Sam Sarr Farts Shamelessly!

Editors & Peace-Loving Gambians,

Please ignore Sam Sarr. He is simply jumping up and down like a circus monkey and making so much noise – because he wants his boss Yahya Jammeh to throw him some more rotten bananas!

Speaking as a “foreigner” (like that ECOWAS, Senegal, the AU, the EU and the UN) I can categorically state that the only two people talking about “Gambians being slaughtered” are Yahya Jammeh and his hired clown Sam Sarr. And they are the only ones raising such a spectre because they want to frighten Gambians and the World Community that intends to uphold the Democratic Sovereignty of the Gambian people who voted for President Adama Barrow.

Is it not Yahya Jammeh himself who has “slaughtered” Gambian people with impunity over the last 22 years – “Walahi, Billahi, Talahi I will kill 20,000”?? Was it not Sam Sarr’s boss who slaughtered prisoners in Mile 2 with impunity as the world watched appalled? Was it not Yahya Jammeh who started the so-called “Witch-Hunt” across the Gambia – in the process terrorising, torturing and killing innocent Gambians across the land? Was it not the Heroic Halifa Sallah who stood up to that Yahya Jammeh Madness – and got thrown into jail himself?

Sam Sarr, Clown – “Ambassador”, spare the world your rants. Your boss Yahya Jammeh will go. He will leave peacefully – because the Gambian people have said so, not because of “foreigners”. Jammeh may have some hired goons as you and I know very well, but Gambian soldiers are not going to fight for Jammeh. Period. Oh, sure, they are brave and well-trained, but to defend Gambians who are their family – not to die for one mad-man called Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh will go, but not because he wants to spare the blood of his fellow Gambians. Jammeh loves to spill the blood of his fellow Gambians. Afte rall Jammeh has vowed to “kill 20,000” and has killed many Gambians the latest being Solo Sandeng. Yahya Jammeh will go, but not because he wants to maintain the peace in peaceful Gambia – after all he has terrorised peaceful Gambia and vowed to “bury the Opposition 9-feet deep” and has done so.

Yahya Jammeh will go because The Gambian soldiers will not fight for him. Gambian soldiers will tell him to go. This may not happen until the 11th Hour when Gambian soldiers welcome their ECOWAS brethren with open arms, but it will happen. The only “fighters” Yahya Jammeh the “rebel war-lord” will have with him will be hired goons. Those blood-thirsty hired goons may want to kill, or in your obscene words “slaughter” Gambians – but the gallant Gambian soldiers and their ECOWAS brethren will stop them.

How on earth, Sam Sarr, do you and your boss Yahya Jammeh hope to “slaughter” a single Gambian in the current climate when Gambia and the whole world “Have Decided” – without the news of your “slaughter” getting to the ECOWAS soldiers 20 miles away within the hour?
Keeping farting and ranting for a few more days yet, Jammeh may throw a few more rotten bananas your way before he flees.

Happy New Year, Gambians and Friends of The Gambia. It will be a peaceful inauguration on January 19th and Luntango and other foreigners will celebrate with peaceful Gambians wherever they are. Jerrejef.

Dida Halake (Luntango/Suun Gann Gi)
Notting Hill,
London, UK.



  1. Dida, jokes are jokes and sometimes could get really serious but when it come to @Sam, is not a joke any more and that’s for serious. He is a killer-clown and that’s why I think he is not a joke at all. Just take note of his equations that resolves his proof, of the Aprc’s hopeless claims of fallacy in the IEC’s Dec.1st, election result’s. He even though this insignicant correction in the election results is something complicated enough to be brought to the attention of the Einsteins. You caught him well in your caption; that is all he will do, and he will do it shamelessly.

  2. Sam is a disgraced individual who has been labelled a LIAR by Yaya Jammeh before the whole world. It is very sad to see someone reduce themselves to such a low level, whatever the motivations.

    His mediocre and miserable performance on the Aljazeera show, the Stream, epitomises what he really is:

    An educated idiot, foolishly trying to defend the indefensible but not daring to face the facts and instead, like the proverbial ostrich, burying his head in the Sands of his muddled up history (of what the PPP did or didn’t do; or what the Farafeni attackers did or didn’t do; or what the diaspora did or didn’t do;etc), as if that’s got any relevance to the indisputable verdict of the people, as expressed on December 1st.

    I strongly believe that the allegations that Sam is amongst those pushing Jammeh, the idiot and fool, to reject the results and hang onto power illegally is probably true, because his behaviour clearly points to that.

    Sam is therefore a person who should be of interest to any future governments in The Gambia for inciting, encouraging and supporting subversion against the state, because Yaya Jammeh’s actions in relation to the December 1st elections amounts to subversion and treason.

    It is worth reminding ourselves that Sam acquired asylum in the states on the pretext that he fears for his safety and that of his family in The Gambia, under the same Yaya Jammeh. Individuals within the states should bring Sam’s activities in support of the same regime he claims to fear, to the attention of the relevant authorities in the USA to expose his bogus asylum claim.

    He should have no reason to continue to ask for protection in the United States from the regime he serves so diligently and shamelessly, particularly given the fact that he has openly called for the murder of unarmed, peaceful demonstrators in the Gambia. There are far more people deserving of American protection from the evil regime of Yaya Jammeh, than this conman parading himself as a diplomat.

    People like Sam, who consciously support this rebellious and unconstitutional action that could plunge the whole country into chaos, are more deserving of our wrath and anger than Madame Zainab and her children, and I hope diaspora activists in the USA recognise this fact and redirect their anger and activism against these category of people.

    I will be amongst the first to defend the rights of people to support any political parties or individuals, and to show it openly without fear, but Sam’s conduct in this case goes beyond political support to actually encouraging and supporting constitutional illegality and he must be held to account.