Shame On You Pa Nderry Mbai!

        Pa Nderry Mbai has gone beserk!

By Yaya Dampha

The Gambia’s tabloid journalism chief Pa Nderry Mbai has again gone beserk. He has done what he is at best at: insulting, provoking, fanning seeds of hatred and tribalism. The bad boy is simply rotten, and nothing can sanitise him. The problem could have been his upbringing, lack of understanding of cultural sensitivities, filthiness or rudeness. But we cannot fold our hands and allow one rotten soul to destroy our hard-earned success. Everyone knows that the coalition’s victory symbolises defeat of Yahya Jammeh’s hatred, tribalism and discrimination. His painful insults and threats to wipe out Mandinkas have rallied patriotic Gambians from all the tribes, cultures and religions to red card the rotten soul. Even APRC supporters admitted their leader had crossed the red lines. Now that Jammeh is gone, the goal should be how to clean up the mess, which is hard and complicated. We need to heal the wounds inflicted by Jammeh. The wounds that are left opened will not heal themselves. This is why the role of the media – I mean responsible media – is crucial at this point in time. We are in times of uncertainty; all we need to do is to unite our diverse people, cool down the tempers before we get on the road to justice and ultimate reconciliation. We don’t expect the road to be rosy but if South Africans can do it, I see no reason why Gambians cannot. We are more socially, culturally and religiously attached than any country.

But for us to get the job done we must not leave the likes of Pa Nderry Mbai to put sand on our already cooked soup. In fact, this is a guy who had damned and vigorously campaigned against elections. He had never supported the coalition. We might be independent journalists but our situation called for everyone to fight and defeat Jammeh. Neutrality here depicts hypocrisy. If Pa Nderry Mbai doesn’t want Jammeh to go for whatever reason is understandable but what is not acceptable is to allow him to become another Jammeh. Gauging by his behaviour, he has taken over from Jammeh. Both of them have proven to be dirty tribalists who bully anyone who disagrees with them. That’s not the type of journalism one should be proud of. I assume that is not the attitude his parents taught him either.

Striking at any tribe at this hour is not in anyone’s interest. Only those who are either on Jammeh’s payroll or unhappy with his defeat will champion that agenda. Shame on you Pa Nderry Mbai for betraying your country, culture and religion. We are not a diverse people by accident. It is God that created us as diverse people so we get along and learn from each other. That is the power of diversity which is why United States becomes the world’s most progressive nation. Different people see things from different perspective and provide different ideas and solutions to the same problem. What is more sweeter than that!

Pa, don’t misjudge or underestimate me. I am sitting on a trove of informaiton concerning your nefarious activities. You will be shocked to the bone any time I share it with the public. I know you are on Jammeh’s payroll.

You cannot swear to the Quran that you are not talking to a close Jammeh aide in Equatorial Guinea. Jammeh is dishing you money so you cause instability in the country. If you think you are not trailed you must be kidding. We know a lot about you. Just recently your name featured in the murder of Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, two Gambian Americans who disappeared in Yahya Jammeh’s Gambia. That is just the tip of the iceberg because you have killed so many people – directly or indirectly. We know the details and will get there soon if you push us to the brink. We knew about the story since it surfaced.

In fact, families of Jobe and Ceesay should as a matter of urgency file criminal complaint against you. You need to explain your role in the disappearance of the two innocent men. You have your own funeral to take care but you ignore it and decided to throw venom on Mandinkas who have been your biggest supporters and fans. Without the Mandinkas you would have long since packed up. “Truthfully, Pa Nderry is worse than Yahya Jammeh.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    Billahi, truthful people are still within our midst. I agree with everything you have written about this wayou called Nderry. His nemesis will soon catch up with him.

    • Sorry, but the Ones who will see any form of Retribution are the Vigilantes and Ignorant Individuals who Seem to be Uninformed and or living in a Cave. There is such a thing as Freedom of Expression. That is why you are able to express your point of view, though you and some of your Cohorts are going Beyond the Acceptable norms. Threats against persons is Not Covered in the Right of Free Expression. STOP the Threats and Acts of Mob Violence.

