By Emmanuel Daniel Joof

In 48 Hours, The King of Gambia, Destined to Rule For 1 Billion Years Will be Finally Dethroned.

President Yahya Jammeh the Despot Who Came to Power in a Coup detat on 22nd July 1994.

1. He told us he was ordained by Allah to rule Gambia and Gambians for a billion years
2. He told us he owned Gambia and anyone who opposes his rule will be sent to his “5 Star Hotel” – meaning the Central Prisons
3. He told us he owned the resources of the Gambia which he says was from Allah’s World Bank- therefore no accountability to anyone
4. In his usual madness, he told us he could cure HIV/AIDS, diabetes, infertility and a dozen other ailments, while he sends his diabetic mother to Belgium and other European countries for treatment
5. He threatened to send his opponents 6 feet deep and those from the Mandingo tribe 9 feet deep- and true to his words, he sent many to their untimely death.
6. He heaped abuses on Gambians from all walks of life and of recent he directed his diatribes and attacks on Christians and the Christian Religion which he said was a fake and bogus religion. He therefore informed us that Gambia is now an Islamic Sharia Republic
7. He killed, imprisoned and tortured his perceived opponents with impunity
8. He openly ran a string of businesses from bakeries, butcheries, sand mining, selling cement etc. without paying taxes
9. He Illegally confiscated people’s properties without due process and mostly for his own personal use
10. He owns 3 massive jet-planes (bought with tax payers money) which his wife (of Moroccan and Guinean citizenry) frequently uses to fly to the USA and Middle East for shopping
11. He polarized/ divided Gambians by using tribal and religious sentiments
12. He exiled many Gambians and many Gambian youths perished in the Mediterranean Sea fleeing persecution and in search of greener pastures
13. He is known to be involved in the drug trade in the region and recently with the assistance of British MI5 and Interpol, 2 billion dollars’ worth of Cocaine was discovered in the Gambia (at Bonto) but the drugs were found kept in a safe housed guarded by Jammeh’s trusted soldiers.
14. He made Gambians the laughingstock of the world by his frequent vile, silly and ignorant utterances about everything and anything which he knew nothing about.



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