Who Wants Gambia Ungovernable?

There are still some Gambians who have got an axe to grind with the Coalition government to a point of vowing to make the Gambia ungovernable. The questions that we ask are whether these people wine and dine with Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorship surrogates or they are sheep in wolf’s clothing. Yes, they too belong to the change Gambia group, with some of them vigorously protesting against the Jammeh dictatorship. We all see them as worthy sons of the land who live in the United States. Yes, their noble efforts cannot just be brushed aside. But their hidden agenda goes beyond just uprooting Yahya Jammeh from power; they want their own flesh and blood to be at the helm. And unfortunately Adama Barrow is not one of them. So they retreat into endless strategy meetings, aimed at distorting facts as well as diverting public attention. They will lie and vilify coalition government and member parties, especially the United Democratic Party, National Reconciliation Party and others.

“We have a clear agenda,” one of them confided in a friend. “By the time we are done with our Maryland agenda, some major political parties will become relevant. We have the means and resources to shape public debate and narrative. All we need is to have some clueless, agendaless online media on our side. The rest of our job hinges on scheming until we achieve our ambitious goal of making the Barrow administration ungovernable.”

The unnamed group (I want to remain civil and monitor them for now before revealing the faces behind this unpatriotic move) had already contacted some Gamtel/Gamcel staff, requesting the subscriber data of customers. “What are you up to?” the Maryland man was asked. His reply was thus: “yes, Jammeh is gone but Barrow is not the one we want. We’ll not rest until our mission is accomplished. We have some of our allies at the helm of affairs. We will be throwing bones at the gullible media personnel. It’s deep secret, we’ll be fabricating stories or blow any small issue out of proportion in our command center in Maryland. We have to do this. ”

Gambians must not be surprised if they start receiving telephone blast aimed at taking a swipe on some major political parties. Whether the Maryland nefarious activities will yield desired result or tank is unclear.


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  1. Modou Lamin

    God bless Gambia. Those with cynical interest or intentions, please be mindful, fighting dictatorship has caused our nation A LOT, lives wasted, people scared for our social ties and ethnic-device ripped apart, our natural resources and financie resources/economic growth severely malnourished. Allah has done us a great favour by unifying our hearts to come together as one nation to vote out tyrannical evil president.
    Gambians, let us Fear Allah, let us guide our duty to Allahu subhana WataAllah

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