Freedom Songs Swinging In Gambia

Finally, freedom has arrived in The Gambia after 22 years of military dictatorship marked by gross human rights violations and economic deterioration. Thousands of citizens can freely line up the streets of Serekunda and its surroundings without being forced to welcome the presidential convoy. School children can freely sit in classroom without being forced to welcome the Dictator who careless about their well-being and that of their parents. Today children can look at his or her father’s eyes without seeing any sign of distress. The spirit of Smiling Coast has finally risen again and the song of freedom is being heard in every village and township in the country.

The freedom of speech, association and religion have finally arrived in the beautiful smiling coast known for its peace and hospitality. It is the moment every patriotic Gambian has been waiting to witness. It is a change that is not without achieved on a silver plate as patriotic citizens have sacrificed their lives through various efforts to ensure that this day becomes a reality. It is the moment of celebration for our dignified, proud and selfless sacrifices made by men and women who deeply cared and courageously fought for our collective freedom. As we celebrate this great achievement, it behooves on us to cherish and respect our diversity, fundamental human rights and rule of law. The revival of our former way of life is in itself a great blessing.  Now that yokes of slavery have been broken, the pride of our people will return; they can now speak freely at their village bantabas, naming ceremonies and other social gatherings without looking at their shoulders in search of the Dictator’s spies within their midst. Across the country, thousands of citizens can speak freely with their loved ones on the phone across the world without fear of eavesdroppers.

The beautiful smiles and happiness have returned to the faces of Gambian people in this new era of freedom and personal liberties. A once oppressed nation has finally defeated the oppressor who has been forced into exile. Now that he finds himself in the shoes of his many exiled victims, Yahya Jammeh is also tasting the bitterness of life outside the land of his ancestors. The proud and dignified people of The Gambia are now celebrating their freedom in the spirit of national cohesion. In every small village and big town, men and women of God can freely worship their creator without any fear of being monitored by secret intelligent operatives. The Gambian freedom has finally arrived. Who says freedom is not sweet?

We are free from National intelligent operatives’ illegal late night abduction of citizens.

We are free from disappearances without trace, indefinite detention without trial, late night tortures and extra-judicial killings. We are free from sexual terrorism and exploitation of vulnerable young girls. We are free at last. The Songs of Freedom are swinging in the Gambian space.

Kudos and hats off to all those who have contributed to the realization of this day.



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