Keeping CDS Badgie Is Very Wise

Barrow and his Coalition Team have made a very wise and important decision in keeping CDS Badgie and indeed IGP Sonko (I am not so sure about the NiA Chief Yankuba Badgie). I readers will remember, these two were quick to swear their loyalty to Barrow, on I think December 3rd, before Yahya Jammeh changed his mind and held the whole country hostage. These two had their lives hanging by a thread, like the members of the Coalition themselves, until the day that the ECOWAS forces entered Gambia. Once the ECOWAS forces entered, CDS Badgie declared that The Gambia’s Armed Forces will not fight – and indeed will welcome their West African brothers “with a cup of tea”. That was the end of Jammeh as ECOWAS forces entered Gambia without a shot being fired.

The most important consideration, though, is that countries that have had leadersip changes resulting in the purge of security forces have descended into chaos and even civil war. Similarly a purge of the civil services has result in the disintegration of government institutions and functions. Examples of recent years are Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is therefore very wise for the Barrow Administration to maintain Gambia’s Institutions and their leaderships – at least for the next six to twelve months while the changes are well planned and thoroughly thought through.

Clearly, the Gambian Armed Forces will not be a risk to Barrow in any shape or form during the presence of the ECOWAS forces. As such, leaving CDS Badgie in position to bolster the confidence of his soldiers in the Barrow Government will not be taking security risks – and it will also avoid the risk of discontent within any potentially hostile section of the Gambian Army.

Great move to keep CDS Badgie. There will not be such need to keep NiA Chief Yankuba Badgie and the new Interior Minister will moved on that once in office.

Dida Halake
(Dormu Rewwum Gambia – aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)
Notting Hill,
London, UK.

PS: A reader in Senegambia News once named me “Luntango Suun Gann Gi and I liked that – once it was explained to me what it meant. But someone on Kairo News is not happy with that and has re-named me as above!



  1. yes indeed, a new Gambia, a new era and good name for you Mr Halake. I hope you. We won’t give a long names and titles as with Mr Despot in exile. How ever his mate abandoned him and refused to “meet him in Genuine”

  2. Hey Dida. I believe that we agreed that you would retire the name “Luntango (visitor in Manding) Sunu Gann Gi (also for our visitor in Wollof) and adopt the Dormu Rewwum Gambia title.
    The same humble fellow that called you the former in kind jest now accords you the latter as you have clearly earned the title of Dormu Reww! Your continued interest in Gambian affairs and staying a keen Gambia watcher tells me that when The Gambia sneezes, Dida will also catch a cold! Now we’ll get the ladies in your Gambian circle say to you “Dida Wah, Denanesh”. I speak that too!!
    Now, the Jallow part of your last name stays and the Halake part goes as the price paid for the new title. So, going forward, it’s gonna be Dida H Jallow. Deal?
    I also believe that at this point, you clearly understand The Gambia “Rang Rang” as well as any Gambian.
    Ask about the Rang Rang aka the school of street savvy!

  3. ”Dormu Rewwum Gambia” I like that my brother. Keep it.

  4. I think CDS Ousman Badgie should be commended for his role in preventing a bloodshed in our country despite all the shortcomings he might have. Imagine if he has advice his men to fight to defend Jammeh some of the foolish ones would have fought and die in vein. All that was avoided because of the position he toke on the 19th January 2017. If he had taken that decision earlier there would have been a clash between Jammeh royalists and those who will follow his commands which will undoubtedly lead to bloodshed before ECOMIG could intervene. This was prevented by him because of the game he played on Jammeh.
    Lets remember that this man even went to the extend of recommending to the tyrant Jammeh to promote some of his men to fool him into believing that he will get their support come what may.