Sam Sarr’s Fart Becomes A Crap! Extraordinary

The day that Gambians and Friends of The Gambia sigh in relief because the evil Monster Yahya Jammeh is to depart The Gambia (thus saving the country from the scourge of a war that had started two days earlier when Ecowas forces entered The Gambia to forcefully remove Jammeh), Mad Bad Sam Sarr pops up to polute the air again!

Pray for Jammeh – Sam Sarr says.
“I wish to pray for him and his entire family that their life after his presidency will be peaceful, prosperous and generous to them and to everybody who had stood beside him especially in these trying times”.

Sam Sarr, Gambians and Friends of The Gambia are NOT “praying for Jammeh and his family” and the vast majority of Gambians do not wish Jammeh “peace and prosperity”. Instead, we pray for the people of The Gambia who have had to become refugees because Sam Sarr encouraged Yahya Jammeh to shoot as many of them as possible to stay in power. Lying Sam Sarr we know this: Yahya Jammeh would have followed Sam Sarr’s advice and killed as many Gambians as possible to stay in power.

Repeat: Sam Sarr and Yahya Jammeh would have killed as many Gambians as possible to stay in power.

We therefore pray for The Gambia and Gambians who have been killed by Yahya Jammeh (killings which were supported by Sam Sarr and justified by Minister of Information Sheriff Bojang on BBC).

We do pray, but for Yahya Jammeh’s victims such as the murdered Solo Sandeng, the tortured UDP women and imprisoned UDP-Executive including Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. God may punish us for wasting His time if we were to pray for evil Yahya Jammeh – because it means we support evil! God created Heaven and Hell for a reason – and it is not for us to ask God not to send to Hell someone who we know belongs in Hell 1,000% – even if he walks around with a Koran to fool us mortals. And Sam Sarr, you and Sheriff Bojang are what the law would call “accessories to the crime” of Yahya Jammeh – because you both justified that crime and gave comfort to the murderer when you both fully well knew that the crime is a crime and there was no mitigating circumstances for the crime.

Caring Jammeh saved Gambia from war – says Sam!

“He has in the end, weighing the potentiality of an unnecessary armed conflict in the country, placed the safety of the nation and the Gambian people over the importance or interest of standing his ground for victory”!!

Sam, Jammeh ran away because “Ecowas soldiers entered Gambia without resistance”. Jammeh ran away because The Gambia’s Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) declared that “The Gambian Army will welcome Ecowas forces with flowers and a cup of tea”. Jammeh ran away because the ECOWAS forces and the Gambian Army were within hours of dragging him out of State House and dumping him in Mile 2 Prison (where, by the way, Jammeh dumped you too, Sam Sarr). So stop crapping Sam Sarr! As Jammeh said, he would have been happy to “kill 20,000 Gambians” to remain in power (i.e. “keep the peace”!!). The devilish Jammeh did not care about anyone’s life, even those of his own family – and killed Gambians with relish (I escaped with my life only because I am NOT a Gambian).

So Sam “the Fart” Sarr, Jammeh RAN AWAY to save his life – and nobody else’s.

Gambians should thank Jammeh for their freedom – says Sam!

“I am therefore commending him for his courage and determination to step down and ALLOW the Gambian people to start a new political chapter”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope my readers will forgive me for denying them the pleasure of my response to this outrageous comment from Sam the Fart – the Editor has said that my cuss on Sam at this point is unprintable in a family online newspaper.

Sam accuses the Barrow Government – in advance – for oppressing Sam Sarr!!!
Sam wants to come back and contribute to Gambia’s development and warns Barrow’s Government to leave him alone:

Any restriction of my entitlement to that freedom will contradict the spirit and values envisaged for a better Gambia”.!!!!!!

So says Sam Sarr the man who justified the killings of his Gambians and the imprisonment of a whole nation!
Sam, take it from me. The Barrow Government will come nowhere near you, let alone oppress you! For one thing, your FART will save you – like the Chameleon that squirts its enemies with urine, you are likely to crap all over anyone who comes near you! I am 100% certain you are absolutely welcome to come and live in The Gambia freely – even if you were to try your luck at resurrecting the dead APRC Frankenstien. You says:

“I am however hoping that this is not going to be the end of the APRC party as a political force in the new Gambia led by His Excellency Adama Barrow, where I hope the party will be kept alive and vibrant into future generations.”

Sam Sarr, President Jammeh called you a “LIER” on national TV – and then found use for your lies which he has found useful since he lost the election and tried to subvert the will of The Gambian people. Even today, as Jammeh runs away from The Gambia, you continue the “election victory” LIE on his behalf:

“He … placed the safety of the nation and the Gambian people over the importance or interest of standing his ground for victory”!!

