Let Jammeh Contradict Nature

Around early November 2016.

I Mr Khan AKA Unbiased Prince GB said;

“Yaya Jammeh and his evil men have let power greed consumed their hearts, minds and souls turning them to bitter enemies of themelves. What is about to happen in the coming weeks would shock them worse than the detriment of Gambian opposition coalition finally nominating their leadership in the person of ‘Adama Barrow’ which in itself alone is an election victory for the opposition in the country with or without election.

There is no amount of marabou consultation or genius summoning or any amount of infidelity prepared on the electoral commission or on Gambian voters by Yaya Jammeh and his evil followers that could change the inevitable that is about to become of the failed APRC regime and their adulterate leadership.

I have seen Yaya Jammeh’s dead body twice in my visiting of rare sight. It had been revealed to me that due to Yaya Jammeh believing in violent force to help him remain in power despite the loss of many lives to happen, he would fundamentally lead himself to his own death thus from an intense bloodbath that he has stubbornly instigated after being defeated in an election.

Also, the soldiers that he has been leading during that fight for power all get killed to the last man by only a handful but seriously brave guys. Another force or fighters of Yaya Jammeh try to counterattack in vain hence not knowing that Yaya Jammeh was already muttered.

As matters stand in that view, Yaya Jammeh have got nothing left to remain in power, but only a matter of time. If he decides to contradict Nature’s order, then he would be on the journey of walking himself to his own grave and is a fact that he knows too well.

Please fellow Gambians, you can ask your own spiritualist if I could be misleading in this case.”



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