Approve Services And NAWEC Partner To Make Cash Power Purchase Easier & More Accessible


The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) and Approve Service Money Transfer Ltd (APS) have now launched a New Service wherein Gambians in the Diaspora can top-up their family and loved ones’ CASH Power Meters directly.

According to Mr Baba Fatajo the Managing Director of NAWEC this partnership is in line with NAWEC’s effort to increase access to electricity.

With Approve Services – NAWEC Top-Up services, you will only need to register online once and start using the service. Once you are signed-up, you can use the service on any meter at any time, the process is simple and as easy as sending an SMS.

The CEO of Approve Services Money Transfer Ltd, Mr Lamin Sanneh, said the importance of this scheme is to ease the cash power burden not only on families and loved ones but also on many Mosques and other faith centres, schools, and other community centres in The Gambia who may find cash power top-up credit a challenge.

Another benefit is that this top-up service gives assurance to senders that the money sent for top-up is going to be used 100% only for the purpose it is intended for, with no worries of potential diversion of funds for other use.

The scheme which is the first of its kind will make it easier for Gambians Abroad and Samaritans of Gambians families and community centres/institutions in the Gambia to top-up Cash Power Meters.

He urged Gambians in the Diaspora and friends of the Gambia to join the scheme by simply signing up on the company’s website “It takes little effort to sign up but you save your families a lot of hassle, worry and time”.

Approve Services top-up is available online 24/7 and in as little as 60 seconds, you can Keep lights on in a home, mosque/other religious centres, schools and/or community centres, from far.

This has come at no better time than now as we will soon enter the Holy month of Ramadan where people can give Zakat in the form of topping-up cash power in Mosques across the country. Approve Services Money transfer always puts its customers first by constantly bringing them easy to use services that makes huge differences. This has followed on the introduction of our Mobile top-up services which means, Gambians abroad now are sending mobile credits to their family and loved ones.

All APS services can be done online, or download the APSMONEY app on Apple and Android devices.

Call us today on: UK +44121 643 3003 Gambia +2203995264 or EMAIL: visit us online at:

Better still, you can download APSMONEY app for Apple and Android and Top-Up Electricity or Send Money from the comfort of your home; anytime, anywhere.

Signed: Approve Service Ltd


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