Interior Ministry Is Not Faulty

The Ministry of the Interior has reacted to Justice Minister’s complaints that his office was not consulted on the prosecution of the 9 NIA agents charged with the murder of opposition activist Solo Sandeng.

“Regarding the NIA 9, the Ministry of the Interior acted properly in accordance with the law, and the best interest of the government of The Gambia and the citizens particularly the victims of torture, enforced disappearances, killings and other predatory malgovernance,” read an extract of a statement by the Interior Ministry read.

Read the statement in detail:


March 23, 2017

“We want to thank the Gambia Police Force for a remarkable detective job in apprehending some of the allegedly notorious elements of the former regime. Gambians will appreciate the fact of legendary brutality inflicted by certain elements within the NIA and Jungullars against our citizens. The apprehension of some of the Jungullars who were serving members of the Gambian army was a result of excellent collaborative effort between the police and the armed forces for which we are appreciative. The arrest of some of these elements required utmost secrecy and discretion within the law so as to avert the escape of some of these dangerous elements out of the jurisdiction.

The investigation in itself by nature required the integrity of the information be protected and also in accordance with the due process of the law. The mandate of the Ministry of the Interior is different from the Ministry of Justice although there is a certain overlap.

Regarding the NIA 9, the Ministry of the Interior acted properly in accordance with the law, and the best interest of the government of The Gambia and the citizens particularly the victims of torture, enforced disappearances, killings and other predatory malgovernance.

The Ministry of the Interior will continue to ensure the country remains stable, peaceful and safe. As part of the government, we look forward to a productive relationship with the Ministry of Justice in ensuring that there is justice for the victims.”


Lamin Njie

Press Secretary



  1. Well done get them all let’s all of them know that they are not above the law .

  2. Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

    Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)
    MARCH 25, 2017 AT 3:47 AM

    Well said Dr Isatou Sarr (JOLLOFNEWS)

    To me, the real truth of this matter seems to be THE ATTEMPTED PUBLIC LYNCHING OF MAI FATTY – and through him the perceived “power behind the throne” Lawyer Mandela Darboe. Mai has bravely been taking the flack for both Lawyer Darboe and President Barrow from those who have other political agendas. But Mai and Lawyer Mandela Darboe have been through the fire, and they have faced and lived with death for their believes. Nelson Mandela was attacked by his own African people when he came out of jail after 27 years.

    And so are Mai Fatty and Lawyer Mandela Darboe after they have stood up to and chased away Monster Jammeh. Now there is a concerted attempt not just to deny Lawyer Mandela Darboe and Mai Fatty their place as HEROES of Free Gambia, but an attempt to deny Lawyer Mandela Darboe and Mai Fatty their “sovereign” rights as Citizens of The Gambia … they are hardly allowed to speak without the Online Warriors SNARLING at them like Napoleon’s Dogs in Animal Farm. For Lawyer Mandela Darboe, those attacks are nothing more than water off a duck’s back.

    I believe Mai Fatty is also a strong man, and if he can STAND UP to Jammeh – IN JAMMEH TERRORISED GAMBIA – and SURVIVE (at a time when his main attackers were treading silently around Banjul like frightened alley cats – and some even going to State House to “pay respects to Jammeh” whenever they visited the country) then MAI CAN SURVIVE THIS. I wish him well in his efforts to provide JUSTICE to the actual victims of Yahya Jammeh. MAI FATTY KNOWS HE IS BEING ATTACKED UNFAIRLY AND HE LOOKS STRONGER FOR IT – BLESS HIM.

  3. In as much as humans entitled to own opinions; there’ll always be two/more sides to issues; but one can afford not to place ourselves in the shoes of victims of injustices & cruel barbarities alongside their families, friends & love ones in the past 22 years of Evil Terror & savagery unleashed upon Innocent Gambia…

    The so-called “NIA 9” are undoubtedly amongst operatives in that pungent mercenary kanilai cults doing the MURDEROUS kanilai KILLER DEVIL’s biddings; DEVIL yaya gave orders but doesn’t go about itself arresting, molesting & torturing all those arrested, tortured & disappeared…

    Certainly (Ebrima Solo) Sandeng & Krummah & (Lamin/Lang) Marong all got killed whilst many dissipated into thin-air; while many more including helpless women & EVEN children (the most vulnerable of our society) have all deliberately been tortured, raped & maimed; not to mention the lifelong physical & mentally scarred for life, together with their families, to one’s own grave…

    Those EVIL kanilai FIEFDOM “Byefalls” who at the time could have decided for themselves not to, CHOSE to partake in the kanilai DEVIL criminal enterprising endeavours & physical acts against the innocent; & so (they all) WILL & MUST pay for their own deliberations (FACT)…

    How to go about redresses rests with the mandated ministry concerned, in collaborations with others with stakes in; the whole purpose is for ensuring justice & judicious redress for truthful reconciliation towards eventual collective communal healing of scars…

    Certainly, the Devilish “Junglers & NIA 9” arrests are no witch-hunt as detractors would want to present twistedly; we are talking about lost human lives brutally snapped with WILFUL intents alongside many pungent barbarities of magnitudes…

  4. Arresting killers is one thing but rushing to settle old scores personally is another. Hon Fatty needs to be consulting and coordinating with his coalition colleagues. The MOJ should be at the center of things right at the initial stages in high profile cases like this. Otherwise, you will opening an escape route for the killers, especially given the kind of conning lawyers you can buy with money.