Dog Bite Kills President-Elect’s Son

The eight-year-old son of the Gambia’s President-elect Adama Barrow has died after he was bitten by a dog in Manjai Kunda.

Habibu Barrow’s untimely death comes few days before his father’s inauguration on January 19th. After attending the Franco-Africa Summit in Mali, Adama Barrow was flown to Senegal. The ECOWAS leaders want the President-elect to remain in Senegal until his planned inauguration.

Habibu died on his way to the hospital on Sunday, family sources said.

The young boy’s remains have been interred, with many people attending the burial at Manjai Kunda.

Adama Barrow, the opposition coalition candidate who defeated the incumbent President Yahya Jammeh, is married to two wives. He is blessed with five children.

Gambians and friends of the Gambia have been extending their heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the family of a man who is willing to remove the yoke of tyranny dangling on the necks of Gambians. They pray that young Habibu’s soul rest in Eternal Peace.



  1. May his soul Rest In Perfect Peace . This is Africa where evil spiritual work is always use to get to the enemy. May God protect the president-elect and his entire family as well as entire leadership of coalition and their families. May God punish evil people for their crime against innocent citizens.

  2. Rest in peace.

  3. Maxs,
    Stop lying and profanation. You appear aethist. He died because he was bitten by a dog that might have got rabies poison. As dogs are never innoculated in the Gambia, their bites can be venomous. It was all coincidental. We are created by Allah and only He can recall us.
    May his tender soul rest in eternal peace!

    • Babu Soli , I am not Atheist as you suggested . I am indigenous Gambian with cultural values and identity. Evil spiritual work is mentioned in every religious doctrine. In Islam, the prophet SWT had his own experience about evil spiritual work and many people experienced it too during his time and up to now . Your limited knowledge of the importance of cultural belief with regard to evil spiritual work is being manifested here. In the west , despite their advancement in technology and innovations, the health system is based on individual cultural competency care . In other words, you have to look into each individual holistically to ensure that the health care needs are met during the course of treatment because everyone of us has cultural values, belief and the way we perceive our health or anything that happens in our lives. Please similarize yourself with that concept . So I suspect , evil spiritual work might be at work but I might be wrong . If I go by your scientific rational , you do not have any test which indicate he died as a result of poisoning. Your suggestion is just assumption just like mine. In this case we need post morten to indicate the cause of death scientifically . Again, your suggestion that I am an atheist is antagonist attitudes toward my constitutional rights of religious freedom. Being an atheist is a belief which is guarantee in our constitution and I have every rights to belief in whatever I want. So I think you are being discriminatory here towards atheist.

  4. In the future, too many coincidences and similarities in presumed accident or crimes, should be intelligently a cause for police investigations, especially when a dog bites a journalist, a Gambian citizen as well at the borders, and the president-elect’s son gets bitten to death by another, exactly at time a ruthless dictator is doing everything to clench into place, a state of atrocity against innocent Gambians. Too many foreign so-called experts and what were are all of them doing in the Gambia looking at the rogue state of nations some of those experts themselves come from.

    Faith in Allah, is why it should be incumbent upon the police to do their utmost best at all times to find the truth and bring to light the circumstances sorrounding all accidents and crimes, though, the formidable bottom line, (To Allah we belong and to HIM we shall return).

    Habibu, a little kid…. Accept my condolence and keep spirits high president-elect Adama Barrow and family.
    Inshallah, little Habibu’s soul will rest in perfect peace. Allah’ummah Amin.

  5. may his gentle soul rest in peace

  6. Illuminati is in Africa so guys watch out!!! RIP lil Boy

  7. No. Africa is in the Illuminati. Those in there go there.
    Habibu rest in perfect peace.