Money Smart Week Is Back

I wish to remind Kairo News’ esteemed readers about the Annual Money Smart Week 2017. Read our last year’s article [] that dealt with the Money Smart Week concept in detail.
As a reminder,  2017 Money Smart week runs between April 22 and 29. The program, which helps consumers better manage their personal  finances, covers all facets of personal Finances: earnings/income, savings, investing, Credit, Insurance, estate planning (wills and trusts)  charitable giving and sharing, etc.
Please visit and see what programs your state offers. Take advantage of the Money smart week April 22-29. Also there are many programs available on financial matters that can address your financial queries.
I hope readers will explore and reap the benefits of the Money Smart Week. Remember the more we know about finance, the better for us.
We will end this article with a quote from Benjamin Franklin “An investment in Knowledge always pays the best Interest.”
Kemo Barrow

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