Not All Barking Dogs Bite

Mr. Yaya Dampha, the achievements of the Barrow led coalition government are quite evident but shouldn’t take merely a sense of partisan political perspective to reiterate that fact. In that case, those you refer to as political virgins are naturally likely to become politically adulterated by the politically espoused individuals like yourself.

In my opinion, it is not bad to be critical of fellow opinion holders but much better to be precise in directing those criticisms if at all meant for a matured and meaningful engagement. Endorsing the Adama Barrow led government should in no way imply a condoning attitude towards every policy and implementations of his government. The terms underminers, political virgins, talibe, so-called activists and false asylum seekers, in themselves, seem very contemptuous to dissent and freedom of expression even though all the freedoms you outlined are true in the new Barrow regime. I think those cyber critics urging Barrow and government, and speaking to their consciences, are doing much better to the country’s democratisation process than those who fly high slogans of; Go Barrow! Go Barrow! Go Barrow! However, this too, is not to hail those on the other hand, contempt to the change of the atrocious regime of impunity in the Gambia.

In crucial times of the Gambia like now, I think it much more ideal to engage Pa Nderry, Fatou Camara or a specified talibe on their opinions and viewpoints, instead of collectively derogating divergent opinion holders as political virgins, talibes, false asylum seekers, so-called activists and etc.

Urging Barrow to reduce the size of his flowing white gown for instance, to watch his foreign policies and to minimize government spending as much as possible shouldn’t be misunderstood as undermining or intimidating efforts but rather helping ones towards good governance. We shouldn’t have to wait to see the new regime we yearned for die. Holding the Barrow government accountable is what most are doing in order to safe the live in it and not necessarily meant to send it to the cleaners. It will be very much unexpected of the National Assembly minority, much more the majority themselves, saying to each other; yes sir, yes sir, yes sir. This is the actual system of politics that likely will send any government to the cleaners. Let’s know that not all barking dogs be seen as biters. Some barking dogs are good guards and who knows Mr. Yaya Dampha is one, for being one who can mark out the biting ones. We might as well agree to disagree on the path to meaningful agreement.

For the Gambia our Homeland.



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  1. Well done @Bourne. What a pertinent counterbalance to Mr. Dampha’s article that summed up divergent opinion holders to refer to them as barking dogs.

    The moo cow in the recent past has changed the State House structurally, into and extended family compound and jumped the moon for demonic biter puppies to bite and bark furiously after their victims. This government today, a democratic one, is what was yearned for and so Gambians must do everything to refrain themselves from being puppets as well as ‘underminers’ in it’s democratisation process. Genuine criticism and matured engagement builds and so hope the castle like State House is reaped off it’s fortresses asap.

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