Jammeh had NO “ground for victory” Sam Sarr. Lawyers would say you Sam Sarr, a Gambian Diplomat, “HAVE NO STANDING” to even say that. It is for the IEC Chairman, and then the Supreme Court, to pronounce on the election – it is absolutely NOT for a Gambian Diplomat, even one who happens to be a practiced lier.

BE WARNED, Sam Sarr!

Sam says: “It will be absurd for anyone to think that this is the last time I will be heard sharing my political views over global or Gambian issues”.

Sam, Jammeh is gone and so is the fear and the lying. If you come back to The Gambia – and continue with your lying on behalf of Yahya Jammeh and the APRC Frankenstein, you are going to incite the population of The Gambia as a whole. I don’t know about America but here in UK we have strong laws against INCITEMENT and HARASSMENT.

You are already blaming the Barrow government of oppressing you in advance because you know that you are universally hated in The Gambia. But Barrow’s government has more urgent matters to deal with than go down the Banjul sewers to look for a RAT like you. The danger for you is very straight forward and even the blind can see it: 90% of the Gambian youth who recognise you in the back-streets of Banjul and Serrekunda (Half-Die and Dippakunda) are likely to beat you up and leave you half-dead or in a deep-coma. That is a factual analysis of the consequence of your behaviour since you reconciled with Jammeh – and took his money to lie for him.

Sam Sarr, I am advising you as follows (on behalf of the Barrow government which is too busy with the concerns of ordinary Gambians to pay attention to a RAT like you):

Like every Gambian you have a right to come back to The Gambia and live peacefully. The Government of President Barrow will respect your right to live peacefully and lawfully in the country, subject to the due process of law – and that thing you may have forgotten, Sam, called the Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia (even the fact that as late as 21 january 2017 you are referring to “Islamic” Republic of The Gambia shows your idiotic ignorance about the Constitution of The Gambia). Jammeh had no power to subvert the Constitution and declare your “Islamic” Republic. “Islamic” in The Republic of The Gambia’s name is null and void. Doesn’t exist and doesn’t need to be repealed.

Clearly, as in the USA or the UK, the Barrow Government cannot be in every street corner to protect every citizen 24/7. On the other hand, most citizens do not need a bodyguard 24/7 – or at all! You, Sam Sarr do need a body-guard 24/7 if you were to come to live in The Gambia – because of your notoriety.
You made yourself notorious for selfish financial reasons in support of a murdering dictator. The Barrow government cannot provide you with a bodyguard at the expense of the victims of the dictatorship that you supported. How can the Barrow Government justify taking taxes paid by Solo Sandeng’s children to pay for security for Sam Sarr or Sheriff Bojang both of whom justified Jammeh’s murder of Solo Sandeng?

The Barrow Government’s advice, Mr. Sam Sarr, is that you should “Meet Jammeh in Conakry”! Afterall, there Jammeh would be happy to share his bodyguards and his food with you. Jammeh will also be in desperate need of a writer to chronicle his rule of The Gambia – and who better to give him a white-wash than the man Jammeh himself anointed as “His Excellency’s LIER-in-Chief” on State TV??

Finally, it is a pity that Gambians can say of Jammeh, “Good riddance to bad rubbish” but can’t say the same of you. But please be warned – if newspapers in Gambia one morning are headlined “SAM SARR FOUND BEATEN AND DUMPED IN HALF-DIE”, Gambians will just shrug their shoulders and say: “He deserved it”.

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,



  1. Modou Lamin (Lamin Touray)

    hahahaha prophecy, Sammy Meet Jammeh in Conakry. Meet him in Conakry

  2. Right Sam! but the war he did not want for Gambia was the one he knew could not win!

    And he stole our Aeroplane – pretty sensitive eh?

    Jammeh merely swapped a “billion year rule” for $million of loot – are we to assume that some of that is in your bank account, or stacked under the mattress somewhere?

    Senegal actually stand to loose under a democratic, lawful prosperous Gambia – witness all of the International agencies and firms whose headquarters were once located in Banjul – English Speaking (providing jobs, rent, etc) but who relocated to Dakar to get away from the lawlessness, unpredictability of the Jammeh admin. It is not inconceivable that some of these could relocate back to the Smiling coast – their families do not have to bother to learn French then – worth at least a few hundred, if not thousands of $ million directly to the economy!.

    If you are talking of loss of sovereignty, again the Gambians have just proven by their action in the past two or three days that you wrong. Gambians are masters at being “themselves”- in defending their territory without the need to be aggressive! You are wrong!

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