Jammeh Enters Hall Of Shame With Africa’s Zeroes

I begin this piece by wishing heartfelt condolences to the man of the hour, The Gambia’s New President Adama Barrow for the loss of his beloved son. The people of The Gambia have bestowed upon Barrow the Presidency of the Nation, and yet fate robs him of his beloved son. That is life, and I am certain that the whole of West African peoples’ prayers will strengthen Barrow in his sorrow – and in the heavy responsibility of leading The Gambia that has now been bestowed upon him.

And so to the New Gambia that has emerged. The emergence of which the petty dictator has recognized today by declaring a futile “State of Emergency”. Jammeh’s Ministers have left him in droves – recognising the emergence of the New Republic to be led by President Barrow. Even the “mercenary” Chief Justice has done the unthinkable and ruled twice against Jammeh (the Rebel-Bandit Ex-President to be) twice.

Nothing will stop the emergence of the New Gambia under President Barrow. From tomorrow, the 19th of January 2017, Jammeh is a REBEL. He will have to run – because THE WORLD WILL HUNT HIM as an OUTLAW.

President Barrow’s and The New Gambia’s Era is here. It has EMERGED – and no so-called “State of Emergency” by a BANDIT REBEL OUTLAW YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH will stop that.

Whatever happens in the next few hours and days, a new nation has risen, in the words of John Lennon “The Monster is Gone”, and President Adama Barrow will lead A CARING SHARING NATION. Friends of The Gambia, and the whole world, will rise and help President Barrow and the Gambian People build a New Nation that will consign the memory of “The Monster” to the dustbin of history; consign him to the Hall of Shame to lie amongst Africa’s Zeroes with the likes of Bokassa, Sgt Doe, Charles Taylor and Idi Amin.

Dida Halake,
Notting Hill,
London, UK.


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