There was NO DEAL signed. What is being circulated was a DRAFT jointly prepared by Guinea Conakry and Mauritania. President Barrow received the said draft this afternoon and he rejected it outright. Both the President of the ECOWAS Commission Marcel Desouza and the Envoy of Qatar visited today for consultations on this matter. Our position remained the same. The President subsequently requested the resumption of military action immediately to enforce the elections results of 1st December, and to arrest Jammeh, if he refused to depart. I went in the media to assert that Jammeh won’t be permitted to sleep in The Gambia tonight. Within an hour, Jammeh agreed to depart. Few minutes after the departure, the President authorized the temporary closure of our air space to prevent the landing of a purported commecial cargo craft intended to airlift vehicles and other luxury belongings of Jammeh. There was NO deal. In the New Gambia, it is better to verify before going with unsubstantiated information to the public domain. We intend to run an open government. Please just simply verify first from credible sources.

Mai Fatty


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  1. This is good news as impunity must not rule the roost.

    There must be accountability and the rule of law.