No Blanket Amnesty For Exiled Jammeh

Jammeh’s final hours in a country he had claimed to have owned!

Thank you Mr Mai Fatty for this very important clarification. It will be blanket amnesty and defeat for democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law if exiled Yahya Jammeh has been offered a sweetheart deal. I nearly have heart attack when I read that draft. Yahya Jammeh must not, under any circumstances, be granted blanket amnesty.

I am sure President Adama Barrow is surrounded by seasoned and experienced citizens with greater sense of patriotism and deep sense of advocacy for justice and the rule of law. If Jammeh has any such sweetheart deal, it will be betrayal and disregard for all the sacrifices people have made all these years. If any such sweetheart deal was given to the despicable tyrant, it will set our country and sub-region for full blown tribal insurgency and continuous barbaric tribal hegemony rebellion in the Cassamance and its extension into our country. Jammeh must be liquidated and rendered irrelevant in our politics and economic activities for the rest of his life. His comeback into our country’s political dispensation is tantamount to creating instability and destruction of peace and democracy. That simply means giving him the opportunity to completing his unfinished mission of exterminating the Mandinka ethnic group. Yahya Jammeh must be accountable to Gambian people by facing justice. Beides, all his ill-gotten wealth must be recovered for the benefits of the citizenry. Having any sympathy or mercy for Yahya Jammeh is like endorsing all the atrocities he had committed during his 22 years of dictatorship. He must be extradited when the new government settle down so that he can face justice. As soon as the new government settle down, we have to embark on a mission of calling for his extradition to face justice in the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh must not  be allowed to live a comfortable life in anywhere on planet earth. He must swallow his own bitters pills. The disgraced former leader is a despicable soul who was imported into our country. Now that he has been dejected and expelled from the country, we must continue to advocate for justice for his victims and their families.




  1. In fact for all practical purposes Jammeh is guaranteed “Blanket Amnesty” in Equatorial Guinea (EG) – if there is where he is at: EG did not ratify the Rome Treaty of the ICC for example!

    How else can you bring him to justice?

    Moreover apart from EG being the most boring country on the planet, and the fact that its not Muslim, and is not averse to ethnic cleansing, money talks in EG, and Jammeh is not sort of the stuff – thank heaven to an empty Gambian coffers!

    Granted, he cannot speak the local language but am sure he can afford a private tutor to speak Spanish in a year or so!

    But he will have to deal with a bigger ego than his own and may have difficulty playing second fiddle, but he will have to manage some how, and I hope he likeS eating fish as there is little animal husbandry in EG!

  2. A Plea For Non-Extremist Behavior And Subliminal Messages: A Time To Heal.

    Maxs: Paranoia, Extremist behavior, and Obesessive Compulsive Behavior as evidenced by your irrational and paranoia toward the Jola Characterized by your attempts to Indict All Jola for the alleged behavior of a few, while Reflexsively and Provincially excuse any and all Mandinka who are as Culpable for the same alleged Crimes, are a Manifestation of a Troubled Personality or Individual. You need professional help. I mean, Mental Health Counseling or Therapy. Extream Anger and Hatred is a type of Mental Disease that Afflicts some people who cannot Cope with Stress and anxiety related to certain Life event experiences. Their Extream Anger and Obesessive Compulsive Behavior of Projecting all inner Traits and Thoughts to Something or Someone, is a form of Coping with a World or immediate Environment they want to Control, but cannot. The Individual then lashes out to the Perceived Cause of the lack of Control of one’s self or environment. Such Individuals are not only a Danger to Self, but to those who express a different point of view from them. They are usually Small Statue Individuals Who feel and suffer from a Napoleonic Complex and have the urge and need to be Someone people should Listen and Follow. Failing in achieving Power and Authority, they become Extreamist Isolationist who assign themselves as the Guardian of Truth, Rightousness and Facts even if they have no Evidence to back up their Assumptions and Suppositions. They posess a Sense of Grandeur Characterized by Delusional Thoughts. What is “Max” and his “Extremists Gang” afraid of. Yaya Jammeh, who is gone or All Jola? Or Hon. Halifa Sallah, Hon. Bah or all non Mandinka leaders and people in the Gambia? If the first question is the case, someone please inform “Max” that Yaya Jammeh is thousands of miles away from the GAMBIA. Paranoia is a Psychological State of mind Characterized by Delusional Thoughts and Expressions of the presence of Danger every where. This can Develop into a Full Blown Psychosis that can be Debilitating. With reference to the question I asked above, If the later question is the state of Maxs and his “Extremists Gang”, you and your Extremist minority group within The Gambia need Help and should get it as soon as possible. Your Anger and Anxiety with reference to Yaya Jammeh may be founded, but your Irrational and Compulsive Kneejerk Reaction to anything Jola is Unhealthy Mentally, that is. My Professional advise is, please seek Psychological Counseling and or Psychotherapy for your Extremists Anger and Anxiety Exhibited by you and is Characterized by your irrational and Obesessive Compulsive Reactionary Perception of a “Jola hegemony” in the Gambia. The Coalition Alliance Party Leadership and President Adama Barrow should Urgently and Diligently Address Maxs and his Extremists Gang and any others who are Peddling Extremist and Genocidal Views On The Dark Corridors where they have Settled from Civilization. Please, come out of your “Dante’s inferno”. Gambia is More than the Sum Total of One Individual, Tribe, and Region. No one Tribe Owns a Country. We do not live in a City State. We live in Nation States. We live as One in One Pool, the Gambia, or we Perish. Yaya Jammeh, the Ex-President is gone to Exile. The question is, when will President Adama Barrow and his Colleagues Return to the Gambia and the people who Risked all and Voted for the Coalition Alliance Party and Adama Barrow the Coalition Alliance Party Leader? When will Gambia have a Functioning Government? You cannot run a Government from Senegal. Be Courageous and Dignified and Return to your Homeland before, we become the laughing stock of the World all over again. Please Pack up and with Dignity and Courage join the people you are Supposed to Govern, the Gambians. One Gambia, One People, and One Destiny.

