‘Not All Jolas Are Culprits’

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Marx? The paradox is that, if you reverse most of your indictment laid out to make a case for the so-called “Jola hegemony”, and Superimpose it over the First Republic under President Jawara, it would fit like a glove. My concern is that of Marginalization, Prejudicial and Stereotypical attitudes, believes and behavior that is insidiously and subliminally communicated at the Bantabas, Ataya Brewing gatherings and in Oral history narratives that denigrates and belittles other tribes. It is this hate-filled half truths and hyperbole about others that is passed on in some quarters and regions from generation to generation that all Gambians must resist, opposed and guard against at all times. I have witnessed such inflaming rhetoric and self-serving platitudes and did my best to address them head-on.

I have heard and read about the Supposedly existing “Jola hegemony” in the Gambia, and yet the writers and or speakers would inevitably try to justify their allegation by pointing out some Jola in a position here and there, without any Historical and Sociological Context or Analysis with reference to the contributing variables and factors behind the mirage or smokescreen. Historically, Culturally and Traditionally many tribes especially among the Mandinka, Careers in Law Enforcement, the Police and even the Military are not acceptable because of their Caste believe system and the Taboo attached to these Careers. In fact, a Police career is believed to lead one into “Hell” due to quote, “you would be obliged to arrest your own parents” and thus be damned into Hell fire.

The Jola society being an egalitarian society without the classical definition of a Monarch, Class and Caste like Stratification, does not subscribe to such Believes and Taboos in matters of earning a living. Jola egalitarian society presents a double sword. They are not restricted nor do they see any job as being below or not appropriate for them. They worked as guards, laborers, baby-sitters and house maids for decades in the Gambia and Senegal before it became fashionable in Gambia and other parts of Africa, especially with regards to babysitting and working as maids abroad to take care of American and European kids and families, which most other tribes refuse to do in their own country, the Gambia but don’t have any questions or concerns engaging in America and Europe.

Sociologically, this industriousness of the Jola, has been turned upside down by their counter parts and instead of the Jola being recognized for their work ethic, they earned the scorn and prejudice and stereotype of a Supposedly “lower class status” among the other tribes. It is not unusual to hear a seemingly intelligent and self-described educated and generally speaking knowledgeable non-Jola Ganbian, say “NNA JOLA” or “Summa Jola Bi”, meaning “My Jola” in Mandinka and Jolof respectively when referencing or speaking about their employee who is Jola. The connotation and subliminal message is clear. It assumes that the speaker or the employer “owns the Jola”, he or she is a good or property, even though they can barely afford to pay the Jola and feed themselves adequately. The false status symbol and appearance must be maintained at all costs. This further contributes to the Corruption and Corruptive practices of looting the National and Private limited resources just to keep the unsustainable life style.

Marx, and any who cares to ask, where are we going with this and how is it related to the issues of the Subliminal and negative narratives any and all Jola as being guilty of all things during the Presidency of Yaya Jammeh. “The Jola have been victims of the Second Republic under Yaya Jammeh as much as any tribe in the Gambia”, one Commentator or Writer would stipulate in one breath and then in another Insidiously and subliminally offer an opinion that the Jola as if they are a Monolith and an unthinking being, are the Supposedly running the Affairs of State in the Gambia.

An analysis of the tribal origin of all Ministers, Ambassadors, Permanent Secretaries and other Gate-keepers who Served under President Yaya Jammeh and the Second Republic Government would reveal a Contradictory results and Fail to Corroborate the Fake News or Subliminary Commentary with reference to a “Jola hegemony” in the Gambia. It is not helpful nor does it further or contribute to the Resolution or Solving the Political impasse casting the dark shadows of impending civil disturbance and potential deadly Conflicts in the Gambia.

The current drum beat of the so-called “Jola hegemony” is at the minimum irresponsible, criminally slanderous and potentially genocidal and should be addressed by the Silent Coalition Alliance Party Leadership and President Elect Adama Barrow as well as all Peace loving Gambians. The Gambia is too small to be Balkanized and Sub-divided, especially at a time like this when all Gambians should be working to effect a Peaceful Negotiation and Transition of Government.

