As the saying goes, “now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of… their… you fill in the blank. Mr. President, you came to the aid of the Gambian people with the youthful exuberance and energy that is characteristics of most young men. Arguably, your bloodless Coup, unconstitutional as it was, was for the most part welcomed with open arms by a population that wanted change, but could not get it through the Ballot Box.

The population and the country were young and the Winds of change was blowing accross our Continent, Africa. However, the leadership was “old” and set in their ways. New and young blood was needed to stear and Captain the Gambian Ship and you and your Colleagues took up the Talking drums call. You described your bloodless Coup leaders as “Soldiers with a Difference”. There was huge need for reassurance and you provided it to a Nation that recently experienced the most Traumatic and Painful Civil Disturbance of the 1981 Bloody Coup, which demonstrated the unmitigated ability for man’s ability for Senseless bloodletting and Wanton Destruction of Persons and Property.

Gambians who lived through that Intervention by Senegal in as well as those lucky to have been away during the 1981 bloody Coup (I am one such Gambian), extend their gratitude and appreciation to both the First Republic’s leadership, especially President Jawara and you and your Colleagues’ determination and decision to avoid blood shed. I don’t know, but I am of the opinion that your goal and objective as was those of your colleagues and the Jawara regime was for the Maintenance and Fostering of a Peaceful and Bloodless Coup and transfer of Power from the Old Guard to the “Young blood” with a “Can do” Spirit.

At the time, a local University education was a dream deferred. High School education was to many Gambians, a “previledged affair” especially if by birth and happenstance, you were born in a Certain Region and or Rural area, as well as be among the unfortunate majority without Political connections or Economic means. Electricity, Piped water, Highways and Good Feeder Roads were but non existent out of the Banjul, Bakau, Serekunda Metropolitan area or happened to be one of the “Political and Business Class” or resided at a Government Entity such as a Government Hospital such as the one at Bansang or Mansa Konko. The Airport was nothing to talk about. It was simply, Decrepit and not near any International standards. You and your Colleagues, “the 1994 “Soldiers with a Difference”, have brought in Modernity and Infrastructural development that is the envy of many a citizen of many bigger and more endowed African countries.

You have done your part and the Nation Salutes you and all your colleagues who made such Achievement possible. You built upon the foundation laid by the old guard and now the Gambian people who have been with you during the Years of Duty and Uncompromising focus on achieving a comparative Modern and Developing Gambia, need you to be MAGNANIMOUS and Rise Above All Human deficits and Pass the Barton to other Members of the Gambian Relay Team for them to “Run the third stage of the Gambian people’s race to the top. Resolve and dig deeper into your Resouvoiur filled with the love of Gambia and Gambians, and Retire from the Management of the Gambian State. Examine your Values and Sense of Self, can you say that your Sacrifice and Devotion to the Country in the past can be surpassed by remaining in the Presidency? I think not. In the Affairs of State and Men, the danger is not in achieving Power and Authority, but in knowing when to give it up.

The next Fourty-eight to Seventy-two hours should be filled with Reassuring and Reaching out to all Gambians and Stakeholders including ECOWAS Negotiators that you will depart from the Presidency travel out of the Gambia. I pray and hope that you will Dispassionatly and Passionately your Allah/God Fearing Inner Voice to guide you in the Urgent and Time Sensitive Decision to let go of the Gambian Presidency.

It can be argued that the “Revolutionary Mangoes” were ripe for the picking and you and your Colleagues helped yourself to the Opportunity presented to you by the Dereliction of Duty as well as Negligence of the “Old Guard” under the First Republic. In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess I was Conflicted about the Coup. Half of my thoughts were one of joy, premised on the Potential Progressive development both Political and Economic that was presented by the Occasion. Yet, I was sad, troubled and depressed by the personal and emotional feelings and af the Old man, President Jawara, and especially, the affinity I had for two of the Members of the Cabinet. One was a long term family friend and the other became a friend through my friendship with his brother who I met in the States in the 1980s.

I was also unsettled and worried about the faith of President Jawara who was by then of advanced age, especially considering the life expectancy of Gambians at the time of the Coup in 1994. With the exception of P. S. Njie, the First Minister prior to Independence, and Sir Farinmang Sigarteh, the Governor General and the Queen’s representative the years leading to Independence, President Jawara was all Gambians knew and had celebrated for good or bad for decades. He was our Mandela and Nkrumah rolled into one body, even though he was more of the “West Minster Conservative Politician” brand and as a consequence the Gambian State of Affairs as stated above.

It is the Pride and need for Self-actualization in men of Consequence and the capacity for them to remake themselves by putting their need last and the need for their loved ones first, which has catapulted such men into the Annals of History. A history that would last and be recited by many yet to be born.

Endeavor to Negotiate in good faith and with a Difference for the Gambian people and the Common Destiny you share with them. Do not let All that you did and achieved with them be for nothing. Leave a legacy worth emulating and following. Do not be a part of or participate in the destruction of THE GAMBIA AND GAMBIANS BY COMMISSION OR OMMISSION. The Clouds and Drum Beat of Civil disturbance and potential deadly Conflicts are gathering, and Statesmanship is required from you and your Colleagues vis a vie all the other Stakeholders including ECOWAS Negotiators and the Coalition Alliance Party Leadership and President Elect Adama Barrow. Would you all Step up to the Pitch and Demonstrate that you are Men and Women of Peace and of the Gambian People.



