Here’s To A New Year Of Mental Flexibility

By Pa Joof

We are getting ready to begin a brand new 365-day twirl around that bright orb known as the sun. And, I don’t know why, but it just seems everything moves even faster as we approach the year’s end.

With the advent of a New Year, millions of people will make resolutions to go to the gym more often, take more yoga classes, run a marathon and any number of other things relating to the physical body. It’s fascinating that resolutions are comprised pretty much of the same-old-same-old tired goals year-after-year.

Work on your mental or psychological flexibility. The benefit of working toward mental flexibility often translates to increased health and physical wellbeing for the simple fact that mind is more powerful than matter.

I’m not suggesting that you return to university though, if that is what you are inspired to do, go for it. What I’m suggesting are baby steps. Learn something new everyday. Not anything mind-boggling or earth shattering, maybe just a new word. Also, vary your routine. If you walk or drive to work the same way everyday, take a different route.

Simple changes in everyday routines have been shown to recruit pathways in the brain that are not as active as the ones used by the usual behavior. This provides stimulus that increases mental flexibility.

Whether you focus on new mental or physical challenges in the New Year, I hope your next 365-day journey around the sun is filled with great success.

Pa Joof is a renowned international entrepreneur, coach trainer and motivational speaker.


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