Any Insidious and Subliminal attempt to Scapegoat and paint all Jola as the Culprits of the wrongs under the Second Republic, would be met with an opposite and equal response. Such Provincial and Narrow minded and Selective blame would only reinforce the negative narratives and inflame an already combustible environment. Those who like “Marx” who subscribe to such Believes and nocturnal utterances need to invest in a more worthwhile cause and endeavor and not retentively allow themselves to be consumed and destroyed by hate. I don’t know of any Jola hegemony, nor Mandinka or Wolof hegemony in the Gambia. I know of a Yaya Jammeh government, and last I checked it is still populated with all tribes accross the Gambia and has been like that since its coming to Power.


Sidi N. Bojang 



  1. Sidi Bojang, you are totally misrepresenting and misleading the debate into Jola industriousness. It is dishonesty to dismiss the fact that today majority of jammeh’s appointees in the leadership positions across the country are from Jola tribe and such practices is discrimination. If jawara’s regime has done similar discrimination there will never someone like Yaya jammeh who was encouraged by mandinkas elders to contest for presidential election. I am not disputing the fact that jola like any other tribe are industrious. But it is systematic discrimination by Yaya jammeh to promote or give preferential treatment of Jola in his government. My concern has always been the discriminatory practice Yaya jammeh has been doing in The Gambia for the past 22 years . We have debated this issue in this forum many times and I think the only reason we are talking about it again is the military leaderships who are all from Jola tribe and their refusal to support the constitutional rights of citizens. It is the military role to stand against atrocities and protect citizens but in our country, our military leadership are tribal militia leaders who has tribal agenda . Gambian military is not a professional military because it is headed by tribal military leadership. Your claim that law enforcement career like military is not acceptable in mandinka tribe is misleading and dishonest. In The Gambia military, you have a lot of mandinkas but the leadership of all military installations , command and security services are Jolas . This is the discrimination I always point out . Are you telling me that only Jola soldiers are qualified to be in the leadership positions?
    Instead of the talking about systematic discrimination which has been brought by jammeh , you went to describe social and personal bias individual citizens has about Jola tribe or individual perceptions of the group . What you failed to understand is that discrimination can be done at structural level ( systematic discrimination) , personal and sociocultural level . In fact Jammeh’s regime has embarked on structural discrimination against other tribes which is like Jim Crow or systematic racism which happened in the USA against black people. Our government should always try to be role model for citizens which is why it is important to have leaders who condemn systematic discrimination. When we have government which is totally against discrimination, they can come up with structural policies which will ensure that personal and sociocultural bias or discrimination are eliminated in the society. It is very dangerous to have structural or systematic discrimination as the policy or personal conduct of a political leader or president . No one can eliminate personal bias or prejudice but we can eliminate structural discrimination . Your suggestion that Jola people are hard working and they do low class jobs , such suggestions has no moral and constitutional justifications for open and systematic discrimination by jammeh’s regime . In fact , recent election has repudiated such a bad system. I hope the new government will also learn from this past discrimination practices against qualified citizens. But we must first get rid of structural discrimination designed to support and sustain military dictatorship. Let the Jola military leadership support the constitutional rights and aspirations of Gambian people.

  2. Sidi Bojang, your assertion that I want to paint all Jola as culprits is indeed very dishonest and irresponsible characterization. It is malicious and biggest lie you have ever stated here. I have simply pointed an open discrimination in jammeh’s regime. Our current political predicament is as a result of discrimination policy which was designed to support and sustain military dictatorship. This is the fact you dishonestly try by all means to avoid in your futile attempt to mischievously characterized my view. I have stated here before Jolas were also victimized but they also enjoyed preferential treatment which is why Jammeh also called Jola tribal leaders to make his case to them in order to gain their support while he refused to accept the constitutional rights of citizens. In all your diatribe, you lack integrity to speak the truth because as I write this post, you have ten senior military officers who are non-Jolas who are arrested simply because they are suspected to be sympathizers of president barrow and also because of their tribal identities. Your problem is that you dishonestly failed to acknowledge systematic structural discrimination in Jammeh’s regime. So please try to be honest and speak the truth. Stop defending discrimination policy designed to sustain military dictatorship.