    • Mr Bojang , thank you for your nonsensical comments about what you considered as my irrational thoughts. The debate about Jola tribal hegemony is over . You are new in this forum . You just found your freedom now . Jola tribal hegemony designed by Jammeh was defeated and now in exile in Equatorial Guinnea where our next campaign should be . You should have come here two years ago but I am not sure what you were doing . If I reveal my identity, you will understand that I know more about mental health or human health than you might think . My brother , the only reason I welcome ECOWAS into our country is to install our president and to get rid off existential threat to peace and democracy presented by Jola hegemony rebellion in cassamance. Senegal leadership is doing that work for us as citizens. By the time ECOWAS leave , the threat of uncivilized continuous rebellion will be defeated . One Gambia New Gambia for all .

    • Sidi , i would encourage you to stop telling lies that i categorized the whole jola tribe as the problem. I pointed out the jola rebellion in cassamance and Jammeh’s appointments of jolas in the majority leadership positions as means to give economic , political and military power to jola ethnicity. This is the hegemony i mentioned . stop your deceptions and lies you have been spreading here since you joined the forum. these are historic facts everyone is telling you . please i am done talking about Jola hegemony since it has been repudiated , rejected and expelled from our country by Gambian people. Please join him at central Africa.

      • Maxs, Your infantile and immature dogmatic declarations are nothing but that, the hate filled whimpering of an insecure and Paranoid Individual. 1970 to 1994, the President and Vice Presidents of the Gambia have all being Mandinka. Does that mean by your logic “Mandinka hegemony”? Most of the First Republic’s leadership was Mandinka and or from the President’s in-laws, and fomer adopted Akus or Creoles. It is a fact that during 1970-1994, the government by “Musical Chair” is predominantly of Mandinka extraction, followed by the Wollof and Akus in the early GT years of the First Republic. I am of the opinion that Inspector Tambajang, Mahoney, Jarra, Nichols and Mahoney are all Promoted through the ranks. However, they wouldn’t have climbed up as far as they had, if they were not trusted by the First Republic Gatekeepers. I was an Elementary and High School student during the years 1970_toward the end of the 1970s, when I left the Gambia for Overseas to Study. However, I was an avid consumer of all things involving Current Affairs and as such read and listened to adults discussing politics and many other issues. I never seriously considered anything wrong with the politics of the day. But as a Student for my Bachelor’s Masters degrees, I had researched the Senegambian Confederate and during the research of this Seminal point in Gambia’s Political history I came across information that Unraveled my naive opinion and Perception of the reality of Gambian politics of the 1970s to 1994. No, I have not seen or heard of torture and disappearances, but there were some people who were jailed for their Political activities and others were Demoted and or Co-opted from UP and the I think its called The Gambia Muslim Congress to “Cross-Carpet” to the PPP or find themselves Shutout of Gambian Politics. The co-option is both in financial terms as well as “Juicy” or “Cushiny” positions in Government. The Protectorate Peoples Party, which later mophored into PPP just like the “Nteri Kaffo” are all predominantly if not exclusively Mandinka led and Mandinka Centered in Mission and Objective. I am agnostic in such matters of Voluntary Association, except that the Nteri Kaffo was no such organization and the PPP at the time of the journey toward Independence was predominantly Mandinka, Jola, Fula and some Support from the Wolof and Aku. The United Party of Pierre Njie had most of its Support from the Urban Population and who were the majority of the Urban Population at this Time, the Wolof and the Aku and the Mandinka who were in the Urban area were mostly of the Badibunka and Noumi. The PPP at this time was a Party of the Rural indigents who are farmers. Who are the Farmers? Predominantly, Jola, Mandinka and their other