Entitled Job Seekers Are Badmouthing

Yahya Jammeh, Gambians want you to face prosecution!

Thank you very much Mr Dampha for pointing out the real achievements of president Barrow in the first 100 days. As you rightly pointed out, every citizen has the constitutional right to constructively criticise our political leadership in order to make them accountable. While there are some genuine people who truly criticise constructively the policies and conduct of the current regime, I will consider most of the critics either as job seekers who believe that they are entitled to be given special jobs because of their so-called past roles in the fight to restore democracy and constitutional rule in the Gambia or they are new self-proclaimed victims who are fearful of seeing the change of the system. These new self-proclaimed victims are the former enablers of the regime who were blinded or refused to see nepotism, preferential treatment in Jammeh’s regime appointments and atrocities against Gambian people. During the former regime, the new self-proclaimed victims were completely silent about Jammeh’s tribal vitriol against the Mandinka ethnicity. Now that they have seen the fair appointments in government positions, they are terrified to death and began to cry out loud about tribalism. Where are these political hypocrites and dishonest citizens when Jammeh appointed almost only his tribesmen in the majority of the most important positions in the Gambia? Why  they have never raised the issue of tribal appointments or Jammeh’s tribal vitriol against a majority population without whose support he (Jammeh) would not have become president. These new self-proclaimed victims want the status quo to continue because they do not respect the will and aspirations of the Gambian voters. They are the hypocrites fanning flames of tribalism. We must all be thankful for our new found freedom of speech and that our government considers fairly every tribe in the country. There is no tribal appointments or preferential treatments. The new self-proclaimed victims must realise that Gambian people have decided and that irrespective of tribe, indigenous people must have the constitutional right to have jobs, enjoy​ better living condition as well as live in peace and stability in their own country. Some of the new self-proclaimed victims have now become the destabilising force determined to cause violence at all costs. The new government should enforce the law when dealing with anyone who causes violent efforts to undermine the will and aspirations of Gambian people.

Those desperate job seekers who want to go home should cool off. I think most of these people lack good education and relevant skills in the diaspora to make a decent living hence the need to use the struggle to defeat Jammeh as a means to be recognized for job opportunities. Why would anyone be so desperate to be employed in the new government when you have good education and skills in the diaspora to make a decent living? I understand that there are those who really want to take a pay cut in diaspora and go back to the Gambia to contribute positively to the development of our country. That number is so small in all honesty. Those who are making noise because of their disappointment in not getting their self-entitled jobs​ must realise that the real heroes of the struggle are those elderly and young people who openly demonstrated against the Jammeh dictatorship. We must develop ourselves intellectually and skillfully here in the diaspora before we think about seeking job opportunities in the Gambia. After all fighting to restore democracy and constitutional rule in the Gambia is never about seeking job opportunities; it is about restoring freedom, human dignity and respect that our people deserve. Anyone who is desperately looking for job should go educate themselves, learn a skill or engage in meaningful business strategy to make a decent living.

I would encourage people in diaspora with expertise and relevance experience to give free services to our new government and Gambian people rather than engage in job hunting. We have seen people from the west who went to Africa to give free services in various areas such as education, healthcare, Agriculture and others. We too should develop such spirits by offering free services to our country while vacationing home. Any little service can make positive differences in the lives of our people.




  1. Where it’s ‘made in’ is where it comes from. There are good human qualities that should distinguish me from an ‘unpredictable’, a cruel and calculating Yayah Jammeh.

  2. Max, are you comfortable with language like this: (Quote @ Yaya Dampha) :

    “However, the good news is that these enemies of the government are in the minority who cannot make anything relevant in the face of the majority support President Barrow has got. Let the barking dogs continue barking because that is the only power they possess.” Does calling critics of the government, “enemies” and “barking dogs”, sound familiar to you ? It does to me and I find it very disturbing.

    Secondly, isn’t it rather unfortunate that some of you, who have consistently criticised the defenders of the Jammeh regime, are now resorting to the same tactic of insulting or insinuating all sorts of motives for any criticism, rather than responding to the criticism directly ?