  3. in love with the Gmabia

    Everything the good brother is saying is caused by the evil,wicked and selfish yahya Jammeh. This monster is so evil that he poisoned everyone’s mind in the Gambia and since he came to power he has been working so hard to succeed in dividing the Gambian society just for his own selfish interest. We should know that all dictators operate the same way no matter where the exist. Yahya Jammeh has destroyed our country so badly that it may make a long time to even fully understand the extent of the damage his wickedness and selfishness caused in our lovely country. Gambia used to be one big compound for one big family with different last names and we lived in peace and love. We married each other we do business, work for each other and work together. It was the wisdom of the Almighty Allah who created us in different colors and shapes and made us speak different languages so that we may know each other.He said in the Holy QuranV 49:13.O mankind! we have created you from a male and a female, and made yoi into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily,the most honourable of you with Allah is that(believer) who has Al Taqwa [i.e.he is one of Al Muttaquun(the pious.See V.2:2)]. Verily, allah is All-Knowing, Well-Acquainted (with all things.)

  4. Motafeh Mankajang

    Sidi, you can’t say it any better. All Max was consumed with is Halifa & PDOIS, and the so-called Jola hegemony. Now that he’s come to his senses with regards to his stance again so Halifa, the only battle left for him to conquer is the Jola hegemony. By the way, if that’s even the case, he should now let it rest, as Jammeh will soon become history.
    Jammeh’s evil can’t be blame on Jolas.

    • Motafeh , I want to remind you that I do not have any personal hatred for Mr Sallah or any member of Pdois . The reason why I criticized him before the coalition building was because of his political strategy or stand on the issue of coalition building, that was the position of PDOIS to have primary election as a means to elect coalition flag bearer. I have always maintained that it was not good political strategy to achieve our desire goal of selecting a coalition leader . I do believe negotiations or convention was among the best options that we can select the flag bearer at the time . I was right . My relentless criticism of Mr Sallah has contributed to his change of leadership strategy or political strategy. I am very confident that I lead very effective efforts for him to change course because pdois entire machinery were reading my postings and I had constant engagement with the disciples in this forum and elsewhere .
      If you are smart you will notice that as soon as Mr Sallah change his strategy and accepted the convention method to select a coalition leader and subsequent nomination of Mr Adama Barrow as the leader of entire opposition coalition, I have stopped my criticism and even commended him for his leadership. Smart people in this forum have noticed my strategy at the time and up to now I do not criticize him . I am glad my criticism paid off and today all opposition parties came together. My goal was to have opposition unity . I am very proud that we have finally compromised to achieve our goal .
      Now the only obstacle to ensure that president elect Adama barrow assume office is the Gambian military lead by tribal militia leaders who has no respect for the constitution and aspirations of Gambian people. The leaderships of the army is based on tribalism and it is such structural discrimination policy designed to protect and sustain military dictatorship that I needed to point out . It was not to paint the picture that all Jolas are culprits as it was maliciously indicated by Mr Sidi Bojang . We need to talk about the tribal leadership in the military or hegemony so that the leaderships will be aware that Gambian people knows exactly what they are doing. This is my strategy. Mr Bojang is new in this forum and I like to engage him so that we can speak truth and acknowledge our obstacles which is tribalism at the military that is responsible for current political impasse.

  5. Bro, you just need to give yourself a break. I have never seen anything subliminal like this. Look, people are free to select and aspire a way of living. If you are in the Gambia and you don’t wanna be a babysitter, that’s one’s own choice, like one doesn’t wanna be a labourer etc etc. What citizens got to know best is what they want to do. If you talk about jobs and the Jawara regime, you are blatantly lying when you say that there was a disproportionate opportunities to tribes in the Gambia. When people have a job’s qualification, they would apply for that job, regarless of ethnic belonging. Nonetheless to give you a lead why people who refuse to babysit in the Gambia would do it in America or the U.K etc., because I think that people from countries without a socio-economic structures, of political decadence and insophisticated human resources will most likely become beginers in countries with sophisticated human resources and democracies.
    All you are trying to do is indeed endorse the truth of a Jola hegemony whatever. Its all primitive and tha’s it.

    • Yet I Still Don’t See A Jola Hegemony In The Gambia.

      “Jack” and “Maxs”, I will not allow myself to engage in an elementary school playground insults with you or anyone for that matter. Be that as it is, I don’t see any Jola hegemony nor Mandinka hegemony in the Gambia. What I see is an attempt to paint all Jola as of one voice and mind and therefore, Supposedly supportive of any and all things Yaya Jammeh says or does. This is false generalizations being peddled and it is designed to blame all Jolas for the act of some Jolas, Mandinka, Wolof, Fulla and others. Yet, all others are supposed to be less quilty compared to the Jola. The writers give them the benefit of the doubt or question his judgement. This is the double standard and a problem that needs to be Purged from some GAMBIANS. It blinds otherwise rational and decent people and turn them toward the way of the irrational and paranoid Individuals who see enemies around all corners.

