Jammeh’s Loot Will Be Returned

Former President Yahya Jammeh held the Gambia and West Africa hostage until the final minutes of his departure on the 21st of January 2017. Then Jammeh blackmailed the West African leaders to carry away some of his LOOT. As stated by Mai Fatty on Dr. Touray’s Facebook page, President Barrow REJECTED Jammeh’s blackmail and the so-called “DEAL”.

The goal of those who agreed “the DEAL” with Jammeh was simple: avoid war and bloodshed. And they got Jammeh to leave peacefully. That is very important – and the theft is NOTHING compared to the avoidance of shedding Gambian blood.

As for “the DEAL”, if it was never assented to and never signed by the lawful President of The Gambia, President Adama Barrow, it is NULL and VOID. As Mai Fatty says PRESIDENT BARROW REJECTED IT OUTRIGHT.


The Government of President Barrow will almost certainly send out an Internal Arrest Warrant and RED ALERT NOTICE for the arrest and return of Yahya Jammeh to The Gambia as a felon for the theft of the vehicles he looted on Saturday night in front of the world’s cameras. All those vehicles are properties of The Republic of The Gambia which were stolen and must be returned. I have no doubt that President Barrow’s team is working on that right now and it would be advisable to put this in the public domain as soon as possible. President Barrow should go on GRTS at once to assure Gambians that he rejected “the DEAL” and that an Interpol Jammeh Arrest Warrant has been issued for the theft of the vehicles.

In the meantime, shocking as the theft of the cars was, it is Jammeh showing his most disgraceful character to Gambians and the world for the final time – and we should not hold it against Barrow’s Government which is either out of the country, refused to agree to such deals, and also didn’t know much about it.

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,
London, UK.



  1. Dida, indeed we now live in a small world and thus Jammeh’s loot can and will be returned.
    Jerray Jeff Sunu Luntango/Gann Gi. Agsil Chi Ndab Li. You’ve now earned that place in my book. So the big bowl of steaming Maafeng Poularr, that I hear that you love, will be waiting for you in Kombo Kasa Kunda which will now be designated you new home in The Gambia, Dida Halake Jallow. A piece of The Gambia awaits you there (smile).
    I join you to state that I have always seen through Yaya’s evil machinations and Libyan style propaganda machinery. Thanks to the late Baba Jobe and Fabakary Tombong Jusu Fing Jatta.
    I said to my pal at the outset of these harrowing exit negotiations that the sickening part of this whole issue will be the revelation of the extent of looting of Gambian coffers by Yaya Jammeh and his surrogates. What we are learning is just the tip of the iceberg.
    The folks at the Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG) knew about the plundering all along but never sounded the alarm. I have also said that when Yaya’s exit comes to be, the holders of Government Treasury Bills and other securities will be left holding the bag and all they’ll get is, I Owe You Notes! In the meantime, Gambian domestic debt goes through the roof and nobody seemed to care.
    Dida, please join me in the cry that in the new republic, those enablers that are complicit in Yaya’s malfeasance, and in the process lined their pockets, must be brought to book. Middle managers at the CBG will tell you that the plundering of resources has been going on for too long at the top level, enabled largely by the General Managers and Governors of the CBG. I have myself, a private citizen, witnessed soldiers moving up and down the floors of the bank carrying James Bond style briefcases and suitcases laden with funds out of the bank. Whenever these soldiers or agents emerge on a particular floor, the silence of staff was notable and all eyes were lowered to the floor.
    Yes Dida, the worst enemies of The Gambia are hiding in plain sight and their actions have become common knowledge. Yes, they will quickly counter that they were just doing their jobs and that they had families to feed. Don’t we all have security needs?
    The late Famara Jatta is gone but everyone else that’s held the positions of Governor and General Manager, CBG, with the exception of Val Jensen, must be brought to account for their deeds! There are basic tenets called scruples and moral values that are in woefully short supply in the Gambian public service and society. Does anyone care anymore?
    Let’s stay on message Dida, let’s stay on message. Thanks.

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Thank you Andy. This sounds like Jammeh’s long title – “Jerray Jeff Sunu Luntango/Gann Gi. Agsil Chi Ndab Li”. I understand the first bit “Greetings our foreigner” but the rest is Greek to me! Thank you for Kassa Kunda homily – it will be an addition to my Kotu home and Bush Village home on the River Gambia.

    On a serious note, so much awaits the new Government – its scary. But I like the way Halifa Sallah is handling it. God Bless them all.

  3. With some caution of course: what if the Vehicles he took with him had in fact been registered in Jammeh’s name?. What about for Tax evasion over 22 years? Now that’s where our Businessman-cum-President could be most vulnerable

    Moreover, there can only be the tiniest doubt that Jammeh had actually collected $12 million (which most likely 99.9% he did) from the Treasury as he passed go to Equatorial Guinea (a former Spanish colony – apparently forgetting how he had expropriated Spanish citizen’s property -Sunwing hotel). So this is another vulnerability for him in the sense that at the very least he would have to try to launder the $12 million to make it look legitimate – unless of course he has decided to stash it somewhere in the Gambia or in the Casamance with intention to finance a rebel army when the time is ripe etc. Barring that, he would be forced to launder the $12 million or a fair amount of it to make it legal – sort of, and that would fall foul of international including American law against money laundering. And guess what? Equatorial Guinea for all its fault actually prides itself as being a great friend of America, and would have no hesitation to extradite Jammeh to Guautanamo Bay upon request for money laundering. sorry did i say Guautanamo Bay? Surely Jammeh has never involved himself in financing terrorism? – but then its hard to know with people like that, do we? Only time will tell!

  4. Mr A Khan AKA Unbiased Prince GB

    While on the outside of power, Mr Halipha Shallah seem smart with political nativity and was seen as the beacon of hope. But now that he is in the centre of being needed to perform in practicality instead of just yapping constantly, I’m almost getting disappointed by the fact that, he is just too lousy and sluggish while too cocky with his ideas of democratisation of running stately affairs.

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