    Whether it is charges of tribalism or disregard of the constitution or financial indiscipline, or favouritism, etc., those who hold different views from the critics, and want to defend the government should do so by responding to the charges made.

    Isn’t it wrong to label people, who have also fought for change alongside the political parties & partners, as “enemies”, “barking dogs” and “job seekers”, simply because they have concerns about how things are being done ?


    • Bax , I believe that there are genuine critics in The Gambia and diaspora and these genuine critics do not undermine the efforts of the new government. They do not engage in tribalism or political mudsliding of the government or political leaders . The desperate Job seekers and the new self proclaimed victims are the ones making noise . It is an irony that former enablers are now the new self proclaimed victims. They are the very people criticizing Mr barrow appointments or making charges of tribalism. These people never acknowledged the will and aspirations of Gambian people. Where were these new victims during military dictatorship when jammeh engaged in corruption, human rights violations or tribalism?

      • To all and from a few willing to state facts as they are in Evidence. “Truth is in the eye of the beholder”, the saying goes. However, it is the height of Hypocracy, Cynicism and Naked Bending and Twisting of Facts by the likes of Max and your in-law and Others to Justify their “Marriage” to a “Cause” that is as disturbing as any refusal to accept wrongs in both of the Three Republics. One has to be a Price Winner in the Diabolical game of Denial and Subterfuge to Deny the Crude, Ethnic Group Based Selective Arrrests, Detentions and Purging of Jolas and other Ethnic Groups but especially the Jolas from Government Positions. Case in point, and Exhibits A-C (Arbitrary and Capriciousness), When you have two Jammeh’s, Sanyangs and Sonkos who Served in the same government you Defined​ and Classified as being Repugnant and Condernmed for alleged Crimes; and the Mandinka Jammeh, Sanyang and Sonko are Left Unmolested or Purged from the Civil Service Ranks, while the Jola Jammeh, Sanyang and Sonko are Purged or Arrested and Detained, it does not take a Degree in Human Resources to Logically and Reasonably Conclude that Selective Apportionment of Blame Game is at Work at its Worst. This is Not what #GAMBIA HAS DECIDED. If it is what #GAMBIA HAS DECIDED, then we are all in for a rude awakening as a Nation State. Dark days ahead in the Gambia. Gambia is more than the Sum Total of One Ethnic Group and Region. One Gambia, One People, One Destiny.

    • Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

      I would agree that “barking dogs” and “enemies” is not appropriate. But neither is it fair to associate the Barrow government with these statements. The statements are made by a journalist who, like Pa Mbai and Foroyaa, is entitled to his own opinion. None of the members of the Barrow government would even dream of uttering such words.
      Barrow’s main critic is Pa Nderry Mbai – but Pa’s main reason is basically to keep his media business afloat: sensationalism brings in readers (and dollars) and that is Pa Mbai’s main concern post-Jammeh.
      Barrow’s Govt has IGNORED Pa Mbai’s sensationalism – and Pa Mbai really has lost his main power during the Jammeh Era: the ability to have people in The Gambia fired and/or jailed with one story, be the story true or false.
      The new Barrow government cherishes the rule of law and no one would be fired or jailed because of Pa Mbai’s stories.
      I think Freedom, which I have now stopped reading, should just be ignored by the Barrow Govt. Look at Mai Fatty. He ignored all those unfair attacks from Freedom and continues to do a very good job. All in the cabinet should do that (and I would advise my in-law and PDOIS to do just that too – lol – unless Foroyaa and Freedom have form a New Coalition Opposition Media!)

      • Dida , Mai fatty is the best appointment in this government. I love the job he is doing for the country. I hope and pray that he continue to do that in good health and protection.
        Don’t mind Bax, foroyaa and freedom I suspect are teaming up . Gambian people have repudiated PDOIS in the last 50 years.

        • Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

          Indeed Max. Mai has also benefitted from the rather unfair criticisms from The NAFF (National Alliance of Freedom & Foroyaa). Criticisms is good, even when unfair, and strengthens the righteous. let the NAFF continue.

      • Of course my in law, I do not associate these views with the government, though these are defenders of the administration. I don’t know what Pa Mbai’s motives are, but many have seen a pattern that they are not comfortable with. They see officials belonging to a certain ethnic group being retained, whilst others are being removed and they are suspicious. Are you suggesting that these people should be Ignored?

        Take the cases of IGP Sonko, General Kinteh and CDS Badjie. These 3 officials all served Yaya Jammeh very well. What is the rationale in retaining both Sonko and Kinteh but removing Badjie.

        What about M.L.Gibba (GPA) and Yankuba Darboe (GRA)? Both have served Jammeh well, yet Gibba is removed whilst Darboe is retained. And l’m sure there are many instances where this policy can be pointed out.

        We need to know what the criteria for retention and dismissal is here, or many will draw their own conclusion.

        • Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

          My in-law, I know not about Yankuba Darboe and whether or not he served Jammeh. But of M.L. Gibba I know very well – and Gambia will be shocked at the extent of the looting of the GPA by Jammeh while the GPA was under Gibba’s watch.

          • My in law, I think we all suspect, even if we don’t know for a fact, that any official heading a revenue generation agency under Jammeh, will have to satisfy his insatiable taste for cash, or face the consequences.

            I have no doubts that ML Gibba was kept at GPA because he was doing what Jammeh wants and I will express the same sentiments about Yankuba Darboe at GRA. From what we know, he (Yanks) wouldn’t have lasted a day if he didn’t appease Jammeh with cash handouts, and let’s not forget that he was at Customs and Excise, where Jammeh’s numerous containers and vehicles land, before being promoted to DG/GRA.

            Hence, if Gibba was removed because of such practices, the questions will be loud, and rightly so, if Mr Darboe is found to have indulged in similar practices to save his job and skin, under the former regime.

            Max seems willing to excuse and absolve IGP Sonko of any culpability in the abuse of Police power, because he claimed that the Gambia Police were powerless under the Military Dictatorship, but if he refuses to be equally charitable towards ML Gibba and CDS Ousman Badjie, then that will be double standards.

        • Bax , don’t you understand that General Kinteh was moved to foreign services during jammeh regime because jammeh did not trust all those mandinkas officers in the military. Kinteh’s deployment to foreign service was a demotion. Remember that Kinteh is the most educated military officer Gambia has ever produced. Yaya jammeh got rid of him in that manner when he deployed him in foreign mission.
          I cannot understand your hypocrisy and outright dishonesty to say the least because you have never complained about jammeh’s appointments based on tribal line . In fact you have passionately defended jammeh’s tribalism. It is indeed interesting to see you complaining about the most qualified citizens. We know that jammeh used the NIA and jugulars for human right violations. Gambia police force was powerless during military dictatorship. Have ever seen Kinteh when he was cds to organize solidarity match for jammeh which cds badjie did on many times . Stop complaining here because you do not have any credibility when you supported jammeh’s tribalism.

          • Max, why is it difficult for you to understand simple language? I have made it very clear that my contention is not about the competence or qualification of those retained or dismissed. I don’t care who President Barrow retains or removes from the Jammeh era, unless it is an individual known to have actively taken part in crimes against individuals or state institutions.

            My problem is with the attitude that has been shown against critics of the government by some of you guys, who have taken over from the APRC apologists, and become the new defenders of the government, insulting, name calling and insinuating things against any who dare criticise the government. You are my problem; not President Barrow’s appointees or dismissals.

            I think the whole forum can see who is discredited for repeating accusations without producing a single proof, despite being challenged to do so.

            Interesting how you can claim today, that the Gambia Police were powerless during the Military Dictatorship: The same Police that you always criticised for denying UDP permits; the same Police that you showed no understanding to during the Fass stand-off! Why the change of Heart?