      Talking about Maxs’ assertion that Yaya Jammeh’s alleged “calling of the “Jola elders” to a meeting” is proof that the Jola are the Supporters of Yaya Jammeh and are doing so primarily because Yaya Jammeh is a Jola. Let me engage you in a teaching moment. President JAWARA once called a meeting, years after the 1981 Coup. The meeting was held not in Banjul, Bakau, Serekunda or Brikama, but a Town in the Upper River Division, with “Mandinka PPP Elders” to “Sound them out” on their support. The reported Agenda was for President Jawara to elicit input and at the same time announce his intention of retiring. With all due respect, the whole thing was a Political subterfuge to Weed Out any PPP Ministers and the Party Leadership who are not too keen on his Continued Leadership and Presidency.

      Those who expressed reservation of President Jawara’s continued Leadership and Presidency were either removed from the Party or demoted. A lot of prominent Mandinka leaders and Political big wigs such as the late PA Sanjally Bojang and even BB Darbo and many others were Demoted, reassign or removed from their positions. Their replacements were mostly Mandinka.

      Does this then amount to what you call or classify as Hegemony, in this case Mandinka hegemony? Politics and Politicians by nature are creatures of “survival at any cost” to live and fight another day. That is why it is said that “there are no Permanent Friends in Politics, only Permanent Interest”. I am not Partisan and have not lived in Gambia pass my Seventeenth birthday and therefore, did not have any Political affinity of any kind in the Gambia, though 99℅ of my family were devoted and dedicated to the PPP and President Jawara.. My concern which I have repeatedly sounded off with “Maxs” is the ease and comfort that Certain people in certain groups are willing to Insidiously and subliminally and infact, openly lump all Jolas into one body and declare them ignorant, uncivilized and guilty by association with Yaya Jammeh. The same people and group go to any length to make excuses and offer mitigation as to why a similar unfortunate situation involving a Mandinka is not in anyway hegemony.

      I am not one to swallow such “Snake oil salesmen’s platitudes. Most attacks on Mr. Sallah and Mr. Bah are and can only be classified as nothing but Tribalist and Sectionalist, camouflaged as constructive criticism. The same criticism against a GAMBIAN who happens to be a Mandinka is however, reflectively and in a kneejerk manner hooted and tooted against. I hope that the honeymoon period and beyond of Adama Barrow’s Coalition Alliance Administration would demonstrate tolerance and respect for the Civic and Democratic Rights of all GAMBIANS who Criticise him or the Administration. I hope that you and your colleagues both as Individuals and as a group would be thick skinned and Politically matured enough to know the difference between Advocacy and attempting to Silence those who have a different or opposing view.

      I intend to make good on expressing my views whenever the need arise. Get used to it my brother or get out of the arena. Politics is not a Spectator Sports or for the Thin skinned. I don’t know of any Jola hegemony, nor Mandinka hegemony in the Gambia. What I have seen is the natural tendency of Politicians Fortifying themselves with the person or persons who will do their bidding. Unfortunately, some of these include things that are immoral and unethical, and it is for the individual to whom it is assigned to, make or take the Moral high ground or lower themselves to the level of a Hyenas, Vulture or worst. I pray for the sake of Gambia and GAMBIANS, that Adama Barrow the President Elect, an unknown, and arguably the least experienced, qualified or articulate, can Lead and Captain the Gambian Ship as it Sails in the Stormy and Potentially Deadly Shark invested Waters. I pray and hope that both you and Maxs and all Colleagues would develop an understanding that Gambia is more than the Sum Total of One Individual, tribe or region. There is No Jola hegemony, or any hegemony yet.. .

      PostScript, Why is Hon. Halifa Sallah Not With President Elect Adama Barrow in Senegal? Hope it is by his own choice and Political intrigue and an attempt to Sideline the Coalition Alliance Spokesman by UDP “Extremist” minority Faction? What ever it is, it does not look good and in Politics Appearance is Everything. Let’s get it right for all GAMBIANS.

  6. At this moment in our history, I want us all to focus on building a better Gambia by reaching out to each other, making Gambia a better place for our future generation. This tribal subject is never ending and it’s time to move forward. Let us take a deep look at our history starting with the “Terikafoh, head of state Mandinka, vice president Mandinka, and … with that said, where is this subject taking us???? I prefer a positive approach for a better nation. Gambia our motherland deserves that and together with positive thinking we can make things better. We owe her that much!!!

