLY, whether Gambia-based or Diaspora-based, from individuals and constituencies who backed/would have backed the Opposition (be it PDOIS, APRC or GDC).
    3. I repeat, OF COURSE THE OPPOSITION HAVE A RIGHT TO BE CRITICAL OF THE GOVERNMENT – that is their rightful role in a democracy.
    4. But what supporters of the Government have a right to do ALSO is to DEBUNK the Oppositions criticism – and that is their right too.
    So, Mr. Mbenga and my in-law, as die-hard PDOIS have every right in the world to criticise the Barrow Govt … and Mr. Dampha as a Barrow Govt die-hard supporter has every right in the world to push back against that criticism. DEMOCRACY IS BEAUTIFUL!