Operation Dragon Fire!

Operation Dragon Fire!

Yaya, it is over.

The people goading you with their tawdry and extravagantly cheap writings are moseying far away from the impending dangers you are still fomenting.


You have scorched the torch that you snatched from another hand and God the almighty has finally chosen someone else to relight it. If you cannot sit down quietly in your little corner, run and hide with as much of your ill-gotten and blood-stained loot until justice catches up with you.

The Gambia has been here for thousands of centuries and you cannot take her with you.

You have consistently and constantly abused, scarred, and burned your evil into her and the souls of some of her children.

Listen to the “Indaba” of the elders of the West African community, behind which is the support of the African community, the United Nations, and notably the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and so forth. They have been desperately trying to help you save face, but you have no face…You could never measure to Saddam or Gaddafi, and where are they now?

To Gambia Armed Forces and potential mercenaries:

If Yaya offers you money, take it and when it is time for him to play with your lives, go home to your families. There will be no blow drill activation system and he himself WILL BE on the run. This is why…

Although there is no intention to “wage war” on the Gambia by ECOWAS, there is a ready ECOWAS force for consolidation after he is swiftly dealt with IF HE STARTS A FIGHT:

Proximally are most of the latest military assets just finished being tested. An almost lightning-fast balls-crushing onslaught will make the most tippling and drugged fighters go wobbly if not dead:

The Dragon Fire; a high energy laser system that not only needs a power source to fire (no ammo or missiles) but identifies and tracks targets in different weathers and various ranges and terrains.

Quasi-invisible super drones; equipped with dozens of mini-drones armed with high-tech laser beams à là Dragon Fire with beam-steering, power, and thermal management systems, thus any warm body near any weapons system (military-equipped vehicles, etc.) can be zapped.

You never hear or barely see them coming. Go figure—-

The energy output of these systems can be controlled to use higher power to cause mass devastation (total incineration) and lower power for non-lethal outcomes, like shocking you into instant unconsciousness for long, long spells, but don’t bank on the latter. (Prisoners are deemed to be too much of a liability) and patience has already been long exhausted. So, most of the dug trenches manned will scab over with smithereened and incinerated bodies of those foolish enough to attempt fighting for him.

There are also satellite-coordinated assets that are zeroed on his revealed bunkers and ferret holes and so those who stay with him could be zapped alongside him if he dares start a fight.

The last thing Gambians and their supporters want is a nation whose nights are filled with ghosts and their eerie shrieks of agony in the countrysides and city streets for centuries to come. But—

The ball is in his court; he can come out to play.


-The Winged Scorpion


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