    • A Measured Olive Branch To All Who May Have Opposing Views On The Current Political Impass In The Gambia.

      Jalika, your observations and plea are measured, balanced and to the point. It is hoped that most GAMBIANS are of your persuasion and position concerning the past and present issues Confronting our beloved Gambia. I pray and hope that there is a “Silent Majority” among and within all Gambian Tribes who are of your believe and practice. Gambia and all Gambians need Citizens who are “De-Tribalised”, Less Ethnocentric and more Patriotic at all times and not Selectively Patriotic depending on Tribal and or Regional Affinity or Sentiments one has for a certain Political Candidate or Personality. One Should not oppose a Mandinka President or Candidate for the Simple reason or Fact that he is a Mandinka. Nor, should one oppose a Jola President or Candidate from day one for the Simple Reason or Fact that he is a Jola.

      This was and has been the case in the Gambia among certain Individuals, groups and regions in the Gambia during Yaya Jammeh’s Tenure. This is the “Elephant in the room” that many Commentators pointing accusatory fingers and arguably tongues at the Jola as a whole for allged “Conspiracy” and “Hegemony” instead of focusing on the Target that most of these Individuals and group were decidedly against from the very beginning of President Yaya Jammeh’s Tenure. I was in the Gambia sometime in August 1995 following the 1994 Coup. I did not hear the kind of vitriol and Ethnic Coded Negative Sentiments or Statements about President Yaya Jammeh and the Jolas, as compared to my visit to the Gambia in 2006. I heard people expressing Sentiments such as, ” Hanni Jola Fang La Mansaya”?

      Meaning, “Even Jola is (now) King/Reign, as a reference to how a Jola is “not fit” to be a Mansa (King) aka President. Never mind the fact that at this time, the “Jola Mansa” as they would say, was Duely Elected. Now, one can choose to argue the methods or fairness of the process, but what has that to do with the Tribal, Ethnic or Linguistic Affiliation and background of the President? In Africa, one of the problems facing each and every country’s Peace, Security and Development, is the built in and Sustained Mentality of Majority tribes, or Majority Ethno Linguistic Group Convincing themselves and finally believing that they “Own” the Nation State” and are therefore, Entitled, Empowered by their numbers, and above all else the Choosen “Rulers”. In such a state, unless there is an effort by the population to come together as one to address the Marginalization and the Accompanying, Prejudice, and Discriminative Preferences that goes hand in hand with such Believes and Mind set, results in Instability and less than optimal Economic and Socio-economic Development of the Nation State.

      Modest Observations And Recommendations On How To Mitigate And Bring About Meaningful Equality In Diversity in Africa Governments And Governance:

      I hope that the Observation I am going to share here is not misinterpreted or characterized as being Tribalistic. That is, I have observed that in many African countries where there are a lot of ethnic groups or tribes, and the Country’s President or Prime Minister is from a Minority group as compared to a Country where the Opposite is true, it appears that the African countries with the Minority President or Prime Minister appear to Deliver Better Development Outcomes. This is not by any means an indictment of the Majority Ethnic/Tribe led Presidents and Prime Ministers. This is just an observation not a scientific research that would control for other Factors and Variables that would have an impact on the given African Country’s experience. However, it is important that our Political Systems be Reformed and Revamped to Deliberately and Intentionally incorporate Constitutional Provisions that do not Perpetuate Simple Majority Rule.

      There should be National Legislative Apportionment with Checks and Balances that would Protect Minority Rights while it also Prevents the Tyranny of the Majority Ethnic/tribes from Exercising Unrestrained and Unmitigated Power over the rest of the Nation. Constitutions should reflect the Realities and Conditions of the Nation. Affamative Action like Legislation and Policies should be embedded, implemented and enforced at the National and Local Level. The Affirmative Action or more accurately, “Positive Diversity Action” (PDA). Under Positive Diversity Action legislation, the Goal andObjective would be to Embrace and Engage all Members of the Nation and Society at all levels. Attention should be paid to the Minorities, both by Ethnic affiliation, Gender/Sex, as well as Region/Rural indigenous Citizens needs.