Sub-groups. For me Maxs, Ethnic and Party Politics is only interesting to me as an intellectual exercise, especially when it is not loaded with violence and hatred vitriol and Insidious Subliminal Messages intended to incite and cause harm to a Segment or Ethnic group of a Society. The name calling, labelling and demonizing of those one disagrees with is especially, when it is with the expressed or implied subliminal message to do harm to anyone. I have no tolerance for people who engage in Ethnic bashing and inciting people who have been exposed to Trauma and Maltreatment to seek revenge. I do not subscribe to that. I would rather it is Resolved through the legal system instead of might is right. Maxs, please advise Adama Barrow and his Clique in Senegal to return to the Gambia to do the people’s work for which he is Elected President of the Gambia, not of Senegal. While on the phone with him and his Clique in Senegal, please let him and his Clique know that Fatouma Jallow Tambajang as Vice President is I’ll advised, nor Appropriate and Conduct unbecoming in a Political Dispensation such as a Coalition Government. It cannot pass the Constitutional test either. Finally, let’s commit to seek common ground and not division, compassion and not Intolerance, communications, not a shouting and insults and name calling as well as labelling “the other”and bundling them into one category of “bad, the “ugly” and the undeserables. Allah/God Hath Made All Men and Women One Blood. One Gambia, One People and One Destiny.

  3. The despot evil yaya jammeh has no iota of love for Gambia. This man is full of hatred, arrogance and contempt for Gambians and sub region. It saddens me but not surprised to see soldiers shedding crocodile tears and showing loyalty to the despot dictator coconut head buffoon. Yaya jammeh and his gang of arm criminals overthrew Sir Dawda’s government, allegedly for misrule and corruption, seized his lawfully own assets, disgraced ministers and their families, sets commissions of enq and witch-hunt. Now this evil wicked man, arm robber and his gang wants us to give him a blank amnesty, what a day-dreamer. What goes must come for you Despot.

  4. I seriously questioned the loyalty of some of our security forces, and I don’t fully trust some of these crying baby soldiers for the despot evil man’s departure. There are few dozens in the security forces, whom the despot fed with his juju infested meats and foods, benechins that were cooked with the despots bath water and possibly his urine. These foods have drugged these soldiers and their minds, hearts and brain are wondering after the evil despot.

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Yahya Jammeh hates Mandinkas but look at what happened; A mandinka from Guinea, Alpha Code, saved him from an imminent Ecomog attack.

  6. The Jolas of the Gambia are very nice people like all others in the Gambia. It would only take some to know this fact, they say.

    Long live good houses and roads,
    long live good pavements and good sewage and sanitation systems,
    long live good schools and hospitals,
    long live viable micro-businesses
    long live good media houses and newspaper outlets
    and etc etc
    Long live the Republic of The Gambia and all her people.

    If I am a Gambian and have actually conspired with Yaya jammeh to carry out horrible atrocities against Gambians, the way I can demonstrate statemanship at this point in time is to be prepared to give testimonies. Gambians however have their rights to work in the various government institutions like; hospitals, schools, airports, agriculture, tourism, etc etc. In these capacities If one for instance becomes Jammeh’s undercover Nia who is aware of unmarked graves and is complacent, he/she is therefore an accomplice to politically movtivated mass murders unless he/she confesses.

    If the Gambia national ID card still has that ethnicity data on it, I kindly suggest, it should be disbanded and a more decent one designed with just the sufficient and right personal data.

    Oh its @Touray la Manju again. The last time I heard from you, you said, ”Hey Hey, I am not gone anywhere. I am on the ground monitoring things”. approx… Isn’t it. Good to be back again. I only wish you have not mastered fresh new Chinese monks’ greetings. ha!