The Type Of Gambia Citizens Want

Election every where provides consequences, the Gambia’s December 1st being no exception. After 22 years of dictatorship, Gambians have elected President Adama Barrow so they gain back their voice and decide the type of country they want. As shown below, they want a Gambia for all.

1. A Gambia where a constitution exists that respects the fundamental rights of the citizenry regardless of their age, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity or political affiliations;

2. A Gambia where the constitution is not doctored for individual interests or the interest of specific groups of the population;

3. A Gambia where a constitution will exist which is voted for by the population through open and fair referenda through education of the citizenry about all the possible implications of the various options;

4. that is the type of constitution we voted for in the 1996 referendum and not those doctored elements in the constitution that some people (like yourself) are shouting about which in fact violates our human rights and openly discriminates against old age.

5. A Gambia where a constitution will exist which will not under any circumstances be used to discriminate against certain sections of the population or be used as instruments of repression.

Many people are saying that ‘but Adama Barrow took the oath to respect that constitution’. Now, it is obviously known that the concerned sections of the constitution were put in it without following the required constitutional procedures particularly for such an important element which literally violates our fundamental human rights. Let us also remind each other, when our forefathers took us out from colonial rules, they took oath to defend and protect a constitution. At that time the constitutions in place were colonial instruments of repression. When they said they would protect and defend the constitution they meant a constitution voted for by the people and which respects our human rights but not the colonial instruments of repression. Adama Barrow therefore took oath to defend and protect a constitution which is not doctored but voted for by Gambians in the 1996 referendum.



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