      Positive Diversity Action legislation aims to employ individuals to positions that they are among the most Qualified Candidates, but May not be offered these available Positions due to their “Outsiders” Status as well as the limited Connections to the POWER Brokers, or the”Old boys and now even the “Old girls Clubs. In Africa where Tribe or Ethnic Affiliation plays an important and Significance role in getting Access to the “Employer of the First and Last Resort”, the Governnent, African/GAMBIAN Constitution (s) and Legislation must be Culturally Sensitive and Competent and Responsive to address the Old Age Problem of “One National Cake and how best to Share it between the Citizens. It must not be a “Paper elephant”. It must be Actively Proactive and Aggressively Implemented and Enforced, if African/Gambian Political and National Development, Peace, Tranquility and Security are to be Achieved and Sustained for the Long Term.

      Attempts by any Majority Ethnic/Tribe to Dominate and Surpress any or all Minorities within its Boarders would only result in Civil Disturbance and Insecurity due to the “Push Back” Force and Resistance that it would generate among the minority. Gone are the days when minority groups Passively accept the SELF-ENTITLEMENT from any Individual, or Ethnic/Tribe. The Majority Ethnic groups/tribes in Africa and elsewhere need to be Sensitive and Responsive to the Expressed Complaints of Malfeasance, Maltreatment and Oppressive Acts, either by Commission or Ommission in a timely manner befitting the Natural Rights Reserved to All Humanity. The right to Liberty, Fraternity and Equality To All Africans need to Clearly Enshrined in the Government’s Constitution and Local Level Governments. This entails having a means of sustinance, adequate and decent housing, and access to heathcare, education and clean water and electricity supply.

      When African and other Nations endeavor to fully imbibe and embed the above suggestions and recommendations and implement as well as enforce them evenly, the Gambia and Africa would then take Ownership of the Holy Books that remind us that, “Allah/God Hath Made All Nations One Blood”. Let GAMBIANS Endeavor to Settle Their Current Political Impass in a Peaceful and Bloodless Atmosphere. Our beloved Gambia and GAMBIANS Deserve and Demand it and the Leadership in both Camps should need to Respond to the Calls of their Constituents, the Plurality of the GAMBIAN Citizens of All Party Affiliation. Wage The Moral Equivalence Of Peace, Not War.

      By Sidi N. Bojang.

  7. Sidi I agree with you that we have to fight tribalism and also not all Jolas are to blame for Jammeh’s crimes. However you must acknowledge Max’s point that there is a disproportionate amount of Jolas in positions of immense influence. That is a fact we cannot pretend does not exist. Lets rewind the tape to 22nd July 1994, Jammeh came to power surrounded by surnames like Sabally, Touray, Singhateh, and Hydra. The military and other security high command comprised of Wollofs, Fulas, Mandinkas, Jolas, Akus, Sereres, etc. In other words it was a truly Gambia National Army. Jammeh overthrew a Mandinka president with the help and support of all tribes but now Jammeh hates all tribes including Jolas. The presidential guards commander was a Mandinka who in the supreme interest of the Gambia, escorted Jawara out of the country to Senegal. He could have ordered his men to defend Jawara but he made the decision that although the mutiny was illegal, he should not cause the spill of a drop of Gambian blood just to safe Jawara’s dying government thus resulting in a bloodless coup. The coup was bloodless no credit to Jammeh and his colleagues but to the other officers that they engaged with, who choose peace over violence. Fast forward 18th January 2017, over 90% of the entire security apparatus in the Gambia are Jola and unlike their Mandinka colleague who put the Gambia first, they put Jammeh first despite the fact that Jammeh’s Ministers and Ambassadors have abandoned him. Sidi I hope you can see why people are angry? Gambians are not angry with the Jolas as a tribal group but very, very angry with the Jolas in the Military High Command who are supporting Jammeh and by their actions prolonging the suffering of the Gambian people. Sometimes I wonder if Jammeh is actually a Jola because he doesn’t have the good qualities that I know of Jolas. The Jola qualities of hard work, content, honesty, trustworthiness, diligent, selflessness, not being possessive, not envious, family oriented and loyalty cannot be found in Jammeh. However he has successfully played on two of these qualities very well to have and maintain absolute support from the Jolas despite his overt despise of Jolas. Those qualities are family and loyalty. Jammeh knows that any pure Jola would be willing to lay their life for family and loyalty so he tells them that he is family and points at the Jolas he has put in positions of power and demands the loyalty of the Jolas by deceiving them that it’s only him who will give any of their sons a job. What he diverts their attention from is that fact he is holding the highest office in the land courtesy of all the tribes in the Gambia. Sidi, Jammeh has put the Jolas in the firing line so that he can tell them ” I told you so. Am the only one who cares about you”. But I believe that Gambia and Gambians will be united again after Jammeh just as we did after Kukoi.