  2. Only foolish mandinkas will support their enemy…

    Pa is beyond help. Let him die and go to heLL…

    • Karamo, Sorry, but the Ones who will see any form of Retribution are the Vigilantes and Ignorant Individuals who Seem to be Uninformed and or living in a Cave. There is such a thing as Freedom of Expression. That is why you are able to express your point of view, though you and some of your Cohorts are going Beyond the Acceptable norms. Threats against persons is Not Covered in the Right of Free Expression. STOP the Threats and Acts of Mob Violence. You are Not Entitled nor Immunized FROM Prosecution for Verbal and Physical Threats to Do bodily Harm to anyone you direct your Actions Against. STOP.

  3. …and the enemies of Mandinkas can get in their midst in many shapes and skins. Some would pretend to be kunta himself when indeed they are up to no good but to send across a misleading concept about Mandinkas of a multi-cultured Gambia.
    May God bless the Gambians with enlightenment.
    The dangers in Pa Nderry’s headlines couldn’t have been missed by good reasoning. His upbringing I think might have nothing to do with his bad journalism as most aged parents don’t know how to read or write.

    • Love the last bit of your comment. Upbringing is really going down below. Absolutely nothing to do with what he does. This is Jammeh behaviour all over again. Dragging parents into the mud of our politics. very sad to see.

      • It really sad an underdeveloped attitude, “dragging parents into the mud of our politics”.
        Most horrifying is, I’ve come across lots of the new generation travellers to Europe who do want to become prominent or get attention by cursing mothers. You will want to stuck your ears, hearing the type of foul in their local languages. I have asked myself; Did the UGT really got an impact on the lives of the younger generation or is it simply means a rise in the rate of illiteracy….
        Bro, it’s sad hearing jargon of the younger generation of the country.
        God have mercy on us.

  4. Fanding Kinteh Darboe

    Thank you Yaya Dampha for highlighting the incompetency and the hypocrisy of Pa Nderry Mbye. Pa is a bootlegged Journalist who lacks all the qualities and experience of the professional Journalist and never want to learn or follow the ethics of the profession. He will sell his own momma for a buck. Pa Nderry was working at Walmart Stores as a tire changer in the mechanic section as recent as 2011. He decided to take the easy way out and registered with an online university called Phoenix University in Raleigh, North Carolina. The university is not accredited by the Southern Regional Accreditation Commission but Pa wanted the fast way out so that he can show critics that he has a degree in Mass Communication but never completed high school only junior secondary education. Simply the university is a degree mill and it always target students like Pa who has a problem getting enrollment in regular universities or just want something fast without working hard for it. He is a total disgrace to the profession and has no respect for anybody, that is why I have never called or went to his online radio for an interview. People have to find a way to avoid him at any cost because he will do anything for money or fame.

    • What you said is right, people have to avoid his socalled radio. I stopped​ listening​ to his new since 2011. I never support APRC but the way he was talking I knew this this guy have no interest for Gambia and her people. what he was talking is bullshit. I ask a friend if pa is really journalist or just someone who just pay $50–100 to own a website, whatever he said is shit.

  5. Absolutely the government is sitting on another timing boom looming for Gambia. if the authorities don’t stamp out irresponsible journalism. Freedom of speech goes in with freedom of responsibility, pa nderry lives In the US and absolutely knows that the authorities do not tolerate dishonest information that can lead to violence. If, I am the minister of interior or the information minister, I will push forward a cooperation between, the secret service and the media to help protect national security and to promote national interest. Freedom is not just walking the streets freely without fear of being kidnapped, or being torched as we know it before. Freedom is concerning our every aspects of live, we have just freed ourselves from a dangerous hand and now some lunatic like Pa nderry are just fanning the smoke without a fire, but the fire will soon be engulfing our beloved Gambia again if we do not stop tribal warefare and educate our new generation of the kid’s, because most our elder’s are not educated. So it should be the governments responsibility, youths are one tool to national development and national unity, because half of the entire population is well below the age of 25 years. Pa nderry please, be responsible and verify your sourses and collaborate with other media outlet’s to authenticate every story that concerns national security. We must not be tribal and take pride in it, myself is a Sarahuli, but my mother is a Mandinka. I don’t support yaya jammeh, because of his arrogancy, rudeness, authoritarian, lack of respect for religion, and many more, but not because of his tribe as a jola. I would like Mr Barrow to step up as our true and responsible leader, because of crazy people like you. Democracy is a big responsibility, not only the government can give us democracy, but we should only give it to ourselves by promoting peaceful coexistence, respect for tribe, religion and race and by releasing good information and not misleading the public.