            If the Police were powerless, what about the Army, NIA or Prisons? Were they too “powerless” or Not? And if you think they were not powerless, then tell us why that is the case. Perhaps, the hypocrite will be evident to all.

          • Bax , I want you to understand that you or anyone has rights to criticize anyone in the government. I also have right to call people who I consider as self proclaimed victims or job seekers. I am not going to call anyone dogs or bad names . Your problem is you have anti-mandinka syndrome in you because you have made it your duty to stand with those who claimed that Barrow’s government is mandinka government. You have pinpointed mandinka military officers like Kinteh who is hired by president barrow when in the past you have denied jammeh’s tribalism or tribal preferential treatment. You denied Jola hegemony during jammeh’s regime but now you are supporting claim that there is mandinka hegemony in The Gambia by using fake news from freedom newspaper.
            I blamed the police commander in chief Dictator Yaya jammeh for refusal of permit and UDP stand off at fass , it was directive from him. I will be happy if President Barrow replace all those who played a role in the form of human rights violations to prolong dictatorship in The Gambia and with time he is going to replace most of these officers . I have a problem when you pointed out mandinkas officers but in the past you refused to accept jammeh’s tribal preferential treatment of Jolas . This means you have bias against mandinkas. Why double standard? You have dismissed my concerns before and now you are supporting the same concerns expressed by the opposition. This is where you don’t have any credibility.

    • Bax, you have pinpointed on an authentic gush of vitriol. You didn’t miss it too. You have quoted on something I was sufficiently counterpoised to in a comment, but sadly so was not publish, perhaps due to software insecurity from my part or simply because I have violated ethical standards of Kairo.
      When something is right is always right and when it wrong it always a damn wrong no matter who says what.

  3. On the charges themselves, I find it very interesting that there are people today, who criticised Jammeh for favouritism, financial indiscipline and disregard of the law, ready to defend President Barrow against the same criticism, even where the critics have a genuine point.

    Take the case of two security chiefs, for example: CDS Ousman Badjie (Jola) and IGP Yankuba Sonko (Mandinka). Both served Yaya Jammeh very well and Sonko, being IGP, is more culpable in Jammeh’s rule of terror, than CDS Badjie because it was the Police that were arresting people and handing them over to the NIA.

    They were also denying opposition parties, especially UDP, permits to conduct their activities. Yet, it is CDS Badjie, a Jola officer, who is removed and replaced by a Mandinka officer, Masanneh Kinteh, who is also another Jammeh era CDS.

    How does the administration defend such a policy? I am not saying that the decision is tribally motivated, but an explanation is required when others make the same claim.

    How about disregard of the constitution? It is now 100 days since President Barrow assumed office, but for whatever reasons, he has not appointed a VP, though he is required to do so to have a constitutionally completed cabinet, as the constitution states unambiguously that: “Cabinet shall consist of the President, Vice President and Ministers. ”
    The VP is also the constitutionally mandated official to represent the President in the National Assembly. So it is clear that the constitution intends for the VP to be in office by the time the National Assembly is constituted. Isn’t charges of disregard of the constitution genuine in this instance ?

    We also learn that in addition to the huge bill incurred by the public treasury, due to the continued residence of President Barrow at a hotel, the coalition Government dished out up to D40,000 to each candidate of the coalition partners at the recently concluded National Assembly Elections. It is not clear if this money came from the Public Treasury, but surely, a government that claimed to inherit empty coffers should know better than spending so much money on campaigns.

    Pa Nderry Mbai is perhaps the most vociferous critic of the coalition right now, just as he has been against Jammeh, but I don’t think anyone would believe that Pa is doing this because he didn’t get the job he thinks he is entitled to. He has genuine concerns and he should be engaged to address his concerns, if they are genuine or refute them, if baseless.

    Gambians have very bad experience with our last two governments and we are right to be “paranoid” when we see signs of the past creeping back again. There are reports that President Barrow is embarking on a 4 nation, 5 days tour to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria. If this true, then we are right to question the financial discipline in this government. There’s work to be done and it’s time for our President to concentrate on the job at hand.