Gambia: You’ll Not Successfully Launder Your Dirty Images

The Change we were seeking was primarily centred on removal of a tyrannical leadership that had us in a choke hold but that is not the be all end all. At least not for someone of us. We want a system change. A change in attitude, mindset and approach to nation, people and institutions. And that will happen!

Yaya Jammeh was an evil maniac but for 22 years, he was never short of Gambians to counsel and execute his plans and intentions. Plans that led to death of several Gambians, raping and molestation of our Gambianism and Gambian conscience. THEY HURT!

These are our friends, families and acquaintances. Granted, some of our differences were political. Those differences could be patched. However, the enabling, support and enforcement of a system that murdered, terrorized and traumatized a nation and her People cannot be raked, dumped and trashed in a ‘let’s move on’ can without bitter, uncomfortable but necessary accountability. We’ve seen so much dirt and filth that no amount of swimming in an ocean of bleach will launder that image. It’s not even a perception. These are facts, with absolute room for presumption of innocence.

Yaya Jammeh, his decadent system and APRC are done! That’s a given. They’ve been disabled and tossed by ordinary Gambians who barely benefited in any form, during his reign. By the people who struggled, fought and bore the brunt of his cannibalism and disrespect. While all that was going on, cargos of rodents, insects and reptiles crawled, lurked and fed on the national cheese and cake coming off the poor people’s backs. They got fattened and muted.

In the aftermath of Yaya’s exit, these non-conscientious, fattened liars and greedy hypocrites will want to be the dominant loudmouths and forces, as if we were dumb to know better. I. DO. NOT. CARE who did what behind the scenes when publicly you were seen brushing shoulders with the oppressor and practically aided him. YOU ARE AS BAD AS THE SYSTEM.

ADAMA and his ADMINISTRATION will enjoy our support and patience in a lot of areas but RECYCLING and UNDESERVED FAVORS wouldn’t be part of the package. I’m all for academically and professionally competent Gambians to be given positions of responsibility. But I favor integrity and sincerity over them. REWARDS are given for a reason. It is NOT wrong, illegal and out of bound to reward a Gambian(s) for dedication and service to nation. There are people who put in and risk everything to free oppressed Gambians from not only the clutches of tyranny but saved the country from drowning. Those people deserve to serve their country in incoming administration and after. I’m not saying cos Pata was social media activist and so should be rewarded a Deputy Prime Minister position, but if Lamin risked it all for nation, refused to share bed with dogs to wake up with fleas, qualified to run department of Labor, must not be overlooked cos he has a Bachelor’s degree for a Master’s degree holder who was indifferent and fattening himself with the old system. Lamin deserves a reward. We’re told only ‘believers’ will enter Heaven. That’s a reward.

Yaya Jammeh’s sustainers are going to come in many forms. They’ll NOT be short of excuses and people ready to help to reinvent and repackage their images. We cannot let. I’m not saying we ought to deny any Gambian from serving their country, BUT we must not allow selfish pests that oversaw and aided rape, murder, torture, corruption, fiscal indiscipline bounce back in the name of reconciliation. Society and life has punishment and reward as natural instruments. There has to be consequences for any position and action one takes.

Thus far what we heard from Amadou Samba and Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye are silly, insulting jokes. All will be on for a rude awakening if they underestimate us. Telling Yaya Jammeh to respect the will of Gambians in a letter is NOT any achievement or bravery. YOU’LL BE REMINDED!

Pata PJ


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