How Malick Jones Aided And Abetted Dictator Jammeh In Wrecking Professionalism At GRTS Part 1

Malick Jones caught red-handed aiding and abetting Dictator Jammeh at the expense of the Coalition government!

By GRTS Whistle-blower

Malick Jones’s return to GRTS as Director General was indeed disastrous as he was all to loosen the professionalism which both the nominations and presidential elections were covered by the National Broadcaster. He was specifically hired by Dictator Jammeh to promote his agenda thus subjecting National Broadcaster GRTS to ridicule and humiliation. Prior to Malick’s appointment the APRC party did all it could during the campaign period to tilt the state media towards its side but the management of GRTS remained resolute and provided an unbiased platform to all the candidates.

Malick being an opportunist without any academic qualification (oops!!! with the exception of his secondary forth certificate bagged from CRAB Island), he was on record blowing the trumpet of Dictator Jammeh and his APRC Party during the announcement of election results on GRTS. At some point, Malick even questioned the verdict of Banjulians who voted massively for President Barrow. Also in a private conversation whilst at the TV Building during the early hours of 2nd December when it was known that Barrow won the election Malick suggested that “Barrow’s results be swopped in favour of Jammeh and that soldiers should shoot anybody who protested.”

Following his appointment as Director General of GRTS Malick Jones immediately convened senior management meeting to inform them that both radio and television should not report or broadcast anything concerning the coalition and Barrow as well as Mama Kandeh and GDC. In summary Malick Jones did the following to rock the boat:

  1. He put a total ban on reporting on the coalition or President-Elect Adama Barrow.

  2. He reported his immediate assistant Bai Sanyang to Dictator Jammeh that he (Sanyang) said ‘ come what may, Barrow’s swearing-in must take place on the 19 January, 2017’.

  3. He rebuked the Director of Radio programmes, Abdoulie Gassama and his Deputy Haddy Badjie who is also the Editor-In-Chief of GRTS radio for airing the story on the Nigerian parliament’s debate to grant asylum to Dictator Jammeh.

  4. He also informed the Dictator Jammeh that his portrait was removed from GRTS radio by senior officers opposed to his regime.

  5. Malick Jones secretly traveled to Dakar during the political impasse without informing GRTS Management and interviewed Alhaji Joof – the controversial Senegalese lawyer who was looking for cheap money by coming all out to support Dictator Jammeh in his bid to steal the hard earned victory of the Gambian people. Malick succeeded in producing that program and aired it on GRTS several times all designed to put the country in flames while at the same time blocked the airing of Halifa Sallah’s interview on peace and reconciliation on Radio Gambia.



  1. Malick Jones also told a financial times reporter in the name of David Philling, that Barrow is “naive” for staying all those days in senegal and that Barrow is merely a “compromise ” candidate. Untenable to stay as GRTS director. Totally incapable.

  2. Malick Jones is a risk security to the new government. He should not be entrusted with GRTS management. This guy is very unprofessional and will do anything to sabotage the New Government.

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