Jammeh Declares State Of Emergency

The Gambia’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh this evening declared a state of emergency, two days before he transfers power to President-elect Adama Barrow. The 90-day emergency takes effect immediately.

Despite international pressure and threats of regional military intervention, Mr. Jammeh is refusing to step down.

In a television announcement, Jammeh squarely blames “the unprecedented level of foreign involvement in the Gambia’s election.”

The state of emergency declaration came after the Gambia’s rubberstamping parliament passed a bill to that effect. Jammeh’s ruling APRC party Majority Leader moved a motion to declare emergency rule as well as expand the terms of both the defeated President and the Parliament for 90 days.

Yahya Jammeh at first accepted defeat but recanted a week later, citing electoral irregularities. He called for fresh election to be held. Jammeh’s fight to turn the results upside down at the Supreme Court did not yield fruits either. His legal injunction to prevent Adama Barrow from being sworn into office also met the rock after the Chief Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle recuse himself from the case. Jammeh wants an extension of his mandate until the Supreme Court decides on his election petition.

West Africa’s regional bloc has a standby force for possible military intervention if Jammeh doesn’t step down when his mandate ends this week.

President-elect Barrow is quartered in Dakar, Senegal until his inauguration on Thursday when he is expected to be escorted to the Gambia.



  1. This is simply ridiculously nonsensical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yahya Jammeh must know that it is this same state of emergency which will come to hunt him as his other recent actions leading to and before the elections. It must also be made very clear to all those abetting and facilitating unconstitutional activities in the country as well as the various crimes being committed will be individually and jointly and severally held responsible. These include the so called National Assembly members.

    Whatever happens as a result of the state of emergency; the obstruction of the rule of law in accordance with the dictates of the constitution; obstructing the democratically elected president from taking oath of office, which by all accounts tantamount to treason will be the responsibility of the National Assembly members who voted for the state of emergency and the extension of Jammeh’s presidency. All the law enforcement personnel should also know that they should instead be taking orders from the new government from today. You should all understand that people are watching and taking note.


  2. This guy is really crazy,This guy does not like Gambia ,Thief, killer, country, enemy,and dictator

  3. You lost now,Go to Marocco 300 million usdolar waiting for you.

  4. Dictators and despots are never contend with what have, they always want more and in most cases they want it all until they got all, till no more “death”. Jammeh, with all your ill gotten wealth, will you not let go power. yaya jammeh, whether you like or not, GAMBIA Has Decided, Allah Willing. Jinna-Musa is out of the bottle, regain his freedom, you cannot do nothing to revert that. you must Geee
    For the Nonentities Assembly Moppets (National Assembly Members), what a disgusting heartless selfish clowns you are. are you guys dumb, why are you So in-consistence with the constitution of the land. Have you revered Gambia to “The Republic of Gambia”

  5. please yahaya mo fala jammeh go take all and live our gambia peacfully