“Nguur ri yiholu du yaga” : A Government Standing On Its Toes Will Not Last

By Ousainou Mbenga

As the power of the people is betrayed and coalition 2016 implodes, it’s imperative for us to “draw the line” at this critical juncture to stop all hidden agendas on their tracks. A mere regime change is not what we fought for, only to leave intact the structures upon which Jammeh and his APRC ruined our beloved Gambia.

For up to now, what and where is the coalition’s program for the “new Gambia”? Subsequent to its detachment, what and where is the “tactical coalition’s” program for the “new Gambia”? There exists no plan of action from the Barrow “government” to distinguish it from the insolent APRC regime.

In case the coalition or its detachment, the “tactical coalition” is still missing the road to liberation and social transformation upon which the vast majority of the Gambian masses are poised to march on, we hereby remind them again that: “the masses are the makers of history”. It was the Gambian masses that made history on December 1, 2016, not the coalition nor its detachment, the “tactical coalition”.
Gambia has DECIDED! We will not return to the People’s Progressive Party (P.P.P) or to the 22 years of horror and terror under AFPRC – APRC. Equally, we will never tolerate or settle for “anything but Jammeh”. We will begin to display our impatience for your “rearguard leadership”.

Coalition 2016 didn’t come without a struggle. We literally had to force its creation, without which the vast majority of Gambians that voted for Barrow would have stayed home on Election Day.
To those who continue to shield President Barrow and his “tactical coalition” from constructive criticisms, even in the face of their blundering actions; you are in for a rude awakening. We don’t need anybody’s permission to criticize the coalition or its detachment, the “tactical coalition”.



  1. Mr Mbenga failed to understand that coalition was formed based on compromise which the biggest political party played the most important role to its success . The suggestion that the people’s power was betrayed and there is hidden agenda is the most dishonest propaganda ever spread in this silly political season. Mr Mbenga should have clarified the hidden agenda and what power has been betrayed when we have only three months into Mr Barrow’s presidency. What is clear is that some of so called political activists failed to recognize and accept the truth that this regime is diverse in every aspect . Mr Mbenga’s referral to tactical coalition or the coalition not responsible for the victory is his suggestion to dismiss the UDP has the biggest and the most important pillar of the coalition and the formidable force behind the victory. Of course Mr Mbenga and his colleagues have no political base and his empty rhetoric is designed to cause agitation among already defeated obsessive forces who claimed that the coalition should remain intact despite it has achieved its goal of removal of military dictatorship. These pro-coalition obsessive forces still do not learn their lesson from shocking electoral defeat . One thing I only agree with Mr Mbenga is the notion of complete system transformation which has already began . Change is a step by step process . We have seen change with improvement but we do not want to see change without improvement. This is the common ground most sensible people can agree on. I have read full diatribe of Mr Mbenga’s article which has caused me mildly nauseous about his tribal politics and UDP dismissiveness.

  2. Mr. Mbenga did raise an important question – where’s the program of the coalition?… if Barrows government fails, it is the failure of the coalition and not one party hence this is a collective responsibility.

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