Alliance Candidates Clash Over Niamina East Seat

Of all the 53 constituencies in the country Niamina East is the only one where two Tactical Alliance member parties – United Democratic Party (UDP) and Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) – fielded in candidates for the national assembly elections scheduled for April 6th. Both parties had their candidates nominated in Jan Jan Bureh on Sunday. While the GMC fielded in Ebrima LS Marenah, Sana Sisay secured nomination for the UDP. A clash of allies seems inevitable, with the GMC candidate already sounding the bell.

Mr. Marenah filed an objection to his opponent’s candidature, describing it as “unconstitutional.”

He said as a citizen, both the constitution and electoral laws have empowered him with the right to file objection where there is a violation of the electoral process.

In a petition whose copy was provided to Kairo News, Mr. Marenah argued that Mr. Sana B. Sisay has not fulfilled the 12 months reidency requirement because. Marenah said his opponent was away in Kenya for or about four years. He returned to the Gambia on or about the 16 day of September 2016.

For anyone to contest for elections, Marena argued, is constitutionally required to be physically resident in the country for a year. Marenah added that since Sana had been resident in the country for only four months, he is not therefore qualified to contest in this national assembly election slated for April 6 2017.

Marenah wants the Independent Electoral Commission, Chief justice, Clerk of the National Assembly, and the speaker of the National assembly to revoke the candidature of the said Sana Sisay from contesting.

Mr. Manneh had in the past contested the seat on the ticket of the UDP but narrowly lost to the APRC candidate.


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