    • Thank you Buba sanyang for saying it in a better way . We must acknowledge our problems before we can solve them . Mr Sidi Bojang is trying to ignore that the problem exist . The Jola military leadership are protecting and sustaining military dictatorship which is why jammeh refusing to accept defeat and step down . Tribal militia leaders in the military are problems.

    • BBuba, though I have some reservations aabout some of your analysis and especially the generalizations about the alleged Jola support of President Yaya Jammeh as being tribal in nature, I find your analysis a bit more convincing especially with reference to the composition of the Military Junter that Over threw the JAWARA regime in July of 1994, compared to the current alleged Military and Security Heads’ composition, that is, at least the Top Tier Military who are tasked to interface with the Public.

      My concern is the blanket and broad assumptions, generalizations and ultimately accusations that lumps or bundles up all Jola into one Mindset, Head and Heart who like a Herd of Cows or Goats March in Tandem to Support Yaya Jammeh. Though, this accusations, assumptions, and suppositions are wrong and unwarranted, I would like to know what if is? I would like to know how many Mandinka Supported United Party of Hon. Pierre Njie as compared to those who Supported the PPP? Support of a Party does not in anyway equal to Support for everything the Party Leadership does. Nor, does it mean or amount to Collective guilt. I have members of my Extended Family who after the 1994 Coup were divided into many camps including some who Support NCP, PDOIS and some who are still very much for the PPP. I am glad my Extended Family is Politically informed, mature and flexible in terms of Supporting Individuals and Party Leadership they find a Common Agenda with.

      I know many Mandinka and Jola families that are similar to mine. It is therefore, very important for Militant Party members of any and all Parties to try though it may be hard or difficult, to grow up, avoid crude and rude language that achieves nothing, except tend to indicate a general lack of decorum, apptitude or vacabulary. On the other hand, I have the feeling that all is not lost given your analysis which you performed without resorting to insults, hyperbole and platitudes oof Maxs, Jack,

      May Allah Bless us and Protect All GAMBIANS at this very Uncertain Times. May our Better Angels Guide us toward a United people with One Destiny.

      By Sidi N. Bojang.

      • Mr Bojang , your problem is simply lack of honesty and your continue deception not to accept truth about the tribal nature of Jammeh’s regime . I hate peoples who tell lies just to deceive the population and that is exactly what you are doing here . No one is making any generalization about specific cultural or social issue about the Jola tribe or try to blame the entire tribe except you who foolishly brought up work ethic of Jola tribe while you dishonestly ignore the structural discrimination we currently have in The Gambia. I am glad the ECOWAS have began military intervention which will lead to reforms of Gambian military when the tyrant is captured. Honesty , truthfulness and decency are main factors which will move our country forward. If you consider the dishonesty I pointed out in your comments as an insult then bless your heart and let your heart not to be troubled. The goal is to keep you honest . Every honest Gambian knows that jammeh’s promoted tribalism to extend that it reflected on every aspects of his personal life and his leadership skills and appointments in The Gambia.
        We have new era in The Gambia where every one will be treated equally and fairly . Structural discrimination against Gambian people has ended on January 18 , 2017. Jammeh and his tribal agenda is defeated and repudiated by Gambian people and the rest of civilized world. Welcome to new Gambia.

