By Gambiano

It has to be written in very simple English that we need intelligent ideas right now to tackle Yahya Jammeh–the brute without a future who wants many Gambians to perish with him. We need ECOWAS troops as best as possible. We are also worried about collateral damage any military engagement will engender. Here are my few ideas of what to do from now till January 18th 2017. There are numerous Gambians with better ideas to add to these, I’m sure. Patriotic soldiers will help us a lot by refusing to fight for Jammeh even before the ECOWAS troops arrive.

  1. From today, let any GNA soldier who really loves his country and family run to the American embassy in Pipeline and stay in their premises. Let him/her inform the embassy that he will suffer reprisals if he openly declares his support for the Gambian people’s ballot decision.

  2. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden both sought refuge in foreign embassies. Every foreign embassy is considered foreign soil belonging to that particular embassy. That’s why the U.S couldn’t touch both Assange and Snowden. But they forced the plane of Bolivian President to an emergency landing or risk being fired at when they thought he had Snowden on the plane. This shows foreign embassies are guarded by international law.

  3. Every GNA soldier has friends or mates in the army. Please run to the embassy and call as many officers as possible to do the same. Please don’t discuss this without being inside the embassy premises first! From your first day at the embassy, families can take your meals to their so that you don’t burden the embassy with expenses. Insha Allaah, we can pay for your meals at the embassy from now till January 18th. In fact, many Gambians will love to help with the expenses.

  4. Any soldier fighting for Jammeh is due for trial (if you live) when the new government is ushered in. Do you, O soldiers, want to be brought to trial after Jammeh is captured? Please act before it’s too late. I’m not asking you to arrest Jammeh. The world waited for that too long. I’m simply asking you, in simple language, to seek a safe sanctuary to declare your hearts’ content. Many of you are extremely displeased with Jammeh, but too afraid to express it. Well, here’s a very peaceful way to do it before January 18th. Please gather at the U.S embassy as soon as you can!

  5. Jammeh’s partners in crime, such as Amadou Samba disserted him and ran away. It’s reported Muhammad Bazzi did the same. You soldiers didn’t benefit enough from Jammeh to risk your future for him when the ECOWAS troops arrive. And you don’t have foreign visas like Bazzi and Samba. But you can run to the nearest foreign embassy. I recommend the U.S embassy because Jammeh won’t fire at them.


  1. I know you know how erratic, vindictive, and brutal Jammeh is and how no one can express a word against him in The Gambia. I know it’s not perfunctory of you to take him out.  But please, you can allow any GNA soldier to seek refuge in your domain. That’s something in conformity with international law.
  2. If one, two, three, four, five and more and more soldiers dessert and seek refuge at your premises, this will seriously weaken Jammeh. And possibly, the ECOWAS forces won’t even have to fire a shot.
  3. Please, Gambians aren’t asking for money. They’re asking for freedom from someone you all know. Someone who’ll sacrifice human blood to stay in power. A strange history is unfolding in The Gambia. And we can all impact it positively by doing the little we can.



  1. If it is true that Jammeh has already amputated (soldier without right to a gun) some of them based on ethnicity, the best thing such victim of a soldier can do in my opinion is; abscond, regroup and liaise with Ecowas authorities in Senegal or elsewhere.
    Soldiers crowding the U.S embassy shouldn’t be called for when there are more innocent and vulnerable babies, children, women and old, as a humble opinion. That idea of refuge is not what I would like as a soldier in my country, where I am supposed to defend the beloved ones of all the citizenry including mine, from the evident hazardous intentions of Yaya Jammeh, who has promised innocent and already impoverished people further havoc in their livelihoods, in the country. However those soldier may have lacked the light to see what the purpose of a soldier is, by themselves all this long, I guess they are sophisticated enough at this point in time, to make unarmed manuevers to regroup and sensitise themselves in the abrupt as to what exactly they should do in case. Organising themselves that way will make their incorporation into Ecowas forces easier. Such soldiers can later be there to serve as the Gambia’s permanent Ecowas Battalion that will train the fresh new intakes of the ‘new army’ with assistance as usual from Batt or the U.S marines.
    I am a citizen who gets so sad just looking at faces of young men in military clothes thinking of what fate lies ahead of them in ever trying to defend a lunatic and acts of his lunacy as well. Look at him trying to sacre the hell out of soldiers.
    Long live the Gambia!

    • Ggapm,

      Those are good observations. In fact, I did mention the idea of running to senegal under one of Baba Galleh Jallow’s articles here. But it’s very hard to abscond as a soldier in The Gambia under Jammeh. They see you at the border and suspect everything. However, a foreign embassy is very close by. Remember in 1996, Darboe did the same thing. Just five soldiers in a foreign embassy contacting other soldiers to do the same across all ECOWAS embassies in The Gambia will send a serious signal to Jammeh. If he has only the Jungulars to fight for him, it will be a very easy thing for the ECOWAS forces. But Allaah knows best.

