Finance Minister Reveals Snippet Of Jammeh’s Financial Mess

Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh has started sharing a snippet of the former regime’s financial mess. The regime has dried coffers of two of the country’s major public corporations: Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Gamtel) and Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC).

Mr. Sanneh revealed that the Jammeh APRC administration that had throughout accused the Jawara government of “rampant corruption and embezzlement of state resources,” has “dipped its long arm into worker’s pension funds through rampant ‘Executive Directives’. A total of D2, 094, 891, 000 was withdrawn by Executive Directives to a multitude of expenditures.”

Mr. Sanneh also gave samples of the Jammeh regime’s “withdrawal from the new Gamtel gateway project Account called Special Project Funds includes.”

The following unexplained withdrawals from the Gamtel gateway account below clearly explained why Yahya Jammeh was to stay in power at all costs. They also vindicated Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty’s earlier expose that Mr. Jammeh had dried national coffers.

* 15 July 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$300,000 by Sanna Jarju, Office of the President

* 23 July 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$700, 000 through Sanna Jarju, Office of the President

* 23 July 2014: cash withdrawal of US$600,000 through Sanna Jarjue, office of the President

*11 August 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$1,000,000 Office of the President

*10 September 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$1,000,000, office of the president

*25 March 2015: Cash withdrawal of US$750, 000 by Sanna Jarjue, Office of the President.

Kairo News has been digging deeper into financial scandal at Gamtel whose Director General Baboucarr Sanyang has a lot to explain.



  1. It is very sad to see Sanna Jarju who i personally knew has deep rooted family connection in Cassamance to steal our meager resources for Yaya Jammeh. Sanna Jarju was a drop out from secondary school. In fact he was enlisted in the Army when one of his family member , Staff Sg Badjie was killed in FARAFENNI attack. Sanna was the chief of protocol at state house .
    I commended Mr fatty for his honesty to tell us the truth. President Barrow did the right to appoint him as Interior Minister. Already I am impressed with his performance.
    Mr sallah was wrong to condemn Mr fatty at the time when mr fatty said Jammeh stole millions. That was a political suicide. I am glad he is appointed as Adviser on Good governance where he will do job.

    • Mr Sallah NEVER condemned Mr Fatty. All he said was that he (Mr Sallah) did not receive any such information from the team that visited the Central Bank.

      “Political suicide” you wish.

      In case you missed it, these revelations deal with monies withdrawn in 2014/15; not 2017.

      Let’s wait for information on 2017 withdrawals to vindicate Mr Fatty.

  2. Where is Sana Jarju? Fugitive millionaire?

  3. Ndolin Woo, Ndoling…the story begins…

    Gambia & the whole wide world have witnessed atrocious criminalities before but will learn another edge to the destructive banditry unleashed & perpetuated on Innocent Gambia by a kanilai yaya DEVIL INCARNATE …

    We can all brace ourselves for more reveals of DEVILISH savagery assaults, physically, morally, socially & economically upon the the Gambia for past 22 barbaric years by the MURDEROUS kanilai FIEFDOM…

    The encouraging motivation could be the successful termination of the kanilai Satan IBLIZ(A) Lucifer; halting the DEVILISH destruction in its path…

    Never ever will such be allowed in Gambia again; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…

  4. Bax , I hope you now believe that Yaya Jammeh stole our money . Your reluctance to accept the fact that Mr fatty’s allegation that Yaya stole millions from the Gambian people is very troubling and it has been consistent pattern with PDOIS strategy since the days of dictatorship. Mr Sallah has always been reluctant to make such a bold statement about jammeh during the campaign or before the campaign even when it was known publicly that jammeh was corrupt. PDOIS and its disciples continuously refuse to expose jammeh when he robbed millions of dollars in broad daylight in front of world cameras. Today Mr fatty is vindicated.
    My advise to PDOIS leadership is that they should stop denying allegation against jammeh’s corruption and his evil behavior. I like Mr fatty because of his honesty , decisiveness and boldness to speak the truth . People think Mr Sallah is a constitutionalist which is why he did not like to make allegation against jammeh without evidence, I said he is afraid to say it because of the consequences. He is the only politican who speak like that . Everyone of our political leadership speak out about the allegation of corruption except Mr Sallah and Mama Kandeh. This is the only reason I keep criticizing him . This is his biggest weakness. Imagine if we had taken the route of PDOIS without exposing jammeh’s corruption, killings, sexual misconduct, and evil spiritual work, he would still be president . Jammeh was defeated when we employed information warfare to ensure that his evil deeds were exposed. One of the most important lead story which I believe led to his defeat was the story of kidnapping of children for spiritual purposes. That story Which I and others wrote an article about truly destroyed his image across the country and has the biggest impact. There was no school as parents refused to send their children to school across the country. Jammeh and his cronies did not know how to react properly, they angrily made threat against the Gambian people but the diaspora propaganda machine defeated jammeh and GRTS . Psychologically, the whole country was scared and Afraid as no one want to see their children sacrificed for spiritual purposes. That story was on the radio , social media and various online newspapers thanks to outstanding citizens journalism. Naive people like you would not have supported or approved any of that story because you will be asking for evidence . Foroyaa newspapers even reported that such story was not true but the damage was done as citizens believe the story already .
    I am not a supporter of GMC but I truly like mai fatty because of his honesty and boldness to speak the truth. He is the best appointment president Barrow made so far . This is because when we have good governance in the country, there will be less corruption and human rights violations, Mr fatty is the perfect person for the job so far .

    • Firstly, I am not interested in what influenced the electorate most to vote against Jammeh. I just wanted to set the records straight: that Mr Sallah did not condemn Mr Fatty, as you alleged.
      Secondly, I believe many people suspect that Jammeh was involved in illegal activities to enrich himself, but without evidence to establish this, our suspicions will be just that. And merely suspecting that someone is corrupt does not make them corrupt. It’s got to be established, not by the court of public opinion, but by a competent authority set up for the purpose.
      The release of data indicating withdrawal of huge sums of money does look suspicious, and may be against Financial Instructions, but we need to wait until these transactions are fully investigated to establish the facts surrounding them. It’s just too early to reach conclusions.
      President Barrow has a great team, and Mr Fatty, no doubt, is a good pick, but whether he is the perfect person for the job or not will be determined by the results of his stewardship of the Interior Dept.