        • “Maxs”, I will not belabor the issue as long as you moved away from your initial Extremist view of a so-called “Jola hegemony” in the Gambia. You did not say in the make up of the Military. I am looking forward to a Peaceful resolution of the current Political Impass in the Gambia. Only a reckless and shallow Extremist would advocate for Military Intervention. Cooler heads and responsible Leadership within ECOWAS and the AU, and specifically the Leadership s of Presidents Buhari of Nigeria, Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, Mahama of Ghana and the President of Sierra Leone. Furthermore, the U.N., Security Council met and rationally and logically choose the Diplomatic and Non-intervention route. Again, only Extremist minority of the Gambian people and the world are Howling for Military Intervention. Former President Yaya Jammeh is abandoned and isolated by almost his Cabinet, and that Military issued word that “they would not defend nor fight for Former President Yaya Jammeh”. Now, tell me what Intervention? Yaya Jammeh’s government is no more and the Military that would have made it necessary to Intervene have essentially abandoned Former President Yaya Jammeh, what or who would the Military Intervention Against? One person in the name of Yaya Jammeh? I realize that rug and the “Pound of Flesh” may have been pulled away from some Extremist who would rather a violent end is witnessed to the regime and if it means the killing of innocent GAMBIANS, these Extremist would gloat and beat their chest for infavor of such a clamity. The Gambia needs the meager resources it has left post the Second Republic. Military Intervention is an expensive proposition that The Gambia cannot afford in terms of lives lost and compensation for the lives of Soldiers lost or wounded. As things stand, the extremes would be disappointed because killings that they would rather Contract out to Outside Forces seems to have fallen by the way side, while Yaya Jammeh and a small insignificant group are Pressured Diplomatically, Militarily, and Psychologically. I hate to quote Trump, but ” what does Gambia have to loose”? The objective is for Former President Yaya Jammeh to relinquish power and more significantly, no more Gambian blood and lives lost and property destroyed. If Yaya Jammeh and his small group of “hang ons” Barracade themselves within the confines of the State House, they can be dislodged in many ways that does not end in a Violent confrontation. The electricity and water supply can and should be cut off and no one allowed to enter or exit the confines of the premises. They would be cordoned off and cut off from the World. I am of the opinion, that it would not take long before they Surrender. That is the goal and objective ECOWAS, AU, and the Mediators have focused on and for the sake of Gambia and GAMBIANS, I pray that their Engagement and effort ebds in a Political solution and not a violent Military Intervention. For Extremist who would rather see a violent Military Intervention, remember, Extremism in the pursuit of a Peace and Tranquility is a Vice. Wage Peace not WAR.

          • Mr Sidi Bojang , as I have said before that you are not honest and realistic about the current political predicament or crisis. The Jola hegemony designed by jammeh through his preferential treatment and appointments of Jolas in the leadership positions was defeated and repudiated by the Gambian people and the rest of the civilized world. The hegemony was due to military power status as I explained here many times but you refused to accept the truth . Don’t blame any other Gambian for military intervention except Yaya jammeh and his thugs who refused to accept the will and aspirations of Gambian people. Every responsible and peaceful Gambian and international community and its leadership have all appealed to the jammeh to leave peacefully but he refused, so don’t blame people who want their country back. It is malicious and dishonest individual like you who are spreading lies just to sustain the despicable regime. You are confuse to understand that every international institutions such as UN , ECOWAS, and AU all called for use of all necessary means to install president Barrow. Instead of blaming your tribal leader for his desire to cause bloodshed you are now blaming those who are asking him to leave either peacefully or violently. What an hypocrite you are . If Jammeh is abandoned by his own tribal militia leaders , it does not matter now because he must be removed either through peacefully arrest, peacefully handover or violently killed as military intervention proceed . Your malicious goals of blaming and labeling people as extremist is indeed meant to falsely displace blame . Try to be honest . Military intervention is currently underway to flush out the evil tribal leader who is a threat to not only Gambia but also the subregion. Military intervention is the good thing in the sense that it will eliminate these tribal militia forces within senegambia . You must remember that these tribal militia forces supported by jammeh since he came to power are part of his grand design to protect and sustain political and military dictatorship as well as Jola hegemony in Gambia. These tribal militia are trouble makers in the subregion due to their historically linked to brutal rebellion they fought for their secession from Senegal while the rest of peaceful citizens in the same region ignore their tribal hegemony agenda. The military intervention led by Senegal will ensure this existential threat to peace and democracy in the subregion is eliminated once and for all .

  8. All Jammeh did was try to tangle up people in confusion so that those people can be living around him like half-minded sycophants and thuggish defenders of such status quo. No poetic talent can exenorate him from being the one behind all evil endeavours tried to divide Gambians who are good people in their walks of lives regadless of their ethnicity. Exemplarily good people in the Gambia are from all its wlks of lives but Jammeh was able to distort that fact by privatising the country’s resources in a big ‘so-called family’ inc. He likes using Gambians as scapegoats regarless of their ethnic idendities. Once I read in a comment of an evidently intelligent and apparently academic participant who said: ”Jolas are really great/good people if only you get to know. I think too this is true.