Musa Saidykhan and Ebrima Manneh: Justice Subverted by the State

In 2006, Gambian journalists Musa Saidykhan and Ebrima Manneh were separately arrested and detained by state agents in Banjul, Gambia. Saidykhan was subjected to brutal torture, while Manneh disappeared with little trace. The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice has issued judgements against the Gambia in both cases, finding the state guilty of criminally violating their rights and owing them recompense. To date, the Gambia has yet to comply with either ruling.


  1. The new government should look into their cases so that justice can be served. Both of these two gentlemen are outstanding citizens who contributed to the development of The Gambia . While we pray for Mr manneh to rest in perfect peace, his family should be compensated for their lost . I am indeed proud of Mr Saidykhan for his continuous efforts to ensure that democracy and rule of law prevail in The Gambia. His resilience and formidable stand for freedom of speech and press has contributed to the downfall of the most dangerous and despicable tyrant Africa has ever seen . Mr saidykhan should be compensated so that he can have good retirement in The Gambia.

  2. Musa, you need to get back in touch with your lawyer (if you haven’t already done); to write to the ECOWAS Court for follow up on the ruling which wasn’t complied with…

    You have to do for your own sake & families’; & for the sake of Chief Manneh in particular & family, who might not be in know how to make follow up…

    The current new government is binding with the ruling, as the successor government; albeit the awaited “Truth & Reconciliation” commission which will deal with all issues of injustices & any wrongs perpetrated by the MURDEROUS OPPRESSIVE kanilai FIEFDOM…

    All efforts must be explored for redresses required to close this chapter of Dark Age (July 22, 1994 – December 18, 2017) period in the annals of Gambian history; for the next phase of National Healing & Reconciliation necessary; sailing into the future with hope & equal opportunities for all in Gambia….

    Long live the Gambia…

  3. The way I see things I have all reasons to believe that the new government will abide by all ECOWAS court rulings including previous judgements. After all that is the only moral way forward.

  4. …and the clinged pirate ammendments of the CONTROVERSIAL 1997 constitution and an enabling judiciary systems, that should be the people’s guide to justice……… as opined by @Max.

    Those illegal ammendments by Jammeh regime was a essential combustibles for the atrocious state terror machinery.
    How long to wait for a constitutional constitution that Musa is here with us thanks to God and Ebrima Manneh is yet to be found and many more. The present constitution in my opinion with it’s dictated ammendments, and after a state of emergency recently declared by the outgoing despot on top of that, automatically by some invaluable act in it somewhere, have suspended itself for urgent revisions.

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