The Constitutionality; Gambia In Transition…

It’s positive how we hit the ground running in the new Republic; with our continued expression Rights, opinion, all & any; with regards to our selfless debate contributions to our societal advancement aspirations amongst others; which will stay now on; no matter what….

My opinion; Mrs Tambajang’s “Vice President Appointment” being argued in relation to (if) the present Constitutionality to go by, the current Government of the day will be hand-tied (&/hand-tight) on many issues; the “agreed Transition period (of 3 years), for example, will now have to be “5 years” full-term instead; as by the Constitution…?

Negotiations were necessitated in the past by the best possible arrangements for the general betterments of the communal peasantry Gambia; which ‘allowed & permitted’ flexibilities; for the general consenting to Coalition that led to the Third Republic…??

Yes Madam Tambajang isn’t the only “qualified” candidate, as being argued in some opinions…BUT equally arguable TOO, there’s NONE, absolutely NOBODY ELSE qualified enough; & MORE deserving than SELFLESS Humble Lady Tambajang herself; we all know the update Constitution from current state will allow the Humble Lady to serve fervently in the capacity, as she has always exhibited differently already before; how much are Gambians ready to accept the Truth rather than “barricade our collective progress in Norms & Jargons“…biting tongues in cheek…much ado about nothing; when we actually have our Communal Plates full to brim; & work must start right away…???

I opine insert, exert & utilisation of our energies & time which is in constrain but relevant for the monumental Nation Building task at hand; to ‘resuscitate Gambia back to life‘, reverberate in our strides in efforts to Societal advancement; to catch up with rest of decent world…

President Barrow, in Executive Prerogative observance, can temporarily hold his hand for VP appointment; give an equivalent befit advisory role to Madam Tambajang, until the redress of the so-called “Constitution“ that one can claim to have currently; OR wait & appointment MADAM Tambajang accordingly when Constitution reviewed; The Constitutional Review MUST begin right away; if not, our MURDEROUS kanilai DEVILISH FIEFDOM & murderous manipulative cohorts can’t be properly screened at the much anticipated “Truth & Reconciliation” Commission promised & NECESSARY; eventually paving the way for redress & justice for direct &/ indirect victims & families, love ones & well-wishers; & for HEALING necessary to Gambia as a Nation Community; to move on with equal opportunities & prosperity to all Gambians & humanity in general….

My Little opinion….

God Bless Gambia; Ameen

Omar Touray


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