  1. Mr Bojang , you need to understand that Yaya jammeh came as a criminal leader to totally destroy our country, which he did . He will also leave as a criminal rebel leader . You must remember that Yaya is an evil soul who has no deep rooted family background or connection to our country. If he has deep rooted connection to Gambian people he would have listened to elderly advise which is the common practice among people who have deep rooted connection to our country. This is the traditional method of dealing with conflict. Yaya jammeh is not one of us . It is erroneous to assert that he brought development into our country. That is fallacy and dishonest propaganda meant to deceive indigenous people. When you compare jammeh’s corruption , human rights violations and disrespect to Gambian people, you will agree that he only came to enrich himself at the expense of Gambian people. Yaya jammeh is historical tragedy that happened to our country. He did not love Gambia and its citizens. We must stop living in a dream world because we still believe that we are talking to rational human being who has decency to listen to rational voices . Yaya has dangerous combination of psychiatric disorders such as bipolar and narcissistic personality disorder with his power hungry desire, so he will not listen to any rational voices. He will do the right thing only when his bipolar disorder instruct him to act righteously. So please spare us with all the praises and comparison to Jawara’s regime . Assessment of Jammeh’s life history will lead to conclusion that he is indeed a trouble human being. During the course of my life, I studied human being both physically/physiologically and their mental health , I came to conclude that Yaya jammeh is dangerous human being who lack empathy, sympathy and cognitive ability to make rational decisions without serious consequences. He must be contained and put away . I hope the military intervention will be done with latest military sophistication to eliminate him without much casualties. Yaya is a threat to himself and Gambian people.

    • “Max’s”: It is tempting to be uninformed and bold as you have to categorically state that I know “human beings” and that “an individual is Bi-polar and Narcissistic” without the benefit of utilizing the Current DSM Handbook while evaluating the Subject. As a Professional in the Field, I know better and must decist from committing such an unforgivable unethical statement. President Yaya Jammeh may be all that you assume and conclude he is. I don’t know that until I evaluate him using the required tools of the trade.

      On the issue of my fooling myself and not being honest when I assert that President Yaya Jammeh did provide Infrastructural development and compare his regimes Corruption and Corruptive Practices to that of President Jawara, I will take the Fifth on that. I will then beg to differ from your indictment of President Yaya Jammeh in all Matters and yet not be thick skinned to be non Partisan, and Sectionalist who is inflicted with what I would call “a case of “Tribalitis” characterized by the irrational and compulsive need to side with ones tribal or kin no matter what the circumstances”. I am one Gambian who can say without a doubt that I don’t have the need to demonize others to self-actualize, or gain Self-esteem by default. I am one Gambian who will not support any Mob and Vigilanty Justice in the Gambia. Those who advocate for sych, would sooner than later become victims of it. I sincerely advise you to read or study the French Revolution and if you so desire, up date me about the Faith of Robespierre and many like him during the French Revolution.

      I am not an advocate for President Yaya Jammeh, but would not sit by and see otherwise rational men and women allow themselves to be consumed by hate of an individual and then extrapolate that hatred for that Individual to all who happened to be of his Ethnic or Linguistic Group. Allow such Insidious and deadly language or written words, the natural next STOP is the Objectification, Classification and Categorization of the Targeted individual or group with a Decidedly Deadly Plan to Eliminate or Neutralize the Victims.

      I have said over and over. Gambia is more than the Sum Total of One Individual, tribe or region. No one tribe can with honesty and with integrity say their is they Own the Gambia. The Subliminal messages attempting to deligimite and person non grata any and all Jolas who worked under President Yaya Jammeh’s government as being Senegalese, not Ganbian, is ignorant, uninformed, boardered on “Ethnic Cleaning” Plan. Let’s be clear about one thing. There will be a fury of equal response to any attempt to implement any such Internationally Condemned and Rejected Crimes Against Humanity Acts, that I many Gambians shall endeavour to dedicate our lives to Hunting down the Suspects. We will devote and seek the assistance of any and all Colleagues and Friends we know and have throughout the World. You can count on it, they would be brought to Justice and it would be Deliberate and Fair, but decidedly the last Crime they would have Committed.

      You have a “beef” with President Yaya Jammeh, stick to that, not try to insinuate and imply that Jolas are not really GAMBIANS, and that they are from Cassamance, Southern Senegal. The Pro Interventionalist that have been identified yourself as, be careful with the way you are hell bent on Disenfranchising the Supposedly Senegalese Citizens while “Walking on Four and begging Senegal to carry-out your dirty work you are not able to execute.

      Just remember that I told you that the “honeymoon” between Macky Sall of Senegal and his Colleagues and that of President Elect Adama Barrow and his Colleagues will not last. Like the 1981Marriage of Convenience between then Presidents Jawara and Joof, the Current “Engagement” between Adama Barrow and Macky Sall in pursuit of a Common goal and objective of removing President Yaya Jammeh, which is arguably the best option as long as it is done Peacefully will not last and the Divorce may be more painful this time than it was in 1981 Coup and its’ Forced Senegambia Confederation.

      GAMBIANS should not cut their Noses inorder to Spite their Faces. It is Foolish and Unhealthy. We should settle our Family quarrel among ourselves peacefully and not call upon Outsiders when ever the Heat in the Kitchen is too much. Let’s put out our own Fires, least we allow Ourselves to be Subjugated by a seemingly good Smaritan. The road to Hell is said to be paved with good intentions. I hope the Coalition Alliance Party Leadership and President Elect Adama Barrow have been Deligent and Aware of what Real Dangers their “Engagement” and may be another Forced Senegambia Confederation would mean for them and especially the Gambian people and GAMBIA.