FJC – Gambia’s Lady MacBeth!

Gambians and friends have more important things to think about than FJC’s [Fatoumatta Jahumpha] rants. I have just sent more money to Gambia for family to buy food to store in case of trouble – like almost all Gambians in the Diaspora are doing. And just this morning comes the news that the Ecowas Standby Force has “been authorised to intervene in The Gambia to remove Jammeh and protect President-Elect Barrow”. So just a few words about this woman called FJC:-

1. What I have learned about Gambians as a 25-year “foreigner” as she calls me is that Gambians know about each other more than any “foreigner” can hope to learn. The ways of FJC are known to countless Gambians far better than me;

  1. FJC cannot deny what is recorded – just as Amadou Samba cannot deny what was recorded;

  2. I had noe idea that I was sleeping next to a “relative” of this woman until she claimed “relativity” today! But I must have sensed it because I have never slept next to that “relative of FJC’s” since 2001.

  3. Everything about FJC and me is on record – her calling me “Gambia’s Good Ambassador” and jumping onto the bus to accompany us to Kanilai. Pictures and videos of her ranting in Kanilai are available.

  4. She moaned and cried when I went into her Speaker’s Office to demand that she pay for her adverts in the Daily Observer. Her “Amadou Samba is my cousin”, “Bai Matarr Drammeh, Observer Board member gives me money”, blah, blah, blah was all recorded. But I walked out of her office with 10,000 dalasis cash and gave it to my deputy Andrew Dacosta who banked it for the Daily Observer.

  5. I may be a “foreigner” but neither FJC nor her “relative” hesitated to kiss my ass when they needed feeding!

  6. As for being “poor”, I am proud of that epitaph as a proud Pan-Africanist. Jammeh’s “REVOLUTION” lost the plot when he decided to get rich – and my warning to Baba Jobe about chasing money was in one of the in-depth interviews I gave to Freedom Newspaper some years ago. I will send the editor evidence of my salary over the years and the retirement pension under the UK’s Teacher Pension Scheme (TPS) – as evidence of where money to build my compounds came from. Can FJC give evidence of where the money to build her compounds came from?

  7. A challenge to FJC from a “poor man”: FJC, let us send Solo Sandeng’s family $1,000 NOW. Please confirm to Pa Mbai that you will send Solo Sandeng’s family $500 NOW. This “foreigner” will NOT wait for “patriotic” Gambian FJC to make up her mind and will send Solo Sandeng’s family $500 TODAY – and send evidence to Pa Mbai.

  8. So, FJC claims that “Sir Dawda Jawara phoned me and commiserated when Jammeh fired me as Speaker”!!!! That is what she claims and I do not believe it to be true. But if it is, it is a symptom of what is wrong with Gambians: don’t keep evil next to you – or you will wake up with evil sticking to you. Sir Dawda should have ex-communicated FJC a long time ago. I think the saying is that “if you sleep with flees you wake up with flees” – hence why I have never slept with FJC’s relative since 2001 – 15 years ago.

  9. FJC runs some “charity” and pesters “foreigners” for money ALL THE TIME. Of course, some of us “foreigners” are happy to help with Gambia’s development. But just to highlight FJC’s “foreigner” hypocrisy – when she has eaten from this same “foreigner”.

Like I say, Gambians know each other very well and I will leave the rest about this FJC woman to Gambians. Let us pray for a peaceful transition to Adama Barrow and a New Gambia in which FJC will receive the Due Process in a Court of Law that her government denied so many – not least to account for her “wealth”!

Dida Halake (aka Luntango/Suun Gann Gi)

Notting Hill,




  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    “Flees” above should be “fleas” – wrote in a rush and sent without re-reading.

    Happy 2017 All, and I BELIEVE it will be a peaceful transition.

  2. To describe people “foreigners” who are doing their best to work hard and contribute to national development in the best ways they can is simply a nonsense. And a lot of the time it is people like FJC who resort to doing that when they are cornered… because they are empty and behind them is empty… they are best at what they are doing; living on lies and deception.

    Dida, there is no one who is more of a Gambian than you. You have a Gambian wife and proud Gambia children… You are a Gambia in all respects. If we dig into people’s family histories in the Gambia, then some people calling you a “foreigner” will not do so.