      • I pray even for the preserved life and health of those jungulars too, though they poised as some kind of psychotic armed robbers. They need to be, to be rehabilitated and re-intergrated in the society. I hope they be well deprogrammed to be well reoriented for us to be able to live with them in peace. This way, they can show on Tv, ‘in time’, to tell their stories as to why they were doing all that they did. The latter in my opinion, puts values to our constitution, and a goodwill gesture as well to help Gambia prevail with the justice of the rule of law of democracy, peace indeed and prosperity in the Gambia for all of its people. As you concluded. God [Allah] knows best. And knows all. May HE watch over the lifes and healths of the poor Gambians in their peace loving communities in this crucial time of her political crisis crisis.

        • Ggapm,
          Aameen! And yes, the jungulars need to be alive to tell us a lot. Even Jammeh himself has to be captured alive. Gambia needs to set a serious example.

          • @Gambiano,
            It is not to mention Jammeh! His capture alive is essential. I am talking of Jugulars who are well in danger’s way for him. They (jugulars) and Jammeh’s special militia are mere human shields for Jammeh. But that’s the way it was in the Gambia….sycophancy has been a cancer in our society. My ‘Sojarindingolu’ as even civilians will joke sometimes about others who they view subordinate. Most of the wits are not just to make you laugh. They are also applied by most when they could in real life. As some would believe, Jammeh is an integrate of all the ills of the Gambia’s societies in action.
            God watch over the children of the Gambia from bitter hearted and jealous Yaya Jammeh and his clique of ignoramuses’ evil intentions.

        • Ggapm,

          Yes! Absolutely! The Jungulars never thought Jammeh would lose any election. The Jungulars know a lot about the evil perpetrated by them and Jammeh. We need them alive to tell the courts who did what to who. We don’t need any so-called Imams to beg for forgiveness in this whole thing. Any soldier can resign and abandon Jammeh right now. If the GNA fails to do so till ECOWAS uses force, then they’ll be treated as rebels (Jungulars or non-Jungulars). Also, the APRC will be banned for ever!

        • Yes, Jammeh has to be tried in a court of law. That cartoon was just a comedy. For the fake Quran, I read someone here called Drammeh who said it was a fake Quran. Even if it is real, I doubt it if the Quran benefits Jammeh at all.

          • Absolute ignorance to think holding a Quran in a hand as a trade mark serves something at all. The best way to have the Quran permanently with oneself is by memorizing it and to have a good understanding of its contents. The Quran is a field of studies that can take long years to pursue, Islamic scholars would say. I am not at all rejecting what Drammeh is saying. Who knows that’s the real truth we’re about to learn..

  2. Very well @Gambiano.’so-called imams’ and all walks of life in the Gambia, most of all the very ones entrusted with the administration of the ordinary public’s welfare. The crew inside the big ‘terror machine’ are the most priority right now. However, Imams of wisdom would rather to die or suffer anything now, than be complacent to such a state of terror of a nation. Imams who are short of this natural gift could be terrorised by the ‘terror machine’ then be a captive of such a state.
    Lets say, the leadership of a new coalition government of president elect Adama barrow, assuming responsibilities starting on Jan.19, 2017, are the most competent in brokering lienency or amnesty for such as ‘Jungulars’ in accordance with stipulation of the ‘constitution’. I guess the new goverenment won’t be one that drags the religious clerics into the core of government affair that have nothing to do with religion. There wouldn’t be a need to drag religious clerics into politics now I think, because the new coalition government of seasoned politicians and intellectuals have indeed demonstrated the political sophistication and maturity to make one like me hopeful, that they will be capable of preventing the country’s future political process being dirtied by corruption and sycophancy..

    • “I guess the new goverenment won’t be one that drags the religious clerics into the core of government affair that have nothing to do with religion.”

      Wonderful!!! It was only in Yahya Jammeh’s time that corrupting religious leaders with gifts and money began. May Allaah answer our prayer that it will end with him.

      • True. if one sincerely wants to say the truth, It was only in Yaya Jammeh’s time the Quran became a handy in a president’s hand. I guess everyone understands such and act of his.

        • Hahahahahaha!!! Ggapm, I have to laugh at this one. You’re funny. And then some say it’s a fake Quran he holds.

          • .but he(Jammeh)said so many times, ‘its a Quran in his hand’ he would swear, so I assume it is. The cartoon signed GAMBIANO, Dec. 29 2016, is comic indeed. Its artistic details are impressive! though I have had a legal court trial perspective of it in contrast to the apparent Shariah one. Nonetheless, it